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Charge of the Library Assessment Team

The Library Assessment Committee will serve to: a) investigate and recommend methods for assessing library outcomes including, but not limited to: information competence, library collections, and library services; b) promote participation in library assessment projects;. c) assist in the review and interpretation of assessment data; and d) recommend changes to the Library Assessment Plan as needed. The Library Assessment Committee may form specialized subcommittees to review and develop recommendations concerning specific aspects of the Committee's Charge.

The Committee will consult with other library committees, departments, and personnel, as well as relevant campus entities as appropriate.

Team Members:

  • Steve Kutay, Academic Assessment Liaison & Team leader
  • Andrew Weiss
  • Charissa Jefferson CAT Representative
  • Laurie Borchard

Using the Website

The information on the Library Assessment Website utilizes a tabbed structure to navigate across functions of assessment.

  • Assessment Plan describes our objectives in three functional areas: Information Competency, Library Collections and Library Services.  A 5-yr plan informs future objectives in assessment across these areas.
  • Resources makes available external information beneficial to assessment project planning and execution.
  • Current Assessments aggregates library assessments for the current year.
  • Archives links to assessment reports, publications and data from previous years.

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