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Strategic Planning 2011 - 2016

This document is available in a printable PDF format: Strategic Planning 2011-2016

In the Fall of 2011, a new cycle of strategic planning began at the Oviatt Library at California State University Northridge.  To prepare for this iterative process, the Library staff and faculty heard special presentations by outside groups and nationally-known individuals on topics related to planning for the future of the academic library.  In addition, journal articles on “the future of academic libraries” were circulated to all Library staff, which provided a foundation and background for the changes that were expected to take place.  Small group discussions were held with Library departments on broad goals, where the question was asked, “Where do you think the Library should be going?”  CSUN students were surveyed in a variety of ways, and external stakeholders (Faculty Senate Library Committee, campus faculty, CSUN staff, administrators, etc.) were also consulted.

As library staff and faculty began to have data-gathering strategic planning discussions in their own departments about broad goals for the Oviatt Library over the next five years, the Dean shared some of his own priorities that he hoped would help to guide the discussion.  These included the following:

  • Look at facilities renovation and space planning.
  • Move to more of a "Learning Commons" model, including the integration of the LRC into the Oviatt Library.
  • Upgrade our library marketing and communication strategies.
  • Refine our donor development and advancement strategies, including gift book policies, grants, and prospect research.
  • Plan for a more fully developed and "scaled-up" hybrid model of research assistance (reference) and instruction, based on technological trends, pedagogical needs, best practices in information competence, and user statistics.
  • Plan for a greater focus on electronic journals versus print journals in terms of processing, creation of metadata, access, retrieval, preservation, and storage.
  • Plan for the acquisition of a growing number of ebooks and look at the ramifications for our print monograph acquisitions.
  • Plan to purchase or develop a full-orbed discovery system that would integrate searches for books, journal articles, digital assets, and other resources.
  • Expand the physical space for Special Collections and Archives.
  • Plan for a stronger focus on digitization for both our institutional repository and our digital assets management system, including local archives, faculty publications, CSUN theses and dissertations, etc.
  • Investigate further digitization of audio and video campus assets through Video Furnace and other means.
  • Plan for greater assessment of library services and resources with a focus on student learning outcomes.
  • Plan to demonstrate continuing relevance to students through outreach, assessment, mobile computing, exhibits, special lectures, information on demand, and campus partnerships.
  • Plan to integrate more cloud computing functionality into library systems.
  • Plan for a more aesthetically pleasing website, focusing mostly on the home page.

In the summer of 2012, the Dean (in consultation with Executive Group) appointed five “diagonal slice groups” to carry on the next stage of strategic planning.  Diagonal slice groups are small teams, composed of employees from different departments and levels of the Library.  Each group is focused on one specific area of strategic planning, with the charge of making specific implementation recommendations.  Diagonal slice groups bring multiple perspectives and avoid departmental bias.  These teams can break down silos and encourage creativity through cross-fertilization.  The purpose of these diagonal slice groups was threefold:

  • To build on the work of the department-based strategic planning working groups.
  • To play an important part in the planning process of Oviatt Library projects.
  • To make recommendations to the Dean and Executive Group regarding specific implementation goals for the next three years.

There were five broad categories for the diagonal slice groups to investigate.  Selecting the links below will open up the reports that were sent to the Dean in January, 2013.

During the spring semester of 2013, Executive Group considered the recommendations made by the five diagonal slice groups.  In the summer of 2013, the Dean appointed implementation groups to carry out many of these recommendations.

In addition, the Library created a “vision-strategy” document in June 2013 that places the strategic goals of the Oviatt Library squarely within the context of campus priorities.

The Library’s 2014-2015 planning document (within the context of Academic Affairs planning) can be found at http://www.csun.edu/sites/default/files/acaff_planning_lib1415.pdf.

The Library’s 2015-2016 planning document (within the context of Academic Affairs planning) can be found at http://library.csun.edu/sites/default/files/users/main/documents/acaff_planning_lib_1516.pdf.