Donations to Special Collections

The books, periodicals, manuscripts, and other materials in Special Collections have been acquired through generous donations in kind or purchases.  Here are some of the kinds of materials in Special Collections: 


Handwritten documents, typescripts, and letters or correspondence are considers manuscripts.  These might be loose, kept in a scrapbook or bound together. 

Printed Books

Books printed before 1820, limited editions of 300 or less, significant first editions and some signed editions, and fine press publications on any subject are candidates for Special Collections.

Topical Materials

There are a number of topical areas in which we collect widely, such as California history, music for the acoustic guitar, old China hands, women in music, sex and gender, and the history of printing.  The subject listing of Special Collections describes all our collecting areas.

New Areas for Development

We would like to expand our science collection, particularly in mathematics and engineering.

If you are interested in donating anything to Special Collections or contributing to the purchase of items for the collections, please contact the Curator.   

Marianne Afifi, Associate Dean
tel: 818.677.2272