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Call Numbers starting with B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Title/Author Call Number
On Aristotle's "On the Soul 3.1-5" / B415 .S452513 2000
Li︠u︡dvig Feĭerbakh / B2973 .E5 1905
Grenzprobleme der Phänomenologie :Analysen des Unbewusstseins und der Instinkte, Metaphysik, späte Ethik : Texte aus dem Nachlass (1908-1937) / B3279 .H9 1950 Bd.30
The Oxford handbook of philosophy of time / BD638 .O94 2011
Understanding interreligious relations / BL410 .U63 2013
Death, war, and sacrifice :studies in ideology and practice / BL660 .L44 1991
A child of Christian blood :murder and conspiracy in Tsarist Russia : the Beilis blood libel / BM585.2 .L48 2014
The radical American Judaism of Mordecai M. Kaplan / BM755.K289 S395 2014
Ancoratus / BR60 .F3 E73 2014
T︠S︡arstvo Bozhīe vnutri vas :ili, Khristīanstvo ne kak misticheskoe uchenīe, a kak novoe zhizneponimanīe / BR125 .T658 1898
O borʹbi︠e︡ so zlom posredstvom neprotivlenīi︠a︡ :tri pisʹma k raznym lit︠s︡am / BR125 .T66 1900
Zakon nasilii︠a︡ i zakon li︠u︡bvi / BT736.4 .T65 1905
Call Numbers starting with C: Auxiliary Sciences of History
Title/Author Call Number
Reverend Hillery T. Broadous :oral history interview, December 22, 1977 / CD988 .W441 1977d
Call Numbers starting with D: History (General)
Title/Author Call Number
Der Dreibund nach dem Sturze Bismarcks. D397 .G7
The ambiguity of virtue :Gertrude van Tijn and the fate of the Dutch Jews / D804.6 .W3713 2014
Abrah. GölnitzI, Dantisc. Vlysses Belgico-Gallicus, fidus tibi dux et Achates, per Belgium Hispan. Regnum Galliae, Ducat. Sabaudiae, Turinum usq[ue] PedemontI metropolin. D915 .G65 1631
Revoli︠u︡t︠s︡ii︠a︡ 1848 goda vo Frant︠s︡ii (fevralʹ-ii︠u︡nʹ) :v vospominanii︠a︡kh uchastnikov i sovremennikov / DC270 .R48 1934
Grazhdanskai︠a︡ voĭna vo Frant︠s︡īi :1870-1871 g. / DC311 .M3 1905
Intimate lives of the ancient Greeks / DF91 .B84 2013
The Greeks and the sea / DF741 .G75 1993
My fault :Mussolini as I knew him / DG575.M8 S27 2014
My Venice and other essays / DG676 .L46 2013
Iz istorīĭ politicheskoĭ borʹby v 70-kh i 80kh gg. XIX vi︠e︡ka :partīi︠a︡ Narodnoĭ voli, ei︠a︡ proiskhozhdenīe, sudʹby i gibelʹ / DK62.9 .I2 1912
Iz istorīi obshchestvennykh techenīĭ v Rossīi. / DK189 .D68 1910
Obščestvennoe dviženie pri Aleksandre II (1855-1880) :istoričeskie očerki = le mouvement politique en Russie sous Alexandre II. DK219 .K67 1905
Semidesi︠a︡tniki :ocherki umstvennykh i politicheskikh dvizhenīĭ v Rossīi / DK219.3 .F37 1905
Nadgrobnoe slovo Aleksandru II :(vospominanīi︠a︡ politicheskogo katorzhanina). DK220 .N33 1901
Istorii︠a︡ revoli︠u︡t︠s︡ionnykh dvizheniĭ v Rossii / DK221 .T58 1903b
Krestʹi︠a︡nskie volnenii︠a︡ v 1861 g. DK222 .R67 1936
Alʹbom :bort︠s︡ov za svobodu. DK264.3 .A43 1907
Communism, democracy, and Catholic power / DK273 .B58 1951
Menachem Begin :the battle for Israel's soul / DS126.6.B33 G67 2014
A travel guide to Jewish Europe / DS135.E8 F7 1992
Nam :Vietnam, 1965-75 / DS558 .N35 1990
Resister :a story of protest and prison during the Vietnam War / DS559.8.D7 D36 2014
The people of Kau / DT133.N78 R5413 1976
Cairo / DT143 .R8
Paths toward the nation :Islam, community, and early nationalist mobilization in Eritrea, 1941-1961 / DT395.3 .V46 2014
Call Numbers starting with E: History (America)
Title/Author Call Number
Making marriage :husbands, wives, and the American state in Dakota and Ojibwe country / E99.D1 D395 2013
Atlas of the Presidents, E176.1 .C79 1967 grade K-12
The problem of post-racialism / E185.615 .V53 2013
Mary Lincoln, biography of a marriage / E457.25 .R189 1953
Eleanor Roosevelt:her life in pictures / E807.1 .R53 1958
Call Numbers starting with F: History (America)
Title/Author Call Number
First settlers of South Carolina, 1670-1680. F272 .B3
The first voyage and settlement at Charles Town, 1670-1680 F279.C457 W3
The discovery and history of Carlsbad Caverns New Mexico / F802.C28 W55 1940
Official guide of the city of Los Angeles, California / F869.L83 O34 1895
The Arctic prairies :a canoe-journey of 2,000 miles in search of the caribou; being the account of a voyage to the region north of Aylmer Lake / F1096 .S49 1911
Museo Nacional de Historia,Castillo de Chapultepec / F1203.5 .M87 1967
Call Numbers starting with G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
Title/Author Call Number
Web cartography :map design for interactive and mobile devices / GA102.4.E4 M82 2014
The future of arid lands--revisited :a review of 50 years of drylands research / GB611 .H88 2008
River City and valley life :an environmental history of the Sacramento region / GE155.C2 R58 2013
Marry me in Africa :African foundations / GT2787 .A36 2012
Endless cavalcade :a diary of British festivals and customs / GT4043 .H6
The American Christmas :a study in national culture / GT4985 .B3 1976
Nudist yearbook. GV450 .N83323
And the crowd goes wild :relive the most celebrated sporting events ever broadcast / GV576 .G335 1999
And the fans roared :the sports broadcasts that kept us on the edge of our seats / GV576 .G336 2000
The game of billiards, GV891 .C72 1964
Call Numbers starting with H: Social Sciences
Title/Author Call Number
Census of the City and County of Los Angeles, California, for the year 1850;together with and an analysis and an appendix [by] Maurice H. Newmark [and] Marco R. Newmark [Introd. by Hector Alliot]. HA730.L7 A45 1929x
Commercial data mining :processing, analysis and modeling for predictive analytics projects / HD30.25 .N48 2014eb
The accidental empire :Israel and the birth of the settlements, 1967-1977 / HD850.5.Z63 G67 2006
Marks i Ėngelʹs o krestʹi︠a︡nstvi︠e︡ :Istoriko-kriticheskīĭ ocherk. HD1251 .C46 1906
What do women really want? / HD6095 .G7 1974
Krasnoe znami︠a︡ :sbornik na 1-e mai︠a︡ 1905 goda. HD7791 .K73 1905
Transit service privatization seminars, 1987-1988, Southern California :an educational effort to help localities reduce transit costs and improve local mobility / HE4351 .T736 1989
Information management[electronic resource] :strategies for gaining a competitive advantage with data / HF54.54 .M34 2014eb
Freemium economics :leveraging analytics and user segmentation to drive revenue / HF5416.5 .S48 2014eb
One to one, B2B :customer development strategies for the business-to-business world / HF5422 .P38 2001
Pragmatic enterprise architecture :strategies to transform information systems in the era of big data / HF5548.2 .L835 2014eb
Business process change :a business process management guide for managers and process professionals / HF5548.32 .H367 2014eb
Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co., 85 years / HF5616.U5 W81 1982
Marketing life insurance; its history in America HG8876 .S73 1969
Social engineering penetration testing[electronic resource] :executing social engineering pen tests, assessments and defense / HM668 .W38 2014eb
Macrocognition :a theory of distributed minds and collective intentionality / HM1033 .H863 2014
Encyclopedia of abnormal sex / HQ71 .B53 1965
Crossdresser's international shopping guide. HQ77 .C76
Feminique :a magazine for transvestites. HQ77 .F45
Adam book of adult stag humor. HQ450 .A3233
Modern man annual. HQ450 .M63
Japanese schoolgirl confidential :how teenage girls made a nation cool / HQ799.J3 A686 2010
Chto reshil desi︠a︡tyĭ vsesoi︠u︡znyĭ s'ezd VLKSM :v voprosakh i otvetakh. HQ799.R9 V7 1936
Aging :facts and theories / HQ1060 .I53 v.39 2014
Assessing future needs for today's program planning[videorecording] / HV889.C3 A87 1990z
Mother father deaf :living between sound and silence / HV2380 .P73 1994
Research studies on the psycholinguistic behavior of deaf children. HV2395 .R6
I [heart] ASL[game] :American Sign Language handshape cards / HV2476.4 .I56 1984
Deinstitutionalization of the deaf multi-handicapped[videorecording] / HV2545 .D44 1990z
The other side of silence :sign language and the deaf community in America / HV2545 .N44 1984
Obscene modernism :literary censorship and experiment, 1900-1940 / HV6727 .P687 2013
Tri Internat︠s︡ionala. HX11.I5 E78 1931
Krizis sot︠s︡īalisticheskoĭ idei / HX56 .S25 1927
Ocherki po istorii sot︠s︡ializma / HX263 .V65 1935
Ėrfurtskai︠a︡ programma Karla Kautskago :perevod s ni︠e︡met︠s︡kago. HX276 .K17713 1903
K kritiki︠e︡ programmy rossīĭskoĭ sot︠s︡īaldemodratīi / HX312.R3 G6 1906
Prot︠s︡essʺ 21-go :sʺ prilozheniemʺ biograficheskoĭ zami︠e︡tki o G.A. Lopatini︠e︡ / HX313.8.L66 L3 1888
Shag vpered, dva shaga nazad :krizis v nasheĭ partii / HX314 .L345 1904
Iz rukopiseĭ devi︠a︡nostykh godov / HX314 .L36 1899
Call Numbers starting with J: Political Science
Title/Author Call Number
Toward a mathematics of politics / JA73 .T8 1967
Biopolitics :a reader / JA80 .B547 2013
Strategic nonviolent conflict :the dynamics of people power in the twentieth century / JC328.3 .A28 1994
Pobeda sot︠s︡ializma v SSSR i novai︠a︡ sovetskai︠a︡ Konstitut︠s︡ii︠a︡. JN6515 1936 .S84
Chto sdi︠e︡lalo narodnoe predstavitelʹstvo tretʹi︠a︡go sozyva / JN6524 .M55 1912
Der russische Reichsrat. JN6542 .M38
K istorii Uchreditel'nogo sobrannii︠a︡ / JN6554 .R83 1931
Zakonodatelʹnye proekty i predpolozheniia Partii norodnoi svobody, 1905-1907 gg. / JN6598.K95 K66 1907
IQ report / JS39 .M28
IQ Service report / JS39 .M28
Zemstvo i politicheskai︠a︡ svoboda :zhurnaly komissīi- sobranīi︠a︡ Saratovskago gubernskago zemstva (1905 g.) / JS6057 .Z46 1905
China, the United Nations and beyond / JZ4997.5.C5 H35 1962
Call Numbers starting with K: Law
Title/Author Call Number
Tolerating intolerance :the price of protecting extremism / K3242 .G85 2014
The global war for Internet governance / K4345 .D46 2014
Neighbor law :fences, trees, boundaries & noise / KF639 .J67 2014
Captive audience:the telecom industry and monopoly power in the new gilded age / KF2765 .C73 2013
The classical liberal constitution :the uncertain quest for limited government / KF4550 .E69 2014
Critical issues in American psychiatry and the law. KF8922 .C75
Living in infamy :felon disfranchisement and the history of American citizenship / KF9747 .H65 2014
Judgment at Istanbul :the Armenian genocide trials / KKX43 .T4413 2011
Prot︠s︡ess shestnadt︠s︡ati terroristov :1880 g. / KLA40.P64 P76 1906
Adjudicating family law in Muslim courts / KPB540.3 .A35 2014
Call Numbers starting with L: Education
Title/Author Call Number
Iz istorīi studencheskago dvizhenīi︠a︡, 1899-1906 / LA838 .E55 1907
Teaching content reading and writing / LB1050.455 .R84 2005
Teaching writing :balancing process and product / LB1576 .T66 2004
The ultimate scholarship book. LB2338 .U48
Student engagement :identity, motivation and community / LB2343.4 .S8 2013
The red and white. LD7501.L725 C66
Call Numbers starting with M: Music and books on Music
Title/Author Call Number
Arlecchino[sound recording] ;Turandot / M1500.B87 A75 1993
L'oca del Cairo[sound recording] :K. 422 ; Lo sposo deluso : K. 430 / M1500.M84 O33 1991
Rossini gala[sound recording]. M1505.M57 R67 2000
The fantasticks.Celebration; ML49.S33 F3 1973
A history of western music / ML160 .G872 2014
An Illustrated guide to composers of classical music / ML390 .I28 1980b
Cole / ML410.P7844 K55
The music of the Lord of the rings films :a comprehensive account of Howard Shore's scores / ML410.S528 A63 2010
Marvin Gaye :I heard it through the grapevine / ML420.G305 D38 2000
Extended notation :the depiction of the unconventional / ML431 .D56 2013
American roots music / ML3551 .A54 2001
The wonderful era of the great dance bands / ML3561.J3 W28 1972
Mongolian music, dance, & oral narrative :performing diverse identities / ML3758.M6 P45 2001
Call Numbers starting with N: Fine Arts
Title/Author Call Number
Gendered :art and feminist theory / N72.F45 D4513 2013
Queer art :a freak theory : Amanda Baggs, Pauline Boudry, Bob Flanagan, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Sharon Hayes, Zoe Leonard, Henrik Olesen, Jack Smith, Shinique Smith, Wu Ingrid Tsang, Ron Vawter / N72.H64 L67 2012
Réalités nouvelles, 1948, no. 2. N6485 .S25 1948
[Necklace book] / N6494.C6 S53 1983
Whitney Biennial 2014 / N6512.7 .W492 2014
Kafou :Haiti, art and vodou / N6606.5.P74 K34 2012
The Bruce Lacey experience :paintings, sculptures, installations and performances / N6797.L23 A4 2012
Massimo Bartolini :studio matters +1 / NB623.B377 A4 2013
The art of drawing :British masters and methods since 1600 / NC228 .O92 2013
A life in illustration :the most famous illustrators and their work / NC960 .L54x 2013
Designlicious :gastronomy by design / NC1002.P33 D475 2012
The print-collector's bulletin :an illustrated catalogue of painter-etchings for sale by Frederick Keppel & Co. NE1960 .K3625 1908
The print-collector's bulletin :an illustrated catalogue of painter-etchings for sale by Frederick Keppel & Co. NE1960 .K362523 1908
Southeast Asian ceramics :ninth through seventeenth centuries / NK4154 .F4 1976
Call Numbers starting with P: Language and Literature
Title/Author Call Number
Celebrity and the media / P94.5.C45 R43 2014
Feminist media :participatory spaces, networks and cultural citizenship / P96.F46 F46 2012
Double-voicing at work :power, gender and linguistic expertise / P129 .B39 2014
Geometry of meaning :semantics based on conceptual spaces / P325.5.P78 G35 2014
Lysistrata and other plays / PA3877.A2 2010
The epigrams of Martial; PA6501.A3 M5 1973
Simon and Schuster's international dictionary.Diccionario internacional Simon and Schuster. PC4640 .S48 1973
The origin of the Slavic phonological system and its development up to the end of Slavic language unity / PG13 .M46 no.6
N.K. Mikhaĭlovskīĭ i obshchestvennoe dvizhenīe 70-kh godov :publichnai︠a︡ lekt︠s︡īi︠a︡ / PG2947.M5 K68 1909
Zapadniki 40-kh godov :N.V. Stankevich, V.G. Bi︠e︡linskīĭ, A.I. Gert︠s︡en, T.N. Granovskīĭ i dr. / PG3011 .Z33 1910
Gusli :sbornik narodnykh pi︠e︡sen. PG3113 .G87 1905
Literaturnyĭ alʹmanakh "Grani." PG3227 .L49
Iz-za ri︠e︡shetki :sbornik stikhotvorenīĭ russkikh zakli︠u︡chennikov po politicheskim prichinam v perīod 1873-77 g.g., osuzhdennykh i ozhidai︠a︡shchikh "suda" ... PG3232 .I92 1877
Pi︠e︡sni borʹby :sbornik revoli︠u︡t︠s︡ionnykh stikhotvoreniĭ i pi︠e︡sen. PG3235.R4 P54 1902
Dorogo stoitʹ :i drugīe razskazy / PG3365 .A15 1901
Nikolaĭ Palkin :Rabotnik Emeʹi︠a︡n i pustoĭ baraban ; Dorogo stoit / PG3365 .N5 1899
Rabstvo nashego vremeni =L'esclavage de notre temps / PG3365 .R33 1902
"Tsarstvo Bozhie vnutri vas" L. Tolstoho / PG3365.T95 D73 1907
Zelenai︠a︡ palochka :iz posli︠e︡dnikh posmertnykh proizvedeniĭ / PG3365 .Z35 1911
Graf Lev Tolstoĭ i Sviateĭshiĭ Sinod. PG3395 .G73 1901
Idealisty russkoĭ revoli︠u︡t︠s︡īi =Die Idealisten der russ. Revolution / PG3467.L448 I34 1907
Konchilsi︠a︡ :razskaz / PG3470.P53 K6 1903
Three treatises on inscribed oracle bones, PL2457.Y5 C5 1966
Heroines of Comic Books and Literature :Portrayals in Popular Culture / PN56.5.W64 H55 2014
America lost and found[videorecording] :the BBS story / PN1997.A1 A55 2010
Sleuth :a new thriller by Anthony Shaffer / PN2093 .S59 1970
Staying power :performing artists talk about their lives / PN2285 .B38
The Ramona Pageant :1989 season. PN3211.H4 R3523 1989
The Fan Fiction Studies Reader / PN3377.5.F33 F38 2014
The devil problem and other true stories / PN4874.R42 A25 1996
Pl*yb*y :entertainment for men. PN6231.S54 H37 1966
Les lais de Marie de France / PQ1494.L2 L6
An idiom of night :poems / PQ2619.O78 A23 1968b
Cloudburst :an anthology of Hispanic Canadian short stories / PQ7078 .R4813 2013
Reinventing the sublime :post-Romantic literature and theory / PR408.S84 V56 2013
The Bloomsbury group memoir club / PR478.B46 R67 2014
The Oxford handbook of English prose, 1500-1640 / PR769 .O94 2013
A poetry sampler / PR1175 .H257
A midsummer night's dream / PR2878.M6 D3
Frankenstein, or, The modern Prometheus / PR5397 .F7 1983a
Shout at the devil / PR9405.9.S5 S56 1968
Once upon a moment. PS615 .O53 1989
Expelled / PS3505.H6428 E97 1988
In medias res :canto one of an autobiographical epic, Dust shall be the serpent's food / PS3509.V65 Z468 1984
American outpost :a book of reminiscences / PS3537.I85 Z5 1932
Robert Penn Warren's Brother to dragons :a discussion / PS3545.A748 B737 1983
Spencerville / PS3554.E472 S67 1994
Twelve fair kingdoms / PS3555.L42 T8
Home front / PS3558.A4763 H66 2012
Ingathering :the complete People stories of Zenna Henderson / PS3558.E495 I54 1995
The museum of extraordinary things :a novel / PS3558.O3447 M87 2014
Private L.A. / PS3566.A822 P767 2014
Novels, 1976-1985 / PS3572 .O5 A6 2014
Lost Lake / PS3601.L4356 L67 2014
A grown-up kind of pretty / PS3610.A3525 G76 2012
Redeployment / PS3611.L4423 A6 2014
Mr. Penumbra's 24-hour bookstore / PS3619.L6278 M77 2012
The Cairo affair / PS3619.T4764 C35 2014
Liberation movements / PS3619.T4764 L53 2006
Victory Square / PS3619.T4764 V53 2007
Theodore Fontane. 1819-1969.Stationen seines Werkes. PT1863.Z7 M3
Stefan George, 1868-1968; PT2613.E47 Z745
The pyramid :and four other Kurt Wallander mysteries / PT9876.23.A49 P9713 2008
Tuck everlasting by Natalie Babbitt / PZ7.B1135 Tuc 1997 grade 3-8
The drowned cities / PZ7.B132185 Dro 2012
Kipling's boys' stories / PZ7.K632 Ki 1899
Fairy tales and stories / PZ8.A54 Si 1887
The ugly duckling / PZ8 .U35 1927
Call Numbers starting with Q: Science
Title/Author Call Number
Parmigianino's Madonna of the long neck :a grace beyond the reach of art / Q11 .P612 v.269 2014
Conformal prediction for reliable machine learning[electronic resource] :theory, adaptations, and applications / Q325.5 C668 2014eb
Using research to improve instruction / QA1 .N3 2014
Knowledge-based configuration :from research to business cases / QA76.76.E95 K555442 2014eb
The basics of digital privacy[electronic resource] :simple tools to protect your personal information and your identity online / QA76.9.A25 C438 2014eb
Applied network security monitoring[electronic resource] :collection, detection, and analysis / QA76.9.A25 .S268 2013eb
Eye tracking in user experience design / QA76.9.H85 E974 2014eb
Object-oriented analysis and design for information systems :modeling with UML, OCL, and IFML / QA76.9.O35 W39 2014eb
Quotient space based problem solving[electronic resource] :a theoretical foundation of granular computing / QA76.9.S63 Z436 2014eb
Relevance ranking for vertical search engines / QA76.9.T48 R455 2014eb
Designing with the mind in mind :simple guide to understanding user interface design guidelines / QA76.9.U83 J634 2014eb
Prentice Hall mathematics.common core / QA107.2 .P641 2013 grade 6
Prentice Hall mathematics.common core / QA107.2 .P642 2013 grade 7
Prentice Hall mathematics.common core / QA107.2 .P643 2013 grade 8
Operator algebra and dynamics :Nordforsk Network Closing Conference, Faroe Islands, May 2012 / QA326 .N67 2013
Nature-inspired optimization algorithms[electronic resource] / QA402.5 .Y364 2014eb
Algebraic curves over a finite field / QA565 .H57 2008
Earth's early atmosphere and surface environment / QC879.6 .E27 2014
Aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases in biology and medicine / QD3 .F58 Bd.344 2014
Prediction and calculation of crystal structures :methods and applications / QD3 .F58 Bd.345 2014
Inorganic solid fluorides :chemistry and physics / QD181.F1 I56 1985
Electrochemistry of molten and solid electrolytes :authorized translation from the Russian. QD551 .A552
Dimensions of a planet / QE40 .A5 no.7
Peninsular Ranges batholith, Baja California and Southern California / QE203 .B34 P46 2014
Geology of Norway. QE281 .A2 nr.208
The Ticks of Venezuela (Acarina: Ixedoidea) with a key to the species of Amblyomma in the Western Hemisphere / QH1 .B863 v.17 no.4
The distribution of the birds of California / QL683.P3 P3 no.27
Invertebrate oxygen carriers / QP99.3.H4 I575 1986
Lefties :the origins & consequences of being left-handed = former title, Sinister people / QP385 .F393 1980
How gut and brain control metabolism / QP572.G35 H69 2014
Conceptual background and bioenergetic/mitochondrial aspects of oncometabolism / QP601 .M49 v.542 2014
Antibodies to biologically active molecules. QR185.A6 C48 1967
Call Numbers starting with R: Medicine
Title/Author Call Number
Health as communication nexus :a service-learning approach / R118 .M388 201
Small molecules in oncology / RC261 .R35 no.201 2014
Antiobesity drug manufacture, 1970. RC628 .I37
Clinical tropical medicine. RC960 .C5
Sound hearing[sound recording] :or, hearing what you miss / RF291.35 .C64 1989
Orientation to hearing aids / RF300 .O75 1979
Essentials of school neuropsychological assessment[electronic resource] / RJ486.6 .M55 2013eb
In search of a cure :a history of pharmaceutical discovery / RM45 .W43 1990
Call Numbers starting with S: Agriculture
Title/Author Call Number
Rainforest politics :ecological destruction in South-East Asia / SD418.3.A785 H87 1989
Call Numbers starting with T: Technology
Title/Author Call Number
The making of the industrial landscape / T26.G7 T73 1982
Handbook of data processing management. T57.5 .H35
Enterprise Information Systems :14th International Conference, ICEIS 2012, Wroclaw, Poland, June 28 - July 1, 2012 : Revised Selected Papers / T58.6 .I58 2012
The Centennial Exposition / T825.B1 I5 1976
Design of reinforced concrete. TA683.2 .M39 2005
Foundation engineering handbook :design and construction with the 2006 international building code / TA775 .D39 2006
Annual progress report, San Francisco Oakland bay bridge. TG25.S22 A3
Modeling enterprise architecture with TOGAF :a practical guide using UML and BPMN / TK5105.52 .D47 2014eb
UX five-second rules[electronic resource] :guidelines for user experience design's simplest testing technique / TK5105.888 .D66 2014eb
Plan, activity, and intent recognition[electronic resource] :theory and practice / TK7882.P7 P57 2014eb
High performance embedded computing :architectures, applications, and methodologies / TK7895.E42 W65 2014eb
The interrupted journey TL789 .F82 1974
Commercial Los Angeles, 1925-1947 :photographs from the "Dick" Whittington Studio / TR653 .B66
Pacific light / TR654 .D874 1989
Waterdance / TR817.5 .S32 1995
Process modeling style / TS156.8 L66 2014eb
Dries Van Noten :shape, print and fabric / TT505.N67 T83 1999
Luncheon menus :the Gamble House. TX715 .G36 1979
Call Numbers starting with Z: Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources (General)
Title/Author Call Number
Heraldic influence on early printer's devices / Z235 .M6
2014 children's writer's & illustrator's market / Z286.C48 C45 2013
Diversity programming and outreach for academic libraries / Z675.U5 H36 2011
The successful academic librarian :winning strategies from library leaders / Z682.4.C63 S84 2005
Children's core collection. Z1037 .W76
Demand for life insurance: an annotated bibliography, Z7164.I7 L4