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Call Numbers starting with B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Title/Author Call Number
William James / Brennan, Bernard P. B945.J24 B72 1968
Psyche and symbol :a selection from the writings of C.G. Jung / Jung, C. G. (Carl Gustav), 1875-1961. BF173 .J745
The friendship factor :how to get closer to the people you care for / McGinnis, Alan Loy. BF575.L8 M34 1979
Handbook of self and identity[electronic resource] / BF697 .H345 2012eb
Holding and letting go[electronic resource] :the social practice of personal identities / Lindemann, Hilde. BF697 .L53555 2014eb
Handbook of developmental systems theory and methodology[electronic resource] / BF713 .H3645 2014eb
Jewish ethics in a post-Madoff world :a case for optimism / Pava, Moses L. BJ1285.2 .P383 2011
Religious knowledge, authority, and charisma :Islamic and Jewish perspectives / BL51 .R3534 2014
Hindu perspectives on evolution :Darwin, dharma, and design / Brown, Cheever Mackenzie. BL263 .B745 2012
What is an American Muslim? :embracing faith and citizenship / Naʻīm, ʻAbd Allāh Aḥmad, 1946- BP67.U6 N35 2014
A history of Jewish-Muslim relations :from the origins to the present day / BP173.J8 H574 2013
The A to Z of Buddhism / Prebish, Charles S. BQ130 .P73 2001
Geography and worldview :a Christian reconnaissance / BR97 .G46 1998
Encountering modernity :Christianity in East Asia and Asian America / BR1275 .E53 2014
Just love :a framework for Christian sexual ethics / Farley, Margaret A. BT708 .F38 2008
Manual for work with deaf / Joslin, George B. BV4463 .J68 1967
Call Numbers starting with C: Auxiliary Sciences of History
Title/Author Call Number
Global perspectives on archaeological field schools :constructions of knowledge and experience / CC76 .G56 2012
Die deutschen Personennamen / Gottschald, Max. CS2545 .G6 1955
Call Numbers starting with D: History (General)
Title/Author Call Number
Lebensbeschreibung des Panduren-Oberst Freiherrn, Franz von der Trenck :Thaten und Abenteuer, des kühnen Parteigängers unter Maria Theresia und sein tragisches Ende auf dem Spielberge. D285.8.T65 L43 1865
The homosexual kings of England / Graham, James. DA28.1 .G68 1968
Ijunʹskie dni :očerk istorii vosstanija parižskich rabočich 23-26 ijunja 1848 goda / Molok, Aleksandr Ivanovich. DC733 .M65 1933
In Tuscany / Mayes, Frances. DG734.23 .M379 2000
RSFSR, Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic. Fitzsimmons, Thomas, 1926- DK4 .F5
So︠iu︡z Sovetskikh So︠t︡sialisticheskikh Respublik. DK18 .B6 1949
Men'ševiki / Ėrde, D. (David), 1894- DK265.9.M45 E73 1929
Judaism in the modern world / DS125 .J83 1994
Egypt's long revolution[electronic resource] :protest movements and uprisings / Abdelrahman, Maha M., author. DT107.87 .A353 2015eb
The problem of Uganda;a study in acculturation. Mukherjee, Ramkrishna. DT433.27 .M85 1956
From race to ethnicity :interpreting Japanese American experiences in Hawaiʻi / Okamura, Jonathan Y., author. DU624.7.J3 O377 2014
Savage harvest :a tale of cannibals, colonialism, and Michael Rockefeller's tragic quest for primitive art / Hoffman, Carl, 1960- DU744.35.A82 H64 2014
Call Numbers starting with E: History (America)
Title/Author Call Number
Black Carib household structure :a study of migration and modernization / González, Nancie L. Solien, 1929- E51 .A556 v.48
Employment of Native American veterans living on tribal lands[electronic resource] :recommendations and efforts / E77 .E47 2014eb
The red Atlantic[electronic resource] :American indigenes and the making of the modern world, 1000-1927 / Weaver, Jace, 1957- author. E78.A88 W43 2014eb
Native America and the question of genocide[electronic resource] / Alvarez, Alex. E93 .A42 2014eb
Lost and found traditions :native American art 1965-1985 / Coe, Ralph T. E98.A7 C53 1986
Native time :a historical time line of native America / Francis, Lee DeCora, 1972- E98.C55 F73 1996
Ethnic cleansing and the Indian[electronic resource] :the crime that should haunt America / Anderson, Gary Clayton, 1948- author. E98.C87 A63 2014eb
Clovis caches[electronic resource] :recent discoveries & new research / E99.C832 C59 2014eb
Yuchi folklore[electronic resource] :cultural expression in a southeastern native American community / Jackson, Jason Baird, 1969- E99.Y9 J345 2013eb
The legacy of Christopher Columbus in the Americas :new nations and a transatlantic discourse of empire / Bartosik-Velez, Elise, 1966- E112 .B294 2014
Les Français en Amérique pendant la première moitié du XVIe siècle. E131 .J8
With eyes toward Zion :volume 2 : themes and sources in the archives of the United States, Great Britain, Turkey, and Israel / E183.8.I7 I58 1983
Yellow peril! :an archive of anti-Asian fear / E184.A75 Y45 2014
The motives of self-sacrifice in Korean American culture, family, and marriage :from filial piety to familial integrity / Son, Chul Woo, author. E184.K6 S66 2013
Black on white :a study of miscegenation in America / Folger, John. E185.62 .F58 1967
Breaking the chains of psychological slavery / Akbar, Naʼim. E185.625 .A438 1996
Color matters[electronic resource] :skin tone bias and the myth of a post-racial America / E185.625 .C646 2014eb
Contemporary Black biography.[electronic resource] :profiles from the international Black community / E185.96
Jay's treaty. Bemis, Samuel Flagg, 1891-1973. E314 .B45 1962
Call Numbers starting with F: History (America)
Title/Author Call Number
New York unexpurgated :an amoral guide for the jaded, tired, evil, non-conforming, corrupt, condemned, and the curious, humans and otherwise, to under underground Manhattan / Petronius Arbiter, pseud. F128.18 .P47 1969
Notorious ladies of the frontier / Drago, Harry Sinclair, 1888-1979. F591 .D714 1972
City girls :the Nisei social world in Los Angeles, 1920-1950 / Matsumoto, Valerie J. F869.L89 J339 2014
Santa Monica Pier :a history from 1875 to 1990 / Stanton, Jeffrey. F869.S51 S73 1990
Mujeres de conciencia =Women of conscience / Alvarado, Victoria G. F870.S75 A48 2007
Paper cadavers[electronic resource] :the archives of dictatorship in Guatemala / Weld, Kirsten, 1982- F1466.5 .W45 2014eb
Secrecy and insurgency[electronic resource] :socialities and knowledge practices in Guatemala / Posocco, Silvia. F1466.7 .P67 2014eb
By reason or by force :the Chilean neoliberal model and its implications for education and culture / Montero, Valentina, author. F3100 .M668 2013
Code of the quipu :a study in media, mathematics, and culture / Ascher, Marcia, 1935- F3429.3.Q6 A82 1981
Call Numbers starting with G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
Title/Author Call Number
Tourism art and souvenirs[electronic resource] :the material culture of tourism / Hume, David L. G155.A1 H827 2014eb
Tourism and natural protected areas[electronic resource] / G156.5.E26 T68 2014eb
In the kingdom of ice :the grand and terrible polar voyage of the U.S.S. Jeannette / Sides, Hampton, author. G530.J37 S53 2014
National oceanographic program. GC1 .U38
Undersea vehicles for oceanography. GC1 .U38 no.18
Geographic thought[electronic resource] :a critical introduction / Cresswell, Tim. GF21 .C74 2013eb
Networked anthropology[electronic resource] :a primer for ethnographers / Collins, Samuel Gerald, author. GN13.5 .C65 2015eb
The character of human institutions[electronic resource] :Robin Fox and the rise of biosocial science / GN21.F6 Z64 2014eb
An anthropologist's arrival[electronic resource] :a memoir / Underhill, Ruth, 1883-1984, author. GN21.U48 A3 2014eb
Writing anthropology :a call for uninhibited methods / Bouchetoux, Francois (Lecturer in Marketing), author. GN33 .B68 2014
Forensic anthropology[electronic resource] :current methods and practice / Christensen, Angi M. GN69.8 .C49 2014eb
Doing ethnography today[electronic resource] :theories, methods, exercises / Campbell, Elizabeth, 1962- author. GN316 .C36 2015eb
Handbook of methods in cultural anthropology[electronic resource] / GN345 .H37 2015eb
Family and work in everyday ethnography[electronic resource] / GN346 .F36 2013eb
Traditional wisdom and modern knowledge for the Earth's future[electronic resource] :lectures given at the Plenary Sessions of the International Geographical Union Kyoto Regional Conference, 2013 / GN476.7 .I583 2014eb
Anthropology of childhood and youth[electronic resource] :international and historical perspectives / Vitale, Geoffrey, author. GN482 .V57 2014eb
New perspectives on racial identity development[electronic resource] :integrating emerging frameworks / GN495.6 .N49 2012eb
Perishable material culture in prehistory[electronic resource] :investigating the missing majority / Hurcombe, Linda, author. GN740 .H87 2014eb
Barely surviving or more than enough? :the environmental archaeology of subsistence, specialisation and surplus food production / GN799.F6 B37 2013
Asian American identities and practices :folkloric expressions in everyday life / GR111.A75 A8 2014
Grimms' tales around the globe[electronic resource] :the dynamics of their international reception / GR166 .G75 2014eb
Feminist traditions in Andalusi-Moroccan oral narratives[electronic resource] / Lebbady, Hasna. GR353.3 .L43 2009eb
Healing traditions of the northwestern Himalayas[electronic resource] / Gupta, Pankaj, author. GR880 .G87 2014eb
World clothing and fashion[electronic resource] :an encyclopedia of history, culture, and social influence / Snodgrass, Mary Ellen, author. GT507 .S6 2013eb
100 ideas that changed street style / Sims, Josh, author. GT511 .S545 2014
Fashion theory[electronic resource] :an introduction / Barnard, Malcolm, 1958- GT525 .B37 2014eb
Medieval Clothing and Textiles.[electronic resource] / GT575 .M435 2014eb
Shoetopia :contemporary footwear / Huey, Sue, author. GT2130 .H834 2014
The book of kisses / Biederman, Danny. GT2640 .B54 1984
Event marketing[electronic resource] :how to successfully promote events, festivals, conventions, and expositions / Preston, Chris, 1961- GT3405 .P74 2012eb
Away games :the life and times of a Latin baseball player / Bretón, Marcos. GV865.T35 B74 1999
The fantasy sport industry[electronic resource] :games within games / Billings, Andrew C. GV1202.F35 B55 2014eb
Call Numbers starting with H: Social Sciences
Title/Author Call Number
Handbook of computational economics / HB135 .H356 1996
Structural econometric models[electronic resource] / HB139 .A33 2013eb
The Oxford handbook of applied nonparametric and semiparametric econometrics and statistics / HB139 .O96 2014
Dynamic games in economics[electronic resource] / HB144 .D96 2014eb
Game-changer :game theory and the art of transforming strategic situations / McAdams, David. HB144 .M327 2014
Economics for the curious :inside the minds of 12 Nobel laureates / HB171 .E255 2014
Big ideas in macroeconomics :a nontechnical view / Athreya, Kartik B., 1971- HB172.5 .A789 2013eb
The economics of conflict[electronic resource] :theory and empirical evidence / HB195 .E3524 2014eb
Some aspects of the acceleration principle. Winding, Poul. HB199 .W55
Überpreneurs[electronic resource] :how to create innovative global business and transform societies / Andrews, Peter (Scientist), author. HB615 .A53 2014eb
Public policy in the entrepreneurial society[electronic resource] / Audretsch, David B., author. HB615 .A93 2013eb
Current issues in international entrepreneurship[electronic resource0] / HB615 .C87 2014eb
Entrepreneurship[electronic resource] :theory, role of economic development and practices / HB615 .E634615 2014eb
Handbook of research methods and applications in entrepreneurship and small business / HB615 .H36 2014eb
How to get published in the best entrepreneurship journals[electronic resource] :a guide to steer your academic career / HB615 .H69 2014eb
Entrepreneurship and regional development :the role of clusters / Rocha, Héctor O. HB615 .R634 2013eb
Emerging business ventures under market socialism[electronic resource] :entrepreneurship in China / Zheng, Ping. HB615 .Z4834 2013eb
Urban population growth in Mexico / Fox, Robert W. HB941 .F65
Real business cycle models in economics[electronic resource] / Young, Warren, 1949- HB3711 .Y68 2014eb
Financial stability and growth[electronic resource] :perspectives on financial regulation and new developmentalism / HB3722 .F5657 2014eb
Encyclopedia of American recessions and depressions[electronic resource] / HB3743 .E53 2014eb
Le concept de sous-développement. Freyssinet, Jacques. HC59.7 .F7 1970
Agglomeration, clusters and entrepreneurship :studies in regional economic development / HC79.D5 U44 2014eb
Sustainability science for social, economic, and environmental development / Ghosh, Nilanjan, author. HC79.E5 G49 2014eb
The global challenge of encouraging sustainable living[electronic resource] :opportunities, barriers, policy and practice / HC79.E5 G56 2013eb
Global sustainable communities handbook[electronic resource] :green design technologies and economics / HC79.E5 G56 2014eb
Green industrial policy in emerging countries[electronic resource] / HC79.E5 G69144 2014eb
Creating new markets in the digital economy :value and worth / Ng, Irene C. L. HC79.I55 N52 2014
Distant strangers :ethics, psychology, and global poverty / Lichtenberg, Judith. HC79.W4 L53 2014
Business statistics of the United States, 2013[electronic resource] :patterns of economic change / HC101 .A13122 2014eb v.31
The demographic cliff :how to survive and prosper during the Great Deflation of 2014-2019 / Dent, Harry S., 1950- HC106.84 .D448 2014
Occupy time :technoculture, immediacy, and resistance after Occupy Wall Street / Adams, Jason Michael, author. HC110.I5 A33 2014
The new faces of American poverty :a reference guide to the great recession / HC110.P6 N393 2014
How Latin America weathered the global financial crisis / De Gregorio, Jose, author. HC125 .D3695 2014eb
The economic and social history of Brazil since 1889 / Luna, Francisco Vidal, author. HC187 .L836 2014
Venezuela before Chávez :anatomy of an economic collapse / HC237 .V4653 2014
An examination of the growth centre idea;[the report of an E.F.T.A. Economic Development Committee working party and study papers HC241.4 .A55
The macroeconomics of the Arab States of the Gulf / Espinoza, Raphael A., author. HC415.3 .E86 2013
The disempowered development of Tibet in China :a study in the economics of marginalization / Fischer, Andrew Martin, 1967- HC428.T48 F567 2014eb
Low-carbon economics :theory and application / HC430.E5 D52313 2013
The Oxford handbook of the economics of the Pacific Rim / HC681 .O94 2014
Big data, mining, and analytics :components of strategic decision making / HD30.28 .B544 2014eb
A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about management research / Bell, Emma, 1968- author. HD30.4 .B45 2013
The COO revolution :reinventing customer-facing processes for moments of truth / Phillips, Rich. HD38.2 .P75 2013
LEAN supply chain planning :the new supply chain management paradigm for process industries to master today's vuca world / Packowski, Josef. HD38.5 .P33 2014
Green supply chain management / Sarkis, Joseph, author. HD38.5 .S37 2014
Managerial analytics :an applied guide to principles, methods, tools, and best practices / Watson, Michael, 1970- author. HD38.7 .W38 2014
Handbook of organizational and entrepreneurial ingenuity[electronic resource] / HD53 .H36 2014eb
Handbook of industry studies and economic geography / HD58 .H357 2013
Organizational climate and culture[electronic resource] :an introduction to theory, research, and practice / Ehrhart, Mark G., author. HD58.7 .E384 2014eb
Organizational culture and commitment[electronic resource] :transmission in multinationals / Miroshnik, Victoria, 1969- HD58.7 .M556 2013eb
Preparing for today's global job market[electronic resource] :from the lens of color / Robinson-Easley, Christopher Anne, author. HD58.8 .R6333 2013eb
A comprehensive guide to mergers & acquisitions :managing the critical success factors across every stage of the M&A process / Weber, Yaakov. HD58.8 .W438 2014
Communicating corporate social responsibility[electronic resource] :perspectives and practice / HD60 .C66 2014eb
From corporate to social media[electronic resource] :critical perspectives on corporate social responsibility in media and communication industries / Sandoval, Marisol, author. HD60 .S2475 2014eb
Sustainable development :the UN Millennium Development Goals, the UN Global Compact, and the common good / HD60 .S8847 2014eb
Embedding CSR into corporate culture :challenging the executive mind / Swanson, Diane L. HD60 .S93 2014
Corporate social responsibility in contemporary China / Zhao, Jingchen, author. HD60.5.C6 Z43 2014eb
Models at work :a practitioner's guide to risk management / Farid, Jawwad, author. HD61 .F37 2014
Workplace security playbook :the new manager's guide to security risk / HD61.5 .W67 2013eb
Handbook of research on techno-entrepreneurship[electronic resource] :how technology and entrepreneurship are shaping the development of industries and companies / HD62.37 .H35 2013eb
Resurgence :the four stages of market-focused reinvention / Carpenter, Gregory S. HD69.B7 C367 2014
The Oxford handbook of Asian business systems / HD70.A78 O94 2014
The costs of economic growth / HD82 .C5955 2013
Globalization and development[electronic resource] :why East Asia surged ahead and Latin America fell behind / Elson, Robert Anthony, 1941- HD82 .E47 2013eb
In 100 years :leading economists predict the future[electronic resource] / HD82 .I2985 2013eb
Islanders in the empire :Filipino and Puerto Rican laborers in Hawai'i / Poblete, JoAnna, 1974- author. HD1527.H3 P63 2014
Successes and challenges of emerging economy multinationals[electronic resource] / HD2932 .S83 2014eb
Unionism, wage trends, and income distribution, 1914-1947. Levinson, Harold Myer, 1919- HD4975 .L44
Working through the crisis[electronic resource] :jobs and policies in developing countries during the great recession / HD5706 .W675 2014eb
Gendered commodity chains :seeing women's work and households in global production / HD6053 .G4633 2014
India's working women and career discourses[electronic resource] :society, socialization, and agency / Shenoy-Packer, Suchitra, author. HD6189 .S54 2014eb
The fissured workplace :why work became so bad for so many and what can be done to improve it / Weil, David, 1961- HD8066 .W44 2014eb
What unions no longer do[electronic resource] / Rosenfeld, Jake, 1978- author. HD8072.5 .R67 2014eb
Hispanics in the U.S. labor market[electronic resource] :selected research / HD8081.H7 H576 2014eb
Očerki po rabočemu i krestʹjanskomu voprosu. Svetlov, S. HD8526 .S88 1907
Food activism :agency, democracy and economy / HD9000.5 .F5477 2014
Globalization and food sovereignty[electronic resource] :global and local change in the new politics of food / HD9000.5 .G585 2014eb
U.S. household food security[electronic resource] :statistics and analysis for 2012 / HD9004 .U27 2014eb
Investment in Energy Assets Under Uncertainty :Numerical Methods in Theory and Practice. Abadie, L. M., author. HD9502.A2 A21 2013eb
Weather matters for energy[electronic resource] / HD9502.A2 W43 2014eb
Ecological emergy accounting for a limited system :general principles and a case study of Macao / Lei, Kampeng. HD9502.C6 L45 2014eb
International energy partnerships[electronic resource] :select elements, issues, and analyses / HD9502 .I58 2013eb
Sustainable development of biofuels in Latin America and the Caribbean[electronic resource] / HD9502.5.B523 L29 2014eb
The globalization of clean energy technology :lessons from China / Gallagher, Kelly Sims. HD9502.5.C543 C6237 2014
China and the U.S. :comparisons of green energy programs and iron and steel production / HD9526.C62 C45 2013eb
Electricity markets :developments, issues, and energy trading / HD9685.A2 E44 2014eb
Haunted empire :Apple after Steve Jobs / Kane, Yukari Iwatani, author. HD9696.2.U64 A67365 2014
The Brazilian cotton manufacture;textile enterprise in an underdeveloped area, 1850-1950. Stein, Stanley J. HD9884.B82 S7
Managing services :challenges and innovations / HD9980.5 .M3446 2014
Encyclopedia of transportation[electronic resource] :social science and policy / HE141 .E534 2014eb
Substitution and concentration :an examination of the distance exponent in gravity model commodity flow studies / Black, William R. (William Richard), 1942- HE370 .B5
Plunkett's wireless, Wi-Fi, RFID & cellular industry almanac[electronic resource].the only comprehensive guide to the wireless industry / HE7601 .P58 2013eb
Trade, development and globalization / Maswood, Syed Javed. HF1008 .M38 2014eb
The handbook of international trade and finance[electronic resource] :the complete guide for international sales, finance, shipping and administration / Grath, Anders, 1943- HF1379 .G725 2014eb
Emerging powers in the WTO :developing countries and trade in the 21st century / Michalopoulos, Constantine, author. HF1413 .M53 2014
Exporting[electronic resource] :the definitive guide to selling abroad profitably / Delaney, Laurel J., author. HF1414.4 .D45 2013eb
Globalization, change and learning in South Asia[electronic resource] / HF1586.5 .G56 2013eb
Emerging markets and the global economy[electronic resource] / Arouri, Mohamed El Hedi. HF1713 .A384 2014eb
Contemporary issues in green and ethical marketing / HF5413 .C67 2014
The new brand spirit[electronic resource] :how communicating sustainability builds brands, reputations and profits / Conrad, Christian A., 1966- HF5414 .C667 2013eb
The gamification revolution :how leaders leverage game mechanics to crush the competition / Zichermann, Gabe, 1974- HF5414 .Z53 2013
Marketing and the common good[electronic resource] :essays from Notre Dame on societal impact / HF5415 .M2186 2014eb
Epic content marketing :how to tell a different story, break through the clutter, and win more customers by marketing less / Pulizzi, Joe. HF5415 .P756 2014
Social information[electronic resource] :gaining competitive and business advantage using social media tools / Brown, Scott, 1964- HF5415.1265 .B76 2012eb
Harnessing the power of social media and web analytics / HF5415.1265 .H372 2014eb
Listen first![electronic resource] :turning social media conversations into business advantage / Rappaport, Stephen D., 1952- HF5415.1265 .R37 2011eb
The new community rules[electronic resource] :marketing on the social web / Weinberg, Tamar. HF5415.1265 .W45 2009eb
DigiMarketing[electronic resource] :the essential guide to new media & digital marketing / Wertime, Kent. HF5415.1265 .W47 2008eb
The ROI of pricing[electronic resource] :measuring the impact and making the business case / HF5416.5 .R647 2014eb
Auditing and assurance services :an integrated approach / Arens, Alvin A. HF5667 .A69 2014
Auditing and accounting cases :investigating issues of fraud and professional ethics / Thibodeau, Jay C. HF5686.C7 T48 2014
Talk like TED :the 9 public speaking secrets of the world's top minds / Gallo, Carmine. HF5718.22 .G353 2014
We are what we sell[electronic resource] :how advertising shapes American life ... and always has / HF5805 .W394 2014eb
The handbook of international advertising research[electronic resource] / HF5823 .H36 2014eb
Advertising menswear :masculinity and fashion in the British media since 1945 / Jobling, Paul. HF6161.M38 J6195 2014
Data modeling of financial derivatives[electronic resource] :a conceptual approach / Mamayev, Robert, author. HG106 .M36 2013eb
Microfinance 3.0[electronic resource] :reconciling sustainability with social outreach and responsible delivery / HG178.3 .M53 2013eb
Monetary policy / Fisher, Douglas, 1934- HG221 .F524 1976
The death of money :the coming collapse of the international monetary system / Rickards, James. HG221 .R513 2014
Money :the unauthorised biography / Martin, Felix, 1974- HG231 .M37 2014
Foreign Investment in the U.S.[electronic resource] :Economic Analyses and Security Considerations / HG4910 .F67 2014eb
Flash boys :a Wall Street revolt / Lewis, Michael (Michael M.), author. HG4928.5 .L478 2014
Young money :inside the hidden world of Wall Street's post-crash recruits / Roose, Kevin. HG4928.5 .R656 2014
Governance and foreign investment in China, India, and Taiwan[electronic resource] :credibility, flexibility, and international business / Zheng, Yu, 1963- author. HG5782 .Z47195 2014eb
Tax systems / Slemrod, Joel, author. HJ2305 .S695 2014eb
Think like a rock star :how to create social media and marketing strategies that turn customers into fans / Collier, Mack. HM742 .C645 2013
Intimate behaviour / Morris, Desmond. HM1106 .M64 1973
The millennials[electronic resource] :Americans born 1977 to 1994 / HN60 .M53 2012eb
An adult view of love and sex / Hegeler, Inge. HQ9 .H413 1963b
Sex orgies illustrated. HQ12 .S4245 1968
Sex in our changing world / McPartland, John, 1911-1958. HQ18.U5 M37 1958
Wife swappers / Warren, John T., 1974-2011. HQ18.U5 W37 1966
The wonderful world of Penthouse sex :radical sex in the establishment/ HQ18.U5 W65 1979
The world of sexual behavior :sexwatching / Diamond, Milton. HQ21 .D483 1984
Orgies around the world / Ellis, Richard. HQ21 .E63 1968
Marriage and morals / Russell, Bertrand, 1872-1970. HQ21 .R95 1968
Little girls for sale / Hoffman, Barbara. HQ27.5 .H64 1968
Sexual surrender in women :a penetrating inquiry into frigidity, its causes, manifestations and cures / Morse, Benjamin, 1938- HQ29 .M66 1962
Adventures in loving / HQ31 .A384 1973
Sex without guilt. Ellis, Albert, 1913-2007. HQ31 .E62 1959
Venus U.S.A. :the sexual attitudes and erotic fantasies of 70,000,000 American women as revealed in the women's magazines / Iversen, William. HQ31 .I94 1970
Sexual energy ecstasy :a guide to the ultimate, intimate sexual experience / Ramsdale, David Alan, 1950- HQ31 .R197 1985
The torch of life :a key to sex harmony / Rossiter, Frederick M. (Frederick Magee), 1870- HQ31 .R8523 1959
The sensuous mouth / Ableman, Paul. HQ31.5.O73 A27 1969
The anatomy of oral love / Kantor, Hal. HQ31.5.O73 K36 1968
The sensuous woman :the first how-to book for the female who yearns to be all woman / Garrity, Joan Terry. HQ46 .G35 1971
The sexually responsive woman / Kronhausen, Phyllis, 1929- HQ46 .K7 1965
Developing community acceptance of sex education for the mentally retarded / Bass, Medora S. HQ57.2 .B34 1972
Love clubs, inc. / Blake, Roger. HQ67 .B4323 1966
Bizarre sex / Crowell, Anthony. HQ71 .C7623 1969
The velvet underground revisited / Leigh, Michael. HQ71 .L443 1968
Sex-life and the criminal law :a new book / Roeburt, John. HQ71 .R64 1963
The bi-sexual female / Blake, Roger. HQ74.2.U5 B58 1968
Lesbian for hire :a study of the female homosexual prostitute / Blake, Roger. HQ75.5 .B62 1967
The lesbian : a frank, revealing study of women who turn to their own sex for love / Morse, Benjamin. HQ75.5 .M64 1961
Women without men / Querlin, Marise. HQ75.5 .Q74 1965
The lesbian in our society / Sprague, W. D. HQ75.5 .S72 1962
The anatomy of a homosexual / Dorian, Lee. HQ76 .D66 1965
The male homosexual / Marlowe, Kenneth. HQ76 .M2495 1965
The homosexual generation / Worthy, Ken. HQ76.2.U5 W67 1965
Someone you may know / Konraad, William. HQ76.3.U5 K66 1965
The tortured sex / Yankowski, John S. HQ76.3.U5 Y36 1965
Diary of a transvestite hooker / HQ76.98.R34 D43 1973
Transvestism / Magnus, Hugh. HQ77 .M28 1969
"I changed my sex" / Star, Hedy Jo, 1920- HQ77.8.S79 S792 1963
The transsexuals / Crowder, E. C. HQ77.9 .C76 1969
The abnormal world of transvestites and sex changes / James, Antony. HQ77.9 .J35 1965
The cult of pain / E. D., active 1888-1894. HQ79 .E3 1968
Our fair flagellants / Hornell, Jeremy. HQ79 .H67 1972
Male sex slaves / Klow, Guenter, 1915-1987. HQ79 .K4596 1969
Women who dominate boys / Klow, Guenter, 1915-1987. HQ79 .K46 1969
Impervious to pain :case studies in sado-masochism / Malcolm, David. HQ79 .M365 1972
The bizarre biters / Powers, R. T. HQ79 .P69 1969
Prostitution around the world / Burnett, Stan. HQ111 .B875 1963
The houses they lived in / Scott, Craig. HQ111 .S3495 1963
Twenty years behind red curtains :the biography of a prostitute / Dean, Nancy. HQ117 .D453 1959
The young cats / Kornfeld, Robert. HQ118 .K67 1960z
The male hustler / Shearer, John, 1947- HQ119 .S543 1966
The orderly disorderly house / Erwin, Carol. HQ144 .E7 1961
Sex, vice, and business / Fry, Monroe. HQ144 .F79 1959
Cast the first stone / Murtagh, John M. HQ144 .M87 1958
House of joy / Winters, Joannie. HQ144 .W557 1965
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