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Call Numbers starting with A: General Works
Title/Author Call Number
An index to the Little review, 1914-1929, AP1 .L5882
Studies in history, 1972. AS591.J4 A25 v.23
Rhetoric and the digital humanities[electronic resource] / AZ195 .R47 2015eb
Call Numbers starting with B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Title/Author Call Number
Oxford studies in experimental philosophy / B52 .O94 2014
Principles of non-philosophy / Laruelle, François. B77 .L36613 2013
Omissions :agency, metaphysics, and responsibility / Clarke, Randolph K. B105.A35 C53 2014
Dying every day :Seneca at the court of Nero / Romm, James S. B618 .R64 2014
Analytic philosophy in America :and other historical and contemporary essays / Soames, Scott. B808.5 .S625 2014
The analytic tradition in philosophy / Soames, Scott. B808.5 .S655 2014
Emotional insight :the epistemic role of emotional experience / Brady, Michael, 1965- B815 .B733 2013
Mind, reason, and being-in-the-world :the McDowell-Dreyfus debate / B828.45 .M56 2013
Aboutness / Yablo, Stephen. B840 .Y33 2014
Saul Kripke :puzzles and mysteries / Burgess, John P., 1948- B945.K794 B874 2013
Gilbert Simondon's Psychic and collective individuation :a critical introduction and guide / Scott, David, author. B2430.S553 I5337 2014
Space, geometry, and Kant's transcendental deduction of the categories / Vinci, Thomas C., 1949- B2779 .V56 2015
The Cambridge companion to Heidegger's Being and time / B3279.H48 S4433 2013
Freedom and limits / Lachs, John. BD31 .L28 2014
Mereology and location / BD396 .M464 2014
The singular universe and the reality of time :an essay in natural philosophy / Unger, Roberto Mangabeira. BD511 .U54 2015
How to publish high-quality research / Joireman, Jeff, author. BF76.8 .J65 2015
The makings of maleness :men, women, and the flight of Daedalus / Tatham, Peter H. BF175.5.M37 T38 1992
Studying and designing technology for domestic life :lessons from home. / Judge, Tejinder K, author. BF353 .J83 2015eb
Engaging with climate change :psychoanalytic and interdisciplinary perspectives / BF353.5.C55 E55 2013
The reject :community, politics, and religion after the subject / Goh, Irving. BF575.R35 G64 2015
Men's gender role conflict :psychological costs, consequences, and an agenda for change / O'Neil, James M., author. BF692.5 .O5966 2015
Child development from infancy to adolescence :an active learning approach / Levine, Laura E., author. BF721 .L5226 2016
Having it both ways :hybrid theories and modern metaethics / BJ1012 .H349 2014
Oxford studies in normative ethics / BJ1012 .O94 2011
Bound :essays on free will and responsibility / Nichols, Shaun, author. BJ1461 .N53 2015
Eraste ; ou, L'ami de la jeunesse :entretiens familiers, dans lesquels on donne aux jeunes gens de l'un & de l'autre sexe, des notions suffisantes sur la plûpart des connoissances humaines, & particuliérement sur la doctrine & l'histoire de la religion, sur la science des moeurs, les usages de la vie civile, le commerce, la physique, l'histoire naturelle, la mythologie, la chronologie, la géographie, l'histoire de France, &c. Fillassier, Jean-Jacques, 1745-1799, author. BJ1562 .F53 1774
Fantasy and the human spirit / Cooper, John Charles. BJ1581.2 .C63 1975
Entertaining judgment :the afterlife in popular imagination / Garrett, Greg, author. BL65.C8 G38 2015
Beholden :religion, global health, and human rights / Holman, Susan R., author. BL65.M4 H65 2015
Bad faith :when religious belief undermines modern medicine / Offit, Paul A., author. BL65.M4 O44 2015
Religion and politics in the European Union :the secular canopy / Foret, François, author. BL65.P7 F56 2015
Politicization of religion, the power of state, nation, and faith :the case of former Yugoslavia and its successor states / BL65.P7 P636 2014
Religion and sexuality :diversity and the limits of tolerance / BL65.S4 R45 2015
Religion and sexuality :diversity and the limits of tolerance / BL65.S4 R45 2015
Sexuality and new religious movements / BL65.S4 S495 2014
The varieties of religious repression :why governments restrict religion / Sarkissian, Ani, 1973- author. BL65.S8 S27 2015
Religion, war, and ethics :a sourcebook of textual traditions / Reichberg, Gregory M. BL65.W2 R385 2014
State of affairs :the science-theology controversy / Coleman, Richard J., author. BL240.3 .C65 2014
Religion and science as forms of life :anthropological insights into reason and unreason / BL256 .R438 2015
Selling yoga :from counterculture to pop culture / Jain, Andrea R., author. BL1238.52 .J35 2015
The sage returns :Confucian revival in contemporary China / BL1853 .S24 2015
The western Karo Bataks lost creation myth / Barbier-Mueller, Jean Paul, 1930- author. BL2123.K35 B37 2014
Akhenaten and the origins of monotheism / Hoffmeier, James Karl, 1951- author. BL2443 .H635 2015
Secularism, religion, and politics :India and Europe / BL2765.I5 S47 2015
Imagining Jewish authenticity :vision and text in American Jewish thought / Koltun-Fromm, Ken, author. BM205 .K648 2015
Find it in the Talmud :an encyclopedia of Jewish ethics and conduct : thousands of Talmudic subjects, stories & expressions / Judovits, Mordechai, author. BM500.5 .J83 2014
Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liady :the origins of Chabad Hasidism / Etkes, I. BM755.S525 E855 2015
A brief history of Islam in Europe :thirteen centuries of creed, conflict and coexistence / Berger, Maurits, author. BP65.A1 B47 2014
The Oxford encyclopedia of Islam and politics / BP173.7 .O94 2014
Black Muslims and the law :civil liberties from Elijah Muhammad to Muhammad Ali / Crawford, Malachi D., author. BP221 .C73 2015
Buddhist Churches of America. BQ83.B8 B8 1974
Last call for the African-American church :the death of global missions / Williams, Chester. BR563.N4 W55 2014
Pentecostals, proselytization, and anti-Christian violence in contemporary India / Bauman, Chad M., author. BR1644.5.I4 B38 2015
Pope Francis :life and revolution, a biography of Jorge Bergoglio / Piqué, Elisabetta. BX1378.7 .P5713 2014
Call Numbers starting with C: Auxiliary Sciences of History
Title/Author Call Number
The West as the other :a genealogy of Chinese Occidentalism / Wang, Mingming, 1962- author. CB251 .W289 2014
Totalitarianism, globalization, colonialism :the destruction of civilization since 1914 / Redner, Harry. CB425 .R337 2014
A man of good hope / Steinberg, Jonny, 1970- CT2208.A23 S74 2014
Call Numbers starting with D: History (General)
Title/Author Call Number
Beyond testimony and trauma[electronic resource] :oral history in the aftermath of mass violence / D16.14 .B49 2015eb
The information-literate historian :a guide to research for history students / Presnell, Jenny L. D16.2 .P715 2013
Regimes of historicity :presentism and experiences of time / Hartog, François, author. D16.8 .H37813 2015
Déjà vu and the end of history / Virno, Paolo, 1952- author. D16.8 .V51513 2015
The third horseman :climate change and the Great Famine of the 14th century / Rosen, William, 1955- D202.8 .R67 2014
Christendom destroyed :Europe 1517-1648 / Greengrass, Mark, 1949- author. D231 .G74 2014
War and revolution :rethinking the twentieth century / Losurdo, Domenico, author. D413.5 .L67 2015
The dark side of nation-states :ethnic cleansing in modern Europe / Ther, Philipp, author. D445 .T42713 2014
The trigger :hunting the assassin who brought the world to war / Butcher, Tim, 1967- D511 .B876 2014
July Crisis :the world's descent into war, summer 1914 / Otte, Thomas G., 1967- D511 .O83 2014
The outbreak of the First World War :structure, politics, and decision-making / D511 .O84 2014
Ring of steel :Germany and Austria-Hungary in World War I / Watson, Alexander, 1979- author. D531 .W38 2014b
The Great War :July 1, 1916 : the first day of the Battle of the Somme : an illustrated panorama / Sacco, Joe, author. D545.S7 S23 2013
The young T.E. Lawrence / Sattin, Anthony, author. D568.4.L45 S28 2015
Dead wake :the last crossing of the Lusitania / Larson, Erik, 1954- D592.L8 L28 2015
Real war vs. reel war :veterans, Hollywood, and WWII / Broderick, Suzanne, 1948- author. D743.23 .B753 2015
Neptune :the Allied invasion of Europe and the D-Day landings / Symonds, Craig L. D756.5.N6 S96 2014
When Paris went dark :the City of Light under German occupation, 1940-1944 / Rosbottom, Ronald C., 1942- author. D762.P3 R67 2014
The African American press in World War II :toward victory at home and abroad / Alkebulan, Paul. D799.U6 A725 2014
The Netherlands and Nazi Germany / Jong, L. de (Louis), 1914-2005. D802.N4 J658 1990
Speaking the unspeakable in postwar Germany :toward a public discourse on the Holocaust / Boos, Sonja, 1972- author. D804.3 .B66 2014
Victims and survivors of Nazi human experiments :science and suffering in the Holocaust / Weindling, Paul, author. D804.3 .W3964 2015
The Holocaust and the revival of psychological history / Hughes, Judith M., author. D804.348 .H84 2015
Slave labor in Nazi concentration camps / Buggeln, Marc, author. D805.G3 B87 2014
Female SS guards and workaday violence :the Majdanek Concentration Camp, 1942-1944 / Mailänder Koslov, Elissa, author. D805.5.M35 M34153 2015
Sacrificing childhood :children and the Soviet state in the great patriotic war / deGraffenried, Julie K. D810.C4 D36 2014
Jewish resistance against the Nazis / D810.J4 J49 2014
Beyond Rosie :a documentary history of women and World War II / D810.W7 B49 2015
Muslim citizens in the West :spaces and agents of inclusion and exclusion / D842.42.M87 M85 2014
Social problems and policy during the Puritan Revolution, 1640-1660. James, Margaret, 1901-1943. DA405 .J3 1967
The literary Churchill :author, reader, actor / Rose, Jonathan, 1952- author. DA566.9.C5 R649 2014
Vivid faces :the revolutionary generation in Ireland, 1890-1923 / Foster, R. F. (Robert Fitzroy), 1949- author. DA962 .F67 2015
Black Vienna :the radical right in the red city, 1918-1938 / Wasserman, Janek, 1980- author. DB855 .W37 2014
The other Americans in Paris :businessmen, countesses, wayward youth, 1880-1941 / Green, Nancy L., author. DC34.5.A44 G73 2014
Hero or tyrant? :Henry III, King of France, 1574-89 / Knecht, R. J. (Robert Jean) DC119 .K58 2014
Let God arise :the war and rebellion of the Camisards / Monahan, W. Gregory, 1953- author. DC127.C3 M66 2014
The coming of the terror in the French Revolution / Tackett, Timothy, 1945- author. DC183 .T26 2015
Constructing a German diaspora :the "Greater German Empire," 1871-1914 / Manz, Stefan. DD68 .M36 2014
Germany, Russia and the rise of geo-economics / Szabo, Stephen F., author. DD120.R8 S93 2015
The German right in the Weimar Republic :studies in the history of German conservatism, nationalism, and antisemitism / DD237 .G448 2014
Eichmann before Jerusalem :the unexamined life of a mass murderer / Stangneth, Bettina, author. DD247.E5 S7313 2014
A backward look :Germans remember / Lang, Daniel, 1913-1981. DD256.5 .L36
The collapse :the accidental opening of the Berlin Wall / Sarotte, M. E., author. DD881 .S215 2014
The Punic Mediterranean :identities and identification from Phoenician settlement to Roman rule / DE73.2.P56 P86 2014
Alexander's heirs :the age of the successors / Anson, Edward, author. DF234 .A673 2014
Campus Martius :the Field of Mars in the life of ancient Rome / Jacobs, Paul W., II, 1951- author. DG66 .J33 2014
Mastering the West :Rome and Carthage at war / Hoyos, B. D. (B. Dexter), 1944- author. DG242 .H69 2015
The Italians / Hooper, John, 1950- DG451 .H66 2015
Everyday life in Russia past and present / DK32 .E776 2015
De-Stalinisation reconsidered :persistence and change in the Soviet Union / DK274 .D384 2014
The last empire :the final days of the Soviet Union / Plokhy, Serhii, 1957- author. DK286 .P57 2014
Conflict in Ukraine :the unwinding of the post-Cold War order / Menon, Rajan, 1953- author. DK508.848 .M46 2015
Denial of violence :Ottoman past, Turkish present and collective violence against the Armenians, 1789-2009 / Göçek, Fatma Müge, author. DR435.A7 G63 2015
What happened in Adana in April 1909? :conflicting Armenian and Turkish views / Sahara, Tetsuya, 1963- author. DR435.A7 S34 2013
Marshal Tito :a bibliography / Carter, April, 1937- DR1300 .C37 1990
Tell it to the world :international justice and the secret campaign to hide mass murder in Kosovo / Behar, Eliott. DR2087.6.A76 B44 2014
The Kurdish spring :a new map of the Middle East / Phillips, David L. (David Lawrence), 1959- author. DS59.K86 P54 2015
Voices of the Arab Spring :personal stories from the Arab revolutions / al-Saleh, Asaad, author. DS63.12 .A57 2015
The road to Iraq :the making of a neoconservative war / Ahmad, Muhammad Idrees, author. DS79.757 .A36 2014
The Jewish people in the first century.Historical geography, political history, social, cultural and religious life and institutions. DS122 .J48
Thirteen days in September :Carter, Begin, and Sadat at Camp David / Wright, Lawrence, 1947- author. DS128.183 .W75 2014
Bringing Zion home :Israel in American Jewish culture, 1948-1967 / Katz, Emily Alice, 1975- author. DS132 .K38 2015
Four letters to the witnesses of my childhood / Ganor, Helena. DS134.72.G36 A3 2007
Book of history / Aṛakʻel, Dawrizhetsʻi, active 17th century. DS186 .A7213 2010
An inconvenient genocide :who now remembers the Armenians? / Robertson, Geoffrey, author. DS195.5 .R63 2014
Modern Turkey and the Armenian genocide :an argument about the meaning of the past / Schrodt, Nikolaus, author. DS195.5 .S37 2014
Imagining Xerxes :ancient perspectives on a Persian king / Bridges, Emma, author. DS283 .B75 2015
Behind the 1953 coup in Iran :thugs, turncoats, soldiers, spooks / Rāhnamā, ʻAlī. DS316.6 .R35 2015
How India became territorial :foreign policy, diaspora, geopolitics / Abraham, Itty, 1960- author. DS448 .A4343 2014
Sophia :princess, suffragette, revolutionary / Anand, Anita, author. DS479.1.D47 A53 2015
Forever Vietnam :how a divisive war changed American public memory / Kieran, David, 1978- author. DS559.8.S6 K54 2014
The wandering thoughts of a dying man :the life and times of Haji Abdul Majid bin Zainuddin / Abdul Majid bin Zainuddin, Haji, 1887-1943. DS595.6.M3 A3
America in the Philippines, 1899-1902 :the first torture scandal / Einolf, Christopher J., 1969- author. DS682 .E56 2014
The China-Pakistan axis :Asia's new geopolitics / Small, Andrew, author. DS740.5.P18 S63 2015
From warhorses to ploughshares :the later Tang reign of Emperor Mingzong / Davis, Richard L., 1951- author. DS749.62 .D38 2014
Negotiating China's destiny in World War II / DS775.8 .N44 2015
A Chinese life / Li, Kunwu, author, illustrator. DS778.K86 A3 2012
Japan :the paradox of harmony / Hirata, Keiko. DS822.5 .H548 2014
Government by mourning :death and political integration in Japan, 1603-1912 / Hirai, Atsuko. DS871.5 .H557 2014
Showa, 1939-1944 :a history of Japan / Mizuki, Shigeru, 1922- artist, author. DS888.5 .M59213 2014
Imagine Africa. DT3 .I43 2014
Imagining the United States of Africa :discourses on the way forward / DT12.25 .I53 2015
Ancient Egypt :state and society / Lloyd, Alan B., author. DT61 .L787 2014
Revolution in the age of social media :the Egyptian popular insurrection and the Internet / Herrera, Linda. DT107.87 .H47 2014
A dialectical pedagogy of revolt :Gramsci, Vygotsky, and the Egyptian revolution / Smet, Brecht De, author. DT107.87 .S595 2015
Once upon a revolution :an Egyptian story / Cambanis, Thanassis, author. DT107.88 .C36 2015
The Libyan Revolution and its aftermath / DT236 .L548 2015
Eritrea, the unfinished revolution / Sherman, Richard (Richard Fredric) DT395.5 .S53
The Bushmen :a half-century chronicle of transformations in hunter-gatherer life and ecology / Tanaka, Jirō, 1941- author. DT1058.S36 T3613 2014
The reef :a passionate history / McCalman, Iain, author. DU280.G68 M44 2014
Call Numbers starting with E: History (America)
Title/Author Call Number
Annual publication of the Historical Society of Southern California. E1 .S69
Annual publication of the Historical Society of Southern California and Pioneer register, Los Angeles. E1 .S69
"History is bunk" :assembling the past at Henry Ford's Greenfield Village / Swigger, Jessie. E161 .S95 2014
The age of acquiescence :the life and death of American resistance to organized wealth and power / Fraser, Steve, 1945- author. E169.Z8 F73 2015
Leading the historical enterprise :strategic creativity, planning, and advocacy for the digital age / Dearstyne, Bruce W. (Bruce William), 1944- author. E172 .D43 2015
Celebrity in chief :a history of the presidents and the culture of stardom / Walsh, Kenneth T., author. E176.1 .W279 2015
American panic :a history of who scares us and why / Stein, Mark, 1951- E183 .S776 2014
Into new territory :American historians and the concept of US imperialism / Morgan, James G., author. E183.7 .M74 2014
Race to revolution :the United States and Cuba during slavery and Jim Crow / Horne, Gerald. E183.8.C9 H65 2014
Good white people :the problem with middle-class white anti-racism / Sullivan, Shannon, 1967- E184.A1 S954 2014
The exquisite corpse of Asian America :biopolitics, biosociality, and posthuman ecologies / Lee, Rachel C., 1966- E184.A75 L449 2014
Beijing bastard :into the wilds of a changing China / Wang, Val, author. E184.C5 W357 2014
Serving the Amish[electronic resource] :a cultural guide for professionals / Cates, James A., 1956- E184.M45 C38 2014eb
Las hijas de Juan :daughters betrayed / Méndez-Negrete, Josie. E184.M5 M465 2002
History of Latinos[electronic resource] :exploring diverse roots / Mitchell, Pablo, author. E184.S75 M595 2014eb
Civil rights childhood :picturing liberation in African American photobooks / Capshaw, Katharine, author. E185.615 .C315 2014
Black women in politics[electronic resource] :identity, power, and justice in the new millennium / E185.86 .B5424 2014eb
Black Looks[electronic resource] :race and representation / hooks, bell, 1952- author. E185.86 .H734 2015eb
Skin acts[electronic resource] :race, psychoanalysis, and the black male performer / Stephens, Michelle Ann, 1969- author. E185.86 .S754 2014eb
In remembrance of Emmett Till :regional stories and media responses to the Black freedom struggle / Mace, Darryl, 1975- E185.93.M6 M24 2014
The radical King / King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968. E185.97.K5 A5 2015
The misadventures of Awkward Black Girl / Rae, Issa, author. E185.97.R24 A3 2015
Inventing Ethan Allen / Duffy, John J., author. E207.A4 D84 2014
The Great divide :the conflict between Washington and Jefferson that defined a nation / Fleming, Thomas J., author. E210 .F54 2015
Homegrown terror :Benedict Arnold and the burning of New London / Lehman, Eric D., author. E278.A7 L417 2014
Founders as fathers :the private lives and politics of the American revolutionaries / Glover, Lorri, 1967- author. E302.5 .G65 2014
The life of John McLean,a politician on the United States Supreme Court, Weisenburger, Francis P. (Francis Phelps), 1900-1980. E340.M2 W45
Madison's gift :five partnerships that built America / Stewart, David O., author. E342 .S74 2015
John Quincy Adams :American visionary / Kaplan, Fred, 1937- E377 .K34 2014
An agrarian republic :farming, antislavery politics, and nature parks in the Civil War era / Dean, Adam Wesley, author. E415.7 .D42 2015
Exploring Lincoln :great historians reappraise our greatest president / E457 .E96 2015
Lincoln's dilemma :Blair, Sumner, and the Republican struggle over racism and equality in the Civil War era / Escott, Paul D., 1947- E457.2 .E729 2014
Collaborators for emancipation :Abraham Lincoln and Owen Lovejoy / Moore, William F. (William Frederick), 1935- E457.2 .M79 2014
Mary Lincoln :southern girl, northern woman / McDermott, Stacy Pratt, author. E457.25.L55 M385 2015
Mourning Lincoln / Hodes, Martha Elizabeth, author. E457.52 .H63 2015
Letters from prison :Jefferson Davis to his wife, 1865-1866 / Davis, Jefferson, 1808-1889, author. E467.1.D26 A4 2014
Sherman's ghosts :soldiers, civilians, and the American way of war / Carr, Matthew, 1955- author. E476.69 .C37 2015
Soldiering for freedom :how the Union army recruited, trained, and deployed the U.S. Colored Troops / Luke, Bob (Robert A.), 1941- E540.N3 L85 2014
The papers of Ulysses S. Grant / Grant, Ulysses S. (Ulysses Simpson), 1822-1885. E660 .G74
Unreasonable men :Theodore Roosevelt and the Republican rebels who created progressive politics / Wolraich, Michael. E661 .W65 2014
The cross of war :Christian nationalism and U.S. expansion in the Spanish-American War / McCullough, Matthew, author. E725.5.C5 M33 2014
Little "red scares" :anti-communism and political repression in the United States, 1921-1946 / E743.5 .L56 2014
US foreign policy decision-making from Truman to Kennedy :responses to international challenges / Hybel, Alex Roberto, author. E744 .H94 2014
Power and restraint :the rise of the United States, 1898-1941 / Meiser, Jeffrey W., author. E744 .M425 2015
The impact of the First World War on U.S. policymakers :American strategic and foreign policy formulation, 1938-1942 / Carew, Michael G., author. E806 .C33 2014
Foreign aid and the legacy of Harry S. Truman / E813 .T718 2012
Believer :my forty years in politics / Axelrod, David, 1955- E840.8.A94 A3 2015
Redeemer :the life of Jimmy Carter / Balmer, Randall Herbert. E873.2 .B35 2014
Iran-Contra :Reagan's scandal and the unchecked abuse of presidential power / Byrne, Malcolm. E876 .B97 2014
Hard Choices / Clinton, Hillary Rodham, author. E907 .C55 2014
Last man standing :media, framing, and the 2012 Republican primaries / Coombs, Danielle Sarver, author. E910 .C66 2014
Call Numbers starting with F: History (America)
Title/Author Call Number
American passage :the communications frontier in early New England / Grandjean, Katherine, 1977- F7 .G736 2015
Faithful bodies :performing religion and race in the Puritan Atlantic / Kopelson, Heather Miyano. F75.A1 K67 2014
Why not say what happened :a sentimental education / Dickstein, Morris, author. F128.9.J5 D539 2015
Adventurism and empire :the struggle for mastery in the Louisiana-Florida borderlands, 1762-1803 / Narrett, David E., 1951- author. F301 .N37 2015
The great call-up :the Guard, the border, and the Mexican Revolution / Harris, Charles H. (Charles Houston), author. F786 .H313 2015
The rising tide of color :race, state violence, and radical movements across the Pacific / F855 .R47 2014
California :an interpretive history / Rawls, James J. F861 .R38 2012
Journey to the sun :Junípero Serra's dream and the founding of California / Orfalea, Gregory, 1949- F864.S44 O74 2014
Power and control in the Imperial Valley :nature, agribusiness, and workers on the California borderland, 1900-1940 / Andrés, Benny J., Jr., author. F868.I2 A54 2015
California's Channel Islands :a history / Chiles, Frederic Caire, 1947- F868.S232 C54 2015
Fearless genius :the digital revolution in Silicon Valley, 1985-2000 / Menuez, Doug. F868.S25 M46 2014
Facing the music :documenting Walt Disney Concert Hall and the redevelopment of downtown Los Angeles : a project by Allan Sekula / F869.L84 F33 2015
Growing up in San Francisco's western neighborhoods :boomer memories from Kezar Stadium to Zim's Hamburgers / Dunnigan, Frank. F869.S35 D86 2014
The Haight :love, rock, and revolution : the photography of Jim Marshall / Marshall, Jim, 1936-2010, photographer. F869.S36 H355 2014
A geographical survey of Sinaloa / Schmidt, Robert H., 1940- F1341 .S35 1976
Belize's independence and decolonization in Latin America[electronic resource] :Guatemala, Britain, and the UN / Shoman, Assad. F1446.3 .S56 2010eb
Call Numbers starting with G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
Title/Author Call Number
GIS fundamentals :a first text on geographic information systems / Bolstad, Paul. G70.212 .B64 2012
Statistical techniques in geographical analysis / Shaw, Gareth. G70.3 .S52 1994
American geography and geographers :toward geographical science / Martin, Geoffrey J., author. G76.5.U5 M37 2015
Mathematical methods for oceanographers :an introduction / Laws, Edward A., 1945- GC10.4.M36 L38 1997
Breaking New Ground :a personal history / Brown, Lester R. (Lester Russell), 1934- GE56.B795 A3 2013
Adventures in the anthropocene :a journey to the heart of the planet we made / Vince, Gaia. GE149 .V56 2014
The human age :the world shaped by us / Ackerman, Diane, 1948- GF13 .A35 2014
Food waste :home consumption, material culture and everyday life / Evans, David, 1981- GN407 .E83 2014
Studies in Taiwanese folktales. Eberhard, Wolfram, 1909-1989. GR338 .E23
Dress and ideology :fashioning identity from antiquity to the present / GT511 .D75 2015
The fashioned body :fashion, dress and modern social theory / Entwistle, Joanne, author. GT525 .E589 2015
Body, dress, and identity in ancient Greece / Lee, Mireille M., author. GT550 .L44 2015
What we wore :a people's history of British style / Manandhar, Nina, compiler. GT738 .M35 2014
Fashion victims :dress at the court of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette / Chrisman-Campbell, Kimberly. GT865 .C55 2015
Swimwear in Vogue since 1910 / Probert, Christina. GT2077 .P76 1981
Inclusive leisure services / Dattilo, John. GV183.5 .D37 2012
Big-time sports in American universities / Clotfelter, Charles T. GV351 .C56 2011
Sport in history :an introduction / Hill, Jeff, 1943- GV571 .H55 2011
American national pastimes :a history / GV583 .A44 2015
Crafting patriotism for global dominance :America at the Olympics / Dyreson, Mark, 1959- GV706.35 .D96 2009
Leisure, women, and gender / GV709 .L44 2013
Qualifying times :points of change in U.S. women's sport / Schultz, Jaime. GV709.18.U6 S38 2014
When baseball went white[electronic resource] :reconstruction, reconciliation, and dreams of a national pastime / Swanson, Ryan A. GV863.A1 S955 2014eb
The set-up men[electronic resource] :race, culture and resistance in Black baseball / Trembanis, Sarah L. GV863.A1 T735 2014eb
The ball is round :a global history of soccer / Goldblatt, David, 1965- GV942.5 .G65 2008
Soccer around the world[electronic resource] :a cultural guide to the world's favorite sport / Parrish, Charles. GV943.25 .P37 2014eb
How soccer explains the world :an unlikely theory of globalization / Foer, Franklin. GV943.9.S64 F64 2010
The country of football :soccer and the making of modern Brazil / Kittleson, Roger Alan. GV944.B7 K57 2014
Soccer culture in America[electronic resource] :essays on the world's sport in red, white and blue / GV944.U6 S62 2014eb
The rise of gridiron university :higher education's uneasy alliance with big-time football / Ingrassia, Brian M. GV959.5 .I64 2012
Performance rallying / GV1029.2 .P47 1975
The Monopolists :Obsession, Fury, and the Scandal Behind the World's Favorite Board Game / Pilon, Mary, author. GV1469.M65 P55 2015
The greatest shows on earth :a history of the circus / Simon, Linda, 1946- author. GV1801 .S56 2014
Call Numbers starting with H: Social Sciences
Title/Author Call Number
The Tao of innovation[electronic resource] :nine questions every innovator must answer / Tan, Teng-Kee, author. HD30.28 .T3584 2015eb
Security transformation :digital defense strategies to protect your company's reputation and market share / McCarthy, Mary Pat. HD30.38 .M333 2001
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Call Numbers starting with K: Law
Title/Author Call Number
The development of disability rights under international law :from charity to human rights / Kanter, Arlene S., author. K637 .K367 2015
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Call Numbers starting with L: Education
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Call Numbers starting with N: Fine Arts
Title/Author Call Number
Cubism :the Leonard A. Lauder Collection / N6494.C8 C77 2014
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Metaphor and intercultural communication / P94.6 .M475 2014
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News frames and national security :covering big brother / McLeod, Douglas Malcolm. P95.82.U6 M384 2015
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Seeing green :the use and abuse of American environmental images / Dunaway, Finis, author. P96.E572 U63 2015
Silence, screen, and spectacle :rethinking social memory in the age of information / P96.H55 S55 2014
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Media and civil society in 21st century conflict / P96.W35 M338 2014
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Research methods in linguistics / P126 .R466 2013
Discourse, politics and media in contemporary China / P302.77 .D5665 2014
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Erôs in ancient Greece / PA3015.L67 E765 2013
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Literature and human rights :the law, the language and the limitations of human rights discourse / PN56.H79 L58 2015
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Storytelling in science and literature / PN56.S7357 S76 2015
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Artifice and invention in the Spanish Golden Age / PQ6066 .A78 2014
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Degeneration, Normativity and the Gothic at the Fin de Siècle / Karschay, Stephan, 1980- PR830.T3 K36 2015
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The American Isherwood / PR6017.S5 Z628 2015
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Asian American literature and the environment / PS153.A84 A74 2014
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Classical traditions in science fiction / PS374.S35 C585 2015
Religion in science fiction :the evolution of an idea and the extinction of a genre / Hrotic, Steven, author. PS374.S35 H84 2014
The Little review anthology, PS536 .L57
In the people in the land :a collection of western writing / PS561 .I5
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100 :(monologues) / Bogosian, Eric. PS3552.O46 A6 2014
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