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Call Numbers starting with B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Title/Author Call Number
The history of women philosophers / B187.W64 M4613 1984
William James and phenomenology / B945.J24 E35 1987
How we decide / BF448 .L45 2010
Varieties of Christian experience in Nigeria / BR1463.N6 V364 1982
Christian martyrs :or, Familiar conversations on the sufferings of some eminent Christians / BR1601 .D78 1828
Scripture history for the young / BS551 .H68 1870z
Das Neue Testament unsers Herrn und Heylandes Jesu Christi / BS2139 1787
The Acts of the Apostles;a commentary. BS2625.3 .H313
A view of the internal evidence of the Christian religion / BT1100 .J5 1789
Life and death in Nanking / BV3427.K67 K67 2004
Heritage of faith :a chronicle of the Otis and Julia Whipple family / BV3427.W475 B53 2006
China beckoning / BV3427.W496 R63 1990
California Catholicism :a Holy Year tribute / BX1415.C2 W37 1975
Catechismus ofte Christelyke leeringe :gedeeld in vyf deelen en een-en-veertig lessen / BX1966 .D8 1700z
Call Numbers starting with D: History (General)
Title/Author Call Number
Chronicles of the Crusades[electronic resource] :being contemporary narratives of the crusade of Richard Coeur de Lion / D151 .C55 1848eb
Three Old French chronicles of the crusades :the History of the holy war, the History of them that took Constantinople, the Chronicle of Reims. D151 .S8
With a war on! :China, Haiphong, Hong Kong / D767.3 .H53 1984
Sink 'em all :submarine warfare in the Pacific / D783 .L63 1951
U.S.S. Seawolf :submarine raider of the Pacific / D783.5.S4 F73 1945
Shelburne and reform. DA512.L3 N6
Balfour;a political biography DA566.9.B2 Z42 1973
A little tour in France / DC28 .J27 1885b
The wonderful story of Joan of Arc and the meaning of her life for Americans[electronic resource] DC103 .S74 1918eb
Abrége des Mémoires pour servir à l'histoire du jacobinisme / DC178 .B37 1800
Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, the court of the first empire[electronic resource] / DC203 .M55 1910eb
Kak nachinalasʹ revoli︠u︡t︠s︡ii︠a︡ 1905 goda. DK263 .F55 1935
The story of the Jews :finding the words : 1000 BC-1492 AD / DS118 .S3165 2013b
My China :Jewish life in the Orient, 1900-1950 / DS135.C5 L53 1998
Youtai ren zai Shanghai / DS135.C5 Y87 1995
The lure of Zion :the case of the Iraqi Jews / DS135.I7 S47 1986
Flight and rescue / DS135.L5 U68 2001
Bangladesh, the price of freedom / DS395.5 .B355 2013
The Muslim community of the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent, 610-1947;a brief historical analysis. DS427 .Q8
Bengal: the nationalist movement, 1876-1940 DS485.B49 G67
Russkie v Shankhai︠e︡ =Russians in Shanghai / DS731.R9 Z45 1936
China :an introductory history / DS736 .M4423 1978
The Chinese century :a photographic history of the last hundred years / DS755.2 .S64 1996
Escape from Hong Kong to free China, January and February, 1942 / DS774.5 .D83 1940z
Tales of Hong Kong / DS796.H74 G465 1968
Hometown Shanghai / DS796.S253 P47 1998
Lao Shanghai =Shanghai in old days. DS796.S257 L355 1998
Shanghai saga / DS796.S257 P285 1963
Hangchow holidays :where to go and what to see / DS797.88.H364 B47 1948
Africa in the 1980s :a continent in crisis / DT30 .A347
Les anciens royaumes de la zone interlacustre méridionale:Rwanda, Burundi, Buha, DT361 .H4 1962
Call Numbers starting with E: History (America)
Title/Author Call Number
Histoire pittoresque des voyages en Amérique :recueil des récits curieux, des scènes variées, des découvertes scientifiques, des moeurs et coutumes qui offrent un intèrêt universel, extrait de Christophe Colomb, Americ Vespuce, Fernand Cortez, Pizarre, La Condamine, Sebastien Cabot, Waffer, Walter Raleigh, Mistress Troloppe, Basil-Hall, Bullock, Wahls, etc. / E27 .H37 1847
Report of Chas. A. Wetmore :special U.S. Commissioner of Mission Indians of southern California. E78.C15 W4825 1875
Dance circle / E98.D2 .C86 1990
North American Indian sign language / E98.S5 L57 1990
Indian sign language / E98.S5 T7 1969
Inuit, the North in transition / E99.E7 S824 1982
The writing on the cloud :American culture confronts the atomic bomb / E169.12 .W78 1997
Black and white love / E185.62 .H37 1971
Black and white sexual relationships / E185.62 .K66 1971
Black lovers / E185.62 .S26 1971
History of the War with Mexico[electronic resource] / E404 .L15 1883eb
The age of Lincoln and the art of American power, 1848-1876 / E415.7 .N37 2013
Call Numbers starting with F: History (America)
Title/Author Call Number
Georgia Sea Island Festival :Neptune Park, St. Simons Island, Georgia, August 18-19, 1990. F292.G58 G46 1990
Blood and beauty :organized violence in the art and archaeology of Mesoamerica and Central America / F1219.3.R56 B57 2009
Geographic research on Latin America: benchmark 1970;proceedings. F1409.2 .C66 1970
Reform and repression :U.S. policy in El Salvador / F1488.3 .A7723 1982
The new El Salvador :interviews from the zones of popular control / F1488.3 .N48 1986
Revolt in El Salvador :including excerpts from Granma articles on revolutionary groups and the platform of the Revolutionary Democratic Government. F1488.3 .R48 1980
El Salvador, 10 años después-- :una historia revelada, 1992-2002 = El Salvador, 10 years later-- : history revealing itself, 1992-2002 / F1488.5 .E46 2001
A negotiated revolution? :a two year progress report on the Salvadoran peace accords / F1488.5 .S746 1994
The good coup :the overthrow of Manuel Zelaya in Honduras / F1508.3 .C33 2010
Call Numbers starting with G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
Title/Author Call Number
Caroli Egger Lexicon nominum locorum. G107 .E35 1977
Water 4.0 :the past, present, and future of the world's most vital resource / GB659.6 .S44 2014
Culture shock :America different; teacher's guide / GN517 .C858 2002
Archaeoastronomy in the Old World / GN799.A8 A73 1982
San Bernardino daily sun souvenir number :Festival of the Arrowhead, San Bernardino, California. GT4811.S14 S145 1908
Mexico and Central America :a catalog of complete travel information. GV1025.M4 A6
Highland dancing :the official textbook of the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing. GV1646.S35 S3 1968
Call Numbers starting with H: Social Sciences
Title/Author Call Number
Qualitative research methods[electronic resource] :collecting evidence, crafting analysis, communicating impact / H62 .T6333 2013eb
Bases para el plan de nación. HC148 .B37 1998
The practice of professional consulting[electronic resource] / HD69.C6 V475 2012eb
Les fonctions des femmes dans l'industrie. HD6145 .G8
Edinstvennoe sredstvo / HD6338 .T6 1901
The crusades of Cesar Chavez :a biography / HD6509.C48 P38 2014
In the matter of Food Industries Employers Labor Relations Council, Inc., representing Thrifty Drug Stores, Inc., Sontag Chain Stores Co. Ltd., Midcity Drug Stores Inc. and Marketbasket Stores and Retail Food Clerks Local Unions no. 770 of Los Angeles, California, and no. 324 of Long Beach, California :brief of Retail Food Clerks local unions no. 770 and 324 / HD8039.D72 U523 1943
In the matter of making, rescinding, amending or altering I.W.C. order no. 7, NS Mercantile Industry :statement by the California State Council of Retail Clerks no. 2 affiliated with the American Federation of Labor / HD8039.M4 U535 1946
Deindustrialization in Chile / HD9734.C52 G37 1989
Collective management :the reform of global economic organizations / HF1411 .C335
The relationship of the relative importance of functions to salary levels within a company,published in conjunction with the twentieth anniversary of the Industrial Relations Section, California Institute of Technology. HF5549.A2 C3 no.30
The mechanics of management by objectives--preparing and writing objectives HF5549.A2 C3 no.37
Vanished China :far eastern banking memories / HG1552.A1 T56 1952
Suggestions for developing questionnaires / HM537 .C53 1977
Combatting social problems;techniques of intervention. HN18 .G5813 1967
Inside El Salvador. HN183.5 .I57 1984
Sex around the world / HQ16 .Z33 1972
Mizu Shobai :the pleasure girls and fleshpots of Japan / HQ18.J3 D4 1966
The sex survey :an illustrated study : a photographic study of today's changing sexual habits / HQ18.U5 S93 1970
The man's gourmet sex book / HQ21 .B87 1983
Carnal dreams / HQ21 .J44 1973
Human sexual development / HQ21 .Z33 1971
Aberrations illustrated / HQ23 .D38 1971
A study of black sexual habits and techniques :photo illustrated : a manual in word and picture regarding the world of sex of the black man and woman / HQ23 .P395 1970
A study of erogenous zones :photo illustrated / HQ23 .P39523 1970
Sex by threes :an in-depth study of troilism / HQ23 .R68 1970
Older men and younger girls / HQ28 .M37 1971
Photo-illustrated marriage manual 1971 / HQ31 .C37 1970
Sexual fulfillment in marriage / HQ31 .R84324 1971
Oralism illustrated / HQ31.5.O73 G448 1970
Woman :her sexual variations and functions / HQ46 .W65 1970
Sex in marriage :photo illustrated / HQ56 .K53 1970
Sex in black and white / HQ60 .B63 1971
Sex in the black white marriage :photo illustrated / HQ64 .C73 1971
The animal lovers :a comprehensive study of sexual contact between man and animals based on the Rosenfeld Report / HQ71.5.B47 R67 1970z
The bisexual female / HQ74.5 .J37 1971
Opening doors to understanding and acceptance :a facilitator's guide for presenting workshops on lesbian and gay issues. HQ75.15 .O64 1986
The gay book of days :an evocatively illustrated who's who of who is, was, may have been, probably was, and almost certainly seems to have been gay during the past 5,000 years / HQ75.2 .G73 1982
The ways homosexuals make love.female-to-female sex techniques / HQ75.51 .B45 1970
Coming out to your parents / HQ76.3.U5 S34 1984
--And justice for all :a tribute to the March on Washington, D.C., October 11, 1987. HQ76.8.U5 A66 1988
Out on campus :a "how-to" manual of gay and lesbian campus activism / HQ76.8.U5 C75 1990
Transexual lovers / HQ77.9 .T733 1976
Guide to sexy Denmark / HQ445.D45 G84 1971
Masturbation :the art of self enjoyment / HQ447 .K84 1988
The silent majority :a guide to erotica / HQ460 .O33 1971
Parade. HQ460 .P37 1977
Pikant. HQ460 .P44 1977
Porno lecker bissen / HQ460 .S6248 1975
The classical underground erotica / HQ462 .F37 1971
The American review of pornography / HQ471 .H34 1970
Decision in Denmark :the legalizing of pornography / HQ472.D45 D42 1970
The effects of Danish pornography. HQ472.D45 E34 1969
Sex in America :competition for Denmark / HQ472.U6 G44 1971
Countering the radical right :the 1994 guide for pro-choice candidates / HQ767.5.U5 C68 1994
Wayward mothers :their search for sexual fulfillment / HQ806 .G44 1973
Participación de la mujer salvadoreña en el proceso revolucionario. HQ1497 .P37 1978
Women and war, El Salvador. HQ1498 .W65 1980z
The organizational life of the San Fernando Valley. HS61.S25 S25
The effectiveness of equine assisted psychotherapy with severely emotionally disturbed and autistic children and adolescents :a meta-analysis / HV1569.6 .G73 2010a
The social worker on the educational diagnostic and appraisal team for deaf-blind children / HV1597 .T67 1973
Interpreting in the American judicial system :ASL & English : bibliography HV2402 .I586 1992a
The developmental process of mainstreaming the deaf at California State University Northridge (CSUN) / HV2430 .S84 1900z
Selected issues associated with delivery of support services to hearing-impaired students at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) / HV2435 .M87 1975a
A discussion of assessment needs in manual communication for pre-college students / HV2471 .C55 1978
Signing :how to speak with your hands / HV2474 .C67 1983
Signing :how to speak with your hands / HV2474 .C67 1995
Ameslan :an introduction to American sign language / HV2474 .F28 1972b
Sign language bibliography / HV2474 .S56 1978a
American sign language and related sign systems for the deaf / HV2474 .S625 1975a
Signed English for the residence hall / HV2475 .S45
The book of name signs :naming in American Sign Language / HV2475 .S9 1992
Sign language flash cards, volume II / HV2476.4 .H64 1982
A basic course in American sign language /Un curso basico de lenguaje americano de senas / translated by Lourdes Rubio ; edited by Gilbert L. Delgado. HV2476.4 .H85 1991
Visual language series #1 :verbs & adjectives / HV2500 .N48 1969
Wyndtell user's guide :model 950 / HV2502.5 .W96 2000
Nebraska School for the Deaf curriculum guide / HV2561.N23 O434 1962
Buddhas in disguise :deaf people of Nepal / HV2855.9 .T39 1997
Bazelʹskiĭ kongress Pervogo Internat︠s︡ionala, 6-11 senti︠a︡bri︠a︡ 1869 g. HX13.A5 1869 .I5
Pami︠a︡tnai︠a︡ knizhka marksista. HX15 .C54 1906
Nado znat' ne men'še ... :Konspekty lekcij / HX311.5 .L65 1906
Khronika sot︠s︡īalisticheskago dvizhenīi︠a︡ v Rossīi, 1878-1887 :Ofit︠s︡īalʹnyĭ otchet. HX313 .S54 1906
Kollektivizm i pozitivnai︠a︡ nauka :Darvin--Spenser--Marks / HX541 .F55 1905b
Almanach illustré de la révolution pour ... HX821 .A455
Mikhail Aleksandrovich Bakunin :zhiznʹ, dei︠a︡telʹnostʹ, myshlenie / HX915.B3 P65 1925
Call Numbers starting with J: Political Science
Title/Author Call Number
The neoconservatives :the men who are changing America's politics / JA84.U5 S74 1979
La represion en contra de los trabajadores del campo / JC599.E4 R47 1980z
Condoning the killing :ten years of massacres in El Salvador / JC599.S2 C6 1990
Temporal dimensions of development administration JF1351 .T4
Las elecciones en El Salvador. JL1578 .E44 1993
El Salvador, elections of the century :results, recommendations, analysis / JL1578 .S64 1994
The demilitarized world and how to get there. JX1963 .M5857
Call Numbers starting with K: Law
Title/Author Call Number
The People of the State of California, respondent-plaintiff, vs. Stephen Stuart, appellant-defendant :appeal from Superior Court of Los Angeles County, Hon. Stanley Mosk, judge : appellant's reply brief / KF2915.P43A52 1956
The People of the State of California, respondent-plaintiff, vs. Stephen Stuart, appellant-defendant :appeal from Superior Court of Los Angeles County, Hon. Stanley Mosk, judge : petition for hearing before the Supreme Court / KF2915.P43A5223 1956
Educating children without housing :a primer on legal requirements and implementation strategies for educators, advocates and policymakers : pursuant to the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act / KF4217.H68 C65 2014
Salvadorans in the United States :the case for extended voluntary departure. KF4848.S26 S26 1983
Call Numbers starting with L: Education
Title/Author Call Number
Children at school;primary education in Britain today. LA633 .C5 1969
A Russian-Chinese-English glossary of education. LB15 .H77
Young minds need something to grow on. LB1140 .W37
Blackline masters for the alpha-posters. LB1525 .B43 2008 grade presch.-2
Read and understand :stories to practice reading comprehension : level 1 (K-3) / LB1525 .S836 2000z grade presch.-2
Faculty incivility :the rise of the academic bully culture and what to do about it / LB2331.7 .T93 2008
Bully in the ivory tower :how aggression & incivility erode American higher education / LB3013.32 .H65 2012
Workplace bullying in higher education / LB3013.32 .W67 2013
El Salvador, education and repression / LC72.5.S2 E4 1981
Hip-hop culture in college students' lives :elements, embodiment, and higher edutainment / LC191.94 .P47 2012
Education for self-reliance in Tanzania;a study of its vocational aspects LC1047.T3 D6
The consequences of being gay :a report on the quality of life for lesbian, gay and bisexual students at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst / LD3234.M24 Y47 1985
Call Numbers starting with M: Music and books on Music
Title/Author Call Number
Lieder ; Notturni[sound recording] / M3.1.M69 L54 1991
Symphonies[sound recording] ;& other works / M1000.H36 S39 1994
Serenades for orchestra[sound recording] / M1000.M69 S47 1990
Violin concertos[sound recording] / M1012 .M933 1991
Tristan et Iseult[sound recording] :[Une légende du Moyen-Age en musique et un poésie = A medieval romance in music and poetry = / M1613.3.B67 T75 1989
Arie e lamenti[sound recording] :per voce sola / M1613.3.M66 A75 1991
Forty songs[electronic resource] / M1620.T23 S678 1912eb
18th annual Irish Folk Festival :program : Wolf Trap Farm Park, Vienna, Virginia, May 29, 1994. ML38.V44 W377 1994
Life of Mozart[electronic resource]/ ML410.M9 N82 1880eb
Cole Porter :a biography / ML410.P7844 S4 1977
Complicated shadows :the life and music of Elvis Costello / ML420.C685 T47 2004
The Cambridge companion to the saxophone / ML975 .C36 1998
Sing a rainbow :musical activities with mentally handicapped children / MT17 .W33 1979
Modern harmony in its theory and practice[electronic resource] / MT50 .F69 1905eb
Call Numbers starting with N: Fine Arts
Title/Author Call Number
Erotic art :a survey of erotic fact and fancy in the fine arts / N8217.E6 K7 1968b
Far from home :western architecture in China's northern treaty ports / NA1540 .J628 1996
God & country :western religious architecture in old China / NA1540 .J63 1996
The last colonies :western architecture in China's southern treaty ports / NA1540 .J64 1997
Near to heaven :western architecture in China's old summer resorts / NA1540 .J643 1994
Shanghai jin dai jian zhu feng ge =The evolution of Shanghai architecture in modern times / NA1547.S5 Z474 1999
Hallowed halls :Protestant colleges in Old China / NA6605.C6 E7485 1998
Tourist's album of Khajuraho containing 32 coloured photoes [i.e. photos]. NB1952.E76 T68 1950z
Magritte / ND673.M35 G3 1970
The period guide to fabrics in their relation to furniture. NK3243 .P47 1939
The art of the potter :a book for the collector and connoisseur / NK4225 .H65 1955b
Call Numbers starting with P: Language and Literature
Title/Author Call Number
New world of indigenous resistance :Noam Chomsky and voices from North, South, and Central America / P85.C47 N48 2010
Feminist media :participatory spaces, networks and cultural citizenship / P96.F46 F46 2012
Some copies of verses translated paraphrastically out of Anacreon / PA3865 .E5 1950
Blackline masters for the alpha-posters. PC4066 .B43 2008 presch.-2
Sílabas trabadas :reproducible pages. PC4066 .S542 2011 presch.-2
Lee y comprende :historias para practicar comprensión de lectura : nivel 1-2 / PC4066 .S77 2000z grade presch.-2
Russkai︠a︡ literatura XX veka :1890-1915 gg. PG3016 .I9 1920
Povest' o Varlaame, pustynnike i Iosafe, ︠t︡sareviche indiĭskom. PG3300 .B3 1947
Sobranīe zapreshchennykh stikhotvorenīĭ / PG3340 .A17 1900z
Kavkazskiĭ plennik / PG3365 .K35 1967
Otet︠s︡ Sergīĭ / PG3365 .O8 1921
Korolevna i ryt︠s︡ari :skazki / PG3453.B84 K6 1919
Stikhi o Rossīi / PG3453.B84 S8 1922
Na pokoi︠e︡ :st︠s︡eny v 3-kh di︠e︡ĭstvīi︠a︡kh / PG3467.K8 N35 1908
Gri︠a︡dushchīĭ kham. Chekhov i Gorʹkīĭ / PG3467.M4 A16 1906
Pi︠e︡tushok / PG3470.R4 P45 1922
Zarnit︠s︡y :dramaticheskii︠a︡ st︠s︡eny. Iz nedavni︠a︡go proshlago / PG3470.S753 Z37 1894
Kogo ishcheshʹ? :misterīi︠a︡ / PG3470.V525 K6 1922
Izbrannoe / PG3476.E8 A6 1922
Esenin o sebe i drugikh / PG3476.E8 Z46 1926
Pami︠a︡ti Esenina. PG3476.E8 Z6 1926
Pamiatka o Sergee Esenine :4/X 1895--28/XII 1925. PG3476.E8 Z75 1926
Posledniĭ god Esenina :iz vospominaniĭ. PG3476.E8 Z7775 1927
Tvorchestvo A.A. Fadeeva :Metodicheskai︠︠a razrabotka sostavlena N.A. Trifonovym / PG3476.F2 Z7 1932
Kolchan :4-i︠a︡ [i.e. chetvertai︠a︡] kniga stikhov / PG3476.G85 K6 1923
Tvorchestvo Gumileva / PG3476.G85 Z85 1923
Strannye razskazy / PG3476.K78 S77 1921
Alyĭ Khram :stikhi. PG3476.O7 A7 1922
Gorod na Sungari / PG3476.P443 G76 1987
Karavan :vtorai︠a︡ kniga liriki / PG3476.S486 K37 1923
The Rubaiyát of Omar Khayyám / PK6513 .A1 1920b
Turkish reader for beginners, PL125 .N4313
The year of my life. PL797.2.O7 E4 1972
Ot Dante k Bloku / PN49 .M45 1922
The Once and future Arthur / PN685 .O5 1989
The art of translation / PN1059.T7 B37 1982
The stag film report / PN1995.9.S45 H3755 1971
Stag films & sex shows :a photographic study of sex-oriented films and live shows : an illustrated study / PN1995.9.S45 S73 1971
[The deep purple]. PN2277.L592 M382433 1918
[The firefly]. PN2277.L592 M382434 1914
[The redemption of Evelyn Vaudray]. PN2277.L592 M382438 1911
[Robert B. Mantell]. PN2277.L592 M38244 1917
Jewish drama and theatre :from rabbinical intolerance to secular liberalism / PN3035 .R69 2013
Writing bloody novels, PN3367 .T3
A key to the terminology of science-fiction fandom / PN3433 .F74 1966
The incompleat Burbee :produced in ten days of cooperative effort by Pete Graham, Ron Ellik, Terry Carr, Dave Rike, and Carl Brandon, for the occasion of Charles Burbee's birthday party. PN3433 .I513 1974
Black images PN6109.7 .C33
Coloured stars :fifty Asiatic love lyrics / PN6110.L6 M37 1965
Entretiens sur Paul Valéry,sous la direction de Émilie Noulet-Carner. PQ2643.A26 Z583 1965
The night trilogy by Elie Wiesel :teacher's guide / PQ2683.I32 Z85 2000 grade 9-12
Blood and sand :the life and loves of a bullfighter / PQ6603.L2 S3313 1951
(Per)versiones de la modernidad :literaturas, identidades y desplazamientos / PQ7471.A1 P47 2012
Intersecciones y transgresiones :propuestas para una historiografía literaria en Centroamérica / PQ7471 .I68 2008
Historias y poemas de una lucha de clases / PQ7539.2.D3 H57 2010
Traveller's library / PR1149 .T73 1933
A six-text print of Chaucer's Canterbury tales :in parallel columns from the following mss: 1. The Ellesmere. 2. The Hengwrt 154. 3. The Cambridge Univ. Libr. Gg. 4.27. 4. The Corpus Christi coll., Oxford. 5. The Petworth. 6. The Lansdowne 851 / PR1901 .A3 no.1
Animaduersions vppon the annotacions and corrections of some imperfections of impressiones of Chaucers workes :(sett downe before tyme, and nowe) reprinted in the yere of oure lorde 1598 / PR1901 .A3 no. 13
Julius Caesar / PR2808 .S26 2003 grade 5-12
Macbeth / PR2823 .S26 2003 grade 5-12
Romeo & Juliet / PR2831 .S26 2003 grade 5-12
The tempest / PR2833 .S26 2003 grade 5-12
Watch the northwind rise / PR6013.R35 W27
Lost horizon / PR6015.I53 L6 1934b
The late bourgeois world / PR9369.3.G6 L3 1966
Playing house in the American West :western women's life narratives, 1839-1987 / PS152 .P57 2013
Contemporary Chicana Literature :(Re)Writing the Maternal Script / PS153.M4 H54 2014
Playing in the dark :whiteness and the literary imagination / PS173.N4 M67 1992
Eyes of desire :a deaf gay & lesbian reader / PS509.H57 E9 1993
Adam & Eve customers tell all! :a spicy collection of erotic fantasies and adventures from our customers. PS648.S47 A33 1985
Collected poems / PS3503.A5825 A17 1979
A few poems / PS3503.A5825 F48 1952
Three fables / PS3503.A5825 T5 1983
Bedelia / PS3505.A842 B43 1946
Yad Vashem :children's memorial / PS3552.A443 Y33 1996
Black orgies / PS3554.A94222 B53 1970
Poems / PS3576.E43 P64 1974
Brutal youth / PS3602.R483 B79 2014
Warum kann er nicht immer / PT2681.P87 W37 1950z
Buffalo kill / PZ7.C4525 1959
Tía María's garden / PZ7.C5296 Ti 1963
The prince and the pauper / PZ7.C584 Pr42 1956
Tom Sawyer, detective / PZ7.C59 Tn3 1965
The treasure is the rose / PZ7.C9167 Tr 1973
Wolf Roland / PZ7.C9167 Wo 1983
Theodosia :daughter of Aaron Burr / PZ7.G7243 Th 1962
Call Numbers starting with Q: Science
Title/Author Call Number
Cloud networking[electronic resource] :understanding cloud-based data center networks / QA76.585 .L434 2014eb
Python forensics :a workbench for inventing and sharing digital forensic technology / QA76.73.P98 H67 2014eb
Economics-Driven Software Architecture[electronic resource]. QA76.76.D4 M57 2014eb
The basics of information security :understanding the fundamentals of InfoSec in theory and practice / QA76.9.A25 A5453 2014eb
Collaboration with cloud computing :security, social media, and unified communications / QA76.9.A25 .M4864 2014eb
Big data in history / QA76.9.D32 M36 2013
Phenomenology, organizational politics, and IT design :the social study of information systems / QA76.9.S88 P49 2012
Electronic processes in ionic crystals / QD939 .M6 1948
A guide to angelfishes & butterflyfishes / QL638.C48 A45 1998
Penis enlargement techniques / QP257 .H32 1975
Call Numbers starting with R: Medicine
Title/Author Call Number
Tapping into The Wire :the real urban crisis / RA566.4.M3 B45 2012
Our bodies, our selves :a course by and for women. RA778 .O97 1971
Explaining abnormal behavior :a cognitive neuroscience perspective / RC454 .P394 2014eb
Bizarre sex acts and unusual behavior / RC560.S43 .M43 1965
Teaching AIDS :a resource guide on acquired immune deficiency syndrome / RC606.6 .Q32 1988
Doctor Pygmalion :the autobiography of a plastic surgeon / Maxwell Maltz. RD27.35.M247 M247 1953
The genetics of retinitis pigmentosa (RP) RE661.R45 .F38 1985
Perspectives on deafness :what is deafness? / RF290 .P47 1900z
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