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Call Numbers starting with A: General Works
Title/Author Call Number
A life of learning :Charles Homer Haskins prize lecture for 2014 / Nettl, Bruno, 1930- author. AS36.N3985 A16 no.71 2014
Call Numbers starting with B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Title/Author Call Number
The innocent eye :why vision is not a cognitive process / Orlandi, Nico. B105.V54 O75 2014
The Enlightenment / Outram, Dorinda. B802 .O98 2013
Existentialism :an introduction / Aho, Kevin, 1969- author. B819 .A4 2014
Skillful coping :essays on the phenomenology of everyday perception and action / Dreyfus, Hubert L. B829.5 .D74 2014
The Bloomsbury companion to Spinoza / B3998 .B64 2014
Philosophical logic / Burgess, John P., 1948- author. BC71 .B89 2009
Realizing reason :a narrative of truth and knowing / Macbeth, Danielle. BC177 .M33 2014
A philosophy of the unsayable / Franke, William. BD360 .F73 2014
Emotional intelligence, relationship perception, and social anhedonia in schizotypy / Pattison, Michelle, author. BF77 .Z95 2014 P38eb
The mechanisms behind feature-based stereotyping :an empirical test / Rees, Heather R., author. BF77 .Z95 2014 R44eb
Donald W. Winnicott :a new approach / Dethiville, Laura, author. BF109.W55 D4813 2014eb
Dataclysm :who we are when we think no one's looking / Rudder, Christian, author. BF176.5 .R83 2014
Motor behavior and control :new research / BF295 .M68 2013eb
How we learn :the surprising truth about when, where, and why it happens / Carey, Benedict, author. BF318 .C366 2014
The science of perception and memory :a pragmatic guide for the justice system / Reisberg, Daniel. BF371 .R374 2015
They shall beat their swords into plowshares :military strategy, psychoanalysis and the art of living / Marcus, Paul, 1953- author. BF515.H27 M37 2014
The cultural politics of emotion / Ahmed, Sara, 1969- author. BF531 .A585 2014eb
Love objects :emotion, design and material culture / BF575.A86 L68 2014eb
The narcissist next door :understanding the monster in your family, in your office, in your bed--in your world / Kluger, Jeffrey, author. BF575.N35 K58 2014
The marshmallow test :mastering self-control / Mischel, Walter. BF632 .M57 2014
APA handbook of personality and social psychology / BF698 .A647 2015
The resilience dividend :being strong in a world where things go wrong / Rodin, Judith. BF698.35.R47 R63 2014eb
Measures of personality and social psychological constructs / BF698.4 .M347 2015
Developmental psychology / Ludlow, Amanda. BF713 .L82 2014
What is a child? Childhood, psychoanalysis, and discourse / Plastow, Michael Gerard, author. BF721 .P53 2015eb
Psychological assessment of culturally and linguistically diverse children and adolescents :a practitioner's guide / Geva, Esther, author. BF722.3 .G48 2015
Age of opportunity :lessons from the new science of adolescence / Steinberg, Laurence D., 1952- author. BF724 .S753 2014
Blue mythologies :reflections on a colour / Mavor, Carol, 1957- author. BF789.C7 M38 2013
Aesthetics of installation art / Rebentisch, Juliane, 1970- BH39 .R386613 2012
Beauty and the brain :biological aspects of aesthetics / BH301.P45 B43 1988
Meddling :on the virtue of leaving others alone / Lachs, John. BJ1533.R42 L33 2014
Corruption / BJ1534 .C66 2014
The impact of religion on social cohesion, social capital formation and social development in different cultural contexts :entering the field in international and interdisciplinary perspectives / BL60 .I47 2014
Profane :sacrilegious expression in a multicultural age / BL65.B54 P76 2014
Sensational religion :sensory cultures in material practice / BL65.C8 S46 2014
Religion as a social determinant of public health / BL65.M4 R45 2014
Religion and democratization :framing religious and political identities in muslim and catholic societies / Driessen, Michael Daniel, author. BL65.P7 D75 2014
Sacred matters, stately concerns :faith and politics in Asia, past and present / BL65.P7 S235 2014
Globalized religion and sexual identity :contexts, contestations, voices / BL65.S4 G53 2014
The origins of religious violence :an Asian perspective / Gier, Nicholas F., 1944- author. BL65.V55 G54 2014
Virtually sacred :myth and meaning in world of warcraft and second life / Geraci, Robert M. BL65.V57 G47 2014
God is here to stay :science, evolution, and belief in God / McFaul, Thomas R. author. BL240.3 .M34 2014
In praise of mixed religion :the syncretism solution in a multifaith world / Harrison, William H., 1965- author. BL410 .H365 2014
The devil and philosophy : the nature of his game / BL480 .D47 2014
More than discourse :symbolic expressions of naturalistic faith / Crosby, Donald A., author. BL603 .C76 2014
Religion, tradition and the popular :transcultural views from Asia and Europe / BL624 .R455 2014
Immigrant faith :patterns of immigrant religion in the United States, Canada, and Western Europe / Connor, Phillip Carey, 1976- author. BL625.9.I55 C66 2014
Greek mythologies :antiquity and surrealism / Yatromanolakis, Dimitrios, author. BL783 .Y38 2012
Material culture and Asian religions :text, image, object / BL1033 .M38 2014
Inventing and reinventing the goddess :contemporary iterations of Hindu deities on the move / BL1216 .I68 2014
Given to the goddess :South Indian devadasis and the sexuality of religion / Ramberg, Lucinda, 1962- BL1237.58.D48 R3635 2014
India and the occult :the influence of South Asian spirituality on modern western occultism / Djurdjevic, Gordan, author. BL1283.85 .D58 2014
Some Nigerian fertility cults / Talbot, Percy Amaury, 1877-1945. BL2470.N6 F27 1927
Faith and the founders of the American republic / BL2525 .F325 2014
Religion and inequality in America :research and theory on religion's role in stratification / BL2525 .R4565 2014
Changing faith :the dynamics and consequences of Americans' shifting religious identities / Sherkat, Darren E., 1965- author. BL2525 .S535 2014
Life after faith :the case for secular humanism / Kitcher, Philip, 1947- author. BL2747.6 .K58 2014
Becoming un-orthodox :stories of ex-Hasidic Jews / Davidman, Lynn, 1955- author. BM197.6 .D38 2015
Judaism in transition :how economic choices shape religious tradition / Chiswick, Carmel U., author. BM205 .C495 2014
Jewish meaning in a world of choice :studies in tradition and modernity / Ellenson, David Harry, 1947- author. BM205 .E58 2014
From yoga to Kabbalah :religious exoticism and the logics of bricolage / Altglas, Véronique. BM526 .A48 2014
Judaism :a very short introduction / Solomon, Norman, 1933- author. BM562 .S65 2014
Gender in Judaism and Islam :common lives, uncommon heritage / BM729.W6 G46 2015
Routledge handbook of Islam in the West / BP52.5 .R68 2015
Demystifying Islam :tackling the tough questions / Zafar, Harris, 1979- BP161.3 .Z323 2014
Islam in the balance :ideational threats in Arab politics / Rubin, Lawrence, 1973- author. BP173.7 .R82 2014
Early Islam and the birth of capitalism / Koehler, Benedikt, author. BP173.75 .K645 2014
The halal frontier :Muslim consumers in a globalized market / Fischer, Johan. BP184.D5 F57 2011
What is veiling? / Amer, Sahar. BP190.5.H44 A535 2014
The headscarf debates :conflicts of national belonging / Korteweg, Anna C., author. BP190.5.H44 K67 2014
Three Christological treatises / Cyril, Saint, Patriarch of Alexandria, approximately 370-444, author. BR60 .F3 C974 2014
Christianity, consumerism and the market / BR115.C67 C47 2014
Theology and California :theological refractions on California's culture / BR115.C8 T4735 2014
Queering religion, religious queers / BR115.H6 Q44 2014
Christian faith and social justice :five views / BR115.J8 C47 2014
Secular government, religious people / Lupu, Ira C., author. BR516 .S38 2014
Damned nation :hell in America from the Revolution to Reconstruction / Gin Lum, Kathryn, author. BR517 .G56 2014
The age of evangelicalism :America's born-again years / Miller, Steven P. (Steven Patrick), 1977- BR526 .M555 2014
Christian orthodoxy / BT22 .C56 2014
The theological defense of papal power Sharrock, David John. BX1805 .S5
Black Saint of the Americas :the life and afterlife of Martín de Porres / Cussen, Celia L. BX4700.M397 C87 2014
Call Numbers starting with C: Auxiliary Sciences of History
Title/Author Call Number
The fin-de-siècle world / CB415 .F563 2015
Shamans, queens, and figurines :the development of gender archaeology / Nelson, Sarah M., 1931- CC72.4 .N457 2015
Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie. Carnegie, Andrew, 1835-1919. CT275.C3 A3 1920
Call Numbers starting with D: History (General)
Title/Author Call Number
World history in documents :a comparative reader / D5 .W67 2008
The Nisibis War (337-363 CE) :the strategic defense of the Roman Orient / Harrel, John Scott, author. D16.25 .Z95 2013 H37eb
Simming :participatory performance and the making of meaning / Magelssen, Scott, 1974- author. D16.255.S5 M34 2014
The history manifesto / Guldi, Jo (Joanna), 1978- author. D16.8 .G85 2014
After civil war :division, reconstruction, and reconciliation in contemporary Europe / D424 .A35 2015
The Oxford illustrated history of the First World War / D521 .O946 2014
The deluge :the Great War, America, and the remaking of the global order, 1916-1931 / Tooze, J. Adam, author. D523 .T46 2014
An intimate history of the front :masculinity, sexuality, and German soldiers in the First World War / Crouthamel, Jason, author. D524.7.G7 C76 2014eb
Verdun :the longest battle of the Great War / Jankowski, Paul, 1950- D545.V3 J36 2013
Doughboys on the Great War :how American soldiers viewed their military service / Gutiérrez, Edward A. D570.2 G88 2014
Rethinking fascism and dictatorship in Europe / D726.5 .R43 2014
The devils' alliance :Hitler's pact with Stalin, 1939-1941 / Moorhouse, Roger, author. D749.5.R8 M667 2014
The sphinx :Franklin Roosevelt, the Isolationists, and the road to World War II / Wapshott, Nicholas, author. D753 .W27 2015
A haven from Hitler / Gruffudd, Heini, author. D804.196.B677 G713 2014
Irmgard's flute :a memoir / Bail, Bernard W. D811 .B355 2007
Settlers and expatriates :Britons over the seas / DA123 .S48 2010
The Wars of the Roses :the fall of the Plantagenets and the rise of the Tudors / Jones, Dan, 1981- DA250 .J66 2014
A royal experiment :the private life of King George III / Hadlow, Janice, author. DA506.A2 H34 2014
How to be a Victorian :a dawn-to-dusk guide to Victorian life / Goodman, Ruth, 1963- DA533 .G557 2014
Victoria :a life / Wilson, A. N., 1950- author. DA554 .W45 2014
Margot Asquith's Great War diary 1914-1916 :the view from Downing Street / Asquith, Margot, 1864-1945, author. DA566.9.O8 A3 2014
British culture and the First World War :experience, representation and memory / Thacker, Toby, 1957- DA577 .T43 2014
Before the Windrush :race relations in twentieth-century Liverpool / Belchem, John, author. DA690.L8 B435 2014
Havel :a life / Žantovský, Michael, 1949- author. DB2241.H38 Z36 2014
Marie Antoinette and the end of the old régime / Imbert de Saint-Amand, 1834-1900. DC137.1 .I32 1891a
The marquis :Lafayette reconsidered / Auricchio, Laura. DC146.L2 A87 2014
Neo-Calvinism and the French Revolution / DC158.2 .N46 2014
Napoleon :the end of glory / Price, Munro. DC203 .P755 2014
Napoleon :a life / Roberts, Andrew, 1963- author. DC203 .R6825 2014
Reluctant meister :how Germany's past is shaping its European future / Green, Stephen. DD61 .G74 2014
Inventing the Schlieffen Plan :German war planning, 1871-1914 / Zuber, Terence, author. DD101.5 .Z78 2014
Kaiser Wilhelm II, 1859-1941 :a concise life / Röhl, John C. G., author. DD229 .R6412413 2014
Clausewitz :his life and work / Stoker, Donald J. DD422.C5 S76 2014
Berlin :portrait of a city through the centuries / MacLean, Rory, 1954- author. DD860 .M25 2014
The material life of Roman slaves / Joshel, Sandra R. (Sandra Rae), 1947- DG78 .J67 2014
Roman conquests :Asia Minor, Syria and Armenia / Evans, Richard J., 1954- author. DG250 .E93 2011
Edward Gibbon and the shape of history / Roberts, Charlotte, 1985- author. DG311 .R63 2014
Sot︠s︡īalist-revoli︠u︡t︠s︡īoner =Le Socialiste-révolutionnaire. DK188.8 .P35 box 17 v.4
Stalin / Kotkin, Stephen, author. DK268.S8 K65 2014
Isabella :the warrior queen / Downey, Kirstin. DP163 .D69 2014
Armenians and the Allies in Cilicia, 1914-1923 / Güçlü, Yücel. DR435.A7 G83 2010
Armenian organization and ideology under Ottoman rule :1908-1914 / Kaligian, Dikran Mesrob. DR435.A7 K355 2009
Radovan Karadzic :architect of the Bosnian genocide / Donia, Robert J., author. DR1755.K37 D66 2015
Jerusalem unbound :geography, history, and the future of the holy city / Dumper, Michael, author. DS109.15 .D86 2014
Jerusalem :conflict & cooperation in a contested city / DS109.9 .J4573 2014
Israel and the world powers :diplomatic alliances and international relations beyond the Middle East / DS119.6 .I87 2014
Making David into Goliath :how the world turned against Israel / Muravchik, Joshua, author. DS119.7 .M844 2014
Psychological warfare in the Arab-Israeli conflict / Shlaifer, Ron, author. DS119.7 .S4761 2014eb
Why the Germans? why the Jews? :envy, race hatred, and the prehistory of the Holocaust / Aly, Götz, 1947- author. DS134.25 .A5913 2014
Beyond violence :Jewish survivors in Poland and Slovakia, 1944-48 / Cichopek-Gajraj, Anna, 1954- author. DS134.55 .C53 2014
Jewish culture in early modern Europe :essays in honor of David B. Ruderman / DS135.E82 J49 2014
Who is a Jew? :reflections on history, religion, and culture / DS143 .W46 2014
Antisemitism and anti-Zionism :representation, cognition, and everyday talk / Jaspal, Rusi, 1984- author. DS145 .J34 2014eb
Crows of the desert :the memoirs of Levon Yotnakhparian / Yotnakhparian, Levon. DS195.3.Y68 A3 2012
Mecca :the sacred city / Sardar, Ziauddin, author. DS248.M4 S31 2014
Iran divided :the historical roots of Iranian debates on identity, culture, and governance in the twenty-first century / Hunter, Shireen, author. DS274 .H86 2014
The Iran-Iraq War :a military and strategic history / Murray, Williamson. DS318.85 .M8725 2014
The lost tribe of Coney Island :headhunters, Luna Park, and the man who pulled off the spectacle of the century / Prentice, Claire (Journalist), author. DS666.I2 P74 2014
Rethinking the decline of China's Qing dynasty :imperial activism and borderland management at the turn of the nineteenth century / McMahon, Daniel. DS756.2 .M36 2015
Age of ambition :chasing fortune, truth, and faith in the new China / Osnos, Evan, 1976- DS779.43 .O76 2014
The fortunes of Africa :a 5000-year history of wealth, greed, and endeavour / Meredith, Martin, author. DT20 .M47 2014
Eurafrica :the untold history of European integration and colonialism / Hansen, Peo, author. DT31 .H36 2014
The woman who would be king / Cooney, Kara. DT87.15 .C66 2014
Rwanda 1994 :the myth of the Akazu genocide conspiracy and its consequences / Collins, Barrie. DT450.435 .C643 2014
Benoni, son of my sorrow;the social, political and economic history of a South African gold mining town, Humphriss, Deryck. DT944.B454 H85
Let freedom reign :the words of Nelson Mandela / Mandela, Nelson, 1918-2013. DT1974 .M295 2010
True yankees :the South Seas and the discovery of American identity / Morrison, Dane Anthony. DU19 .M67 2014
Captive paradise :the United States and Hawai'i / Haley, James L. DU625 .H28 2014
Call Numbers starting with E: History (America)
Title/Author Call Number
Ancient American art, 3500 BC-AD 1532 :masterworks of the pre-Columbian era / E59.A7 A42 2011
Our lives :collaboration, native voice, and the making of the National Museum of the American Indian / Shannon, Jennifer A., author. E76.86.W182 S43 2014
North American Indians[electronic resource] :a very short introduction / Perdue, Theda, 1949- E77 .P425 2010eb
Plant technology of first peoples in British Columbia / Turner, Nancy J., 1947- E78.B9 T87 1998
Cultural resources reconnaissance (stage II) of flood control alternatives proposed for the Whitewater River Basin, Riverside County, California / Lando, Richard P. E78.C15 L36 1979
Sky loom :Native American myth, story, and song / E98.F6 S55 2014eb
Our sacred maíz is our mother :indigeneity and belonging in the Americas / Rodríguez, Roberto Cintli, 1954- E98.F7 R64 2014
The wisdom of the great chiefs :the classic speeches of Chief Red Jacket, Chief Joseph, and Chief Seattle / E98.O7 W57 1994
Indigenous Women, Work, and History, 1940-1980 / McCallum, Mary Jane, author. E98.W8 M43 2014eb
Arapaho stories, songs, and prayers :a bilingual anthology / Cowell, Andrew, 1963- E99.A7 C68 2014
Being Cowlitz :how one tribe renewed and sustained its identity / Dupres, Christine Joy. E99.C877 D87 2014
The politics of arctic sovereignty :oil, ice and Inuit governance / Shadian, Jessica Michelle. E99.E7 S44 2014
Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca :American trailblazer / Varnum, Robin, 1950- E125.N9 V37 2014
History repeating itself :the republication of children's historical literature and the Christian right / Pfitzer, Gregory M., author. E175.85 .P48 2014
Presidents and their generals :an American history of command in war / Moten, Matthew, 1960- E176.1 .M93 2014
The American vice presidency :from irrelevance to power / Witcover, Jules. E176.49 .W58 2014
Lost states :true stories of Texlahoma, Transylvania, and other states that never made it / Trinklein, Michael J. E180 .T75 2010
Back channel to Cuba :the hidden history of negotiations between Washington and Havana / LeoGrande, William M. E183.8.C9 L384 2014
Empowering revolution :America, Poland, and the end of the Cold War / Domber, Gregory F., 1974- author. E183.8.P7 D65 2014
Who we be :the colorization of America / Chang, Jeff. E184.A1 C4425 2014
Diversity explosion[electronic resource] :how new racial demographics are remaking America / Frey, William H. E184.A1 F739 2014eb
Beyond hate :white power and popular culture / King, C. Richard, 1968- author. E184.A1 K458 2014
There was and there was not :a journey through hate and possibility in Turkey, Armenia, and beyond / Toumani, Meline. E184.A7 T68 2014
Caring across generations :the linked lives of Korean American families / Yoo, Grace J., author. E184.K6 Y756 2014
Younger-generation Korean experiences in the United States :personal narratives on ethnic and racial identities / E184.K6 Y76 2014
Massacre of the dreamers :essays on Xicanisma / Castillo, Ana. E184.M5 C369 2014
A nation can rise no higher than its women :African American Muslim Women in the Movement for Black Self Determination, 1950-1975 / Jeffries, Bayyinah S., author. E185.61 .J44 2014
Historical dictionary of the civil rights movement / Richardson, Christopher M., 1981- E185.61 .L84 2014
Anger and racial politics :the emotional foundation of racial attitudes in America / Banks, Antoine J., 1979- E185.615 .B2846 2014
Black pearls of wisdom :voicing the African-American journey for freedom, empowerment, and the future / E185.86 .B528 2014
Hyper sexual, hyper masculine? :gender, race and sexuality in the identities of contemporary Black men / E185.86 .H964 2014eb
The papers of Martin Luther King, Jr. / King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968. E185.97.K5 A2 1992
Death of a King :the real story of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s final year / Smiley, Tavis, 1964- author. E185.97.K5 S56 2014
Robert Morris's folly :the architectural and financial failures of an American founder / Smith, Ryan K. E302.6.M8 S58 2014
The American revolution of 1800 :how Jefferson rescued democracy from tyranny and faction and what this means today / Sisson, Dan, 1937- author. E310 .S57 2014
Ring shout, wheel about :the racial politics of music and dance in North American slavery / Thompson, Katrina Dyonne. E443 .T49 2014
Performing anti-slavery :activist women on antebellum stages / Cima, Gay Gibson, 1948- E449 .C567 2014
The scorpion's sting :antislavery and the coming of the Civil War / Oakes, James. E449 .O115 2014
Abolitionist geographies / Schoolman, Martha, author. E449 .S293 2014
Lincoln and the military / Marszalek, John F., 1939- E457.2 .M364 2014
Confederate bastille :Jefferson Davis and civil liberties / Neely, Mark E. E467.1.D26 N39 1993
Rebel yell :the violence, passion, and redemption of Stonewall Jackson / Gwynne, S. C. (Samuel C.), 1953- author. E467.1.J15 G95 2014
Belligerent muse :five northern writers and how they shaped our understanding of the Civil War / Cushman, Stephen, 1956- E468.5 .C94 2014
The smell of battle, the taste of siege :a sensory history of the Civil War / Smith, Mark M. (Mark Michael), 1968- author. E468.9 .S654 2015
The Birth of a Nation :how a legendary filmmaker and a crusading editor reignited America's Civil War / Lehr, Dick, author. E656 .L44 2014
On his own terms :a life of Nelson Rockefeller / Smith, Richard Norton, 1953- E748.R673 S65 2014
A companion to Warren G. Harding, Calvin Coolidge, and Herbert Hoover / E784 .C66 2014
Whistle stop :how 31,000 miles of train travel, 352 speeches, and a little Midwest gumption saved the presidency of Harry Truman / White, Philip. E815 .W45 2014
Hillary Clinton in the news :gender and authenticity in American politics / Parry-Giles, Shawn J., 1960- E887.C55 P37 2014
Call Numbers starting with F: History (America)
Title/Author Call Number
Hubs of empire :the Southeastern Lowcountry and British Caribbean / Mulcahy, Matthew, 1968- author. F212 .M85 2014
Shame and pride in narrative :Mexican women's language experiences at the U.S.-Mexico border / Relaño Pastor, Ana Maria, author. F395.M5 R453 2014
Journal of a trip to California,across the continent from Weston, Mo., to Weber Creek, Cal., in the summer of 1850, Smith, C. W. (Charles W.) (Author of Journal of a trip to California) F593 .S64
Manifest destinations :cities and tourists in the nineteenth-century American West / Gruen, J. Philip, 1969- F594 .G776 2014
Old man Crow's boy;adventures in early Idaho / Baumann, John. F746 .B3
Daily life during the California Gold Rush / Maxwell-Long, Thomas. F865 .M39 2014
Handbook to life in the Aztec world / Aguilar-Moreno, Manuel. F1219.73 .A35 2007
A people's history of Latin America / Horna, Hernán. F1410 .H67 2014
Imperialismo y revolución en Centroamérica / Dalton, Roque, 1935-1975, author. F1436.7 .D35 2013
Distance and documents at the Spanish Empire's periphery / Sellers-García, Sylvia, author. F1437 .S45 2014eb
Blood and ink :Ignacio Ellacuría, Jon Sobrino, and the Jesuit martyrs of the University of Central America / Lassalle-Klein, Robert Anthony, author. F1488.3 .L37 2014
The Chile reader :history, culture, politics / F3081 .C485 2014
The Peru reader :history, culture, politics / F3431 .P478 2005
The Tupac Amaru rebellion / Walker, Charles F., 1959- F3444 .W35 2014
Call Numbers starting with G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
Title/Author Call Number
Who's buying for travel[electronic resource]. G155.U6 W46 2014eb
Geotourism :the tourism of geology and landscape / G156.5.E26 G468 2010
Atlas of the world / G1021 .N38 2015
Ancient history atlas / Grant, Michael, 1914-2004. G1033 .G65 1986
The melting world :a journey across America's vanishing glaciers / White, Christopher P., 1956- GB2425.M9 W47 2013
Tooth development in human evolution and bioarchaeology / Hillson, Simon, author. GN209 .H58 2014
Gender diversity :crosscultural variations / Nanda, Serena. author. GN479.65 .N385 2014
Tying the threads of Eurasia :trans-regional routes and material flows in the Transcaucasia, eastern Anatolia and western central Asia, c.3000-1500BC / Wilkinson, Toby C., author. GN799.C45 W56 2014
Fire in the dragon and other psychoanalytic essays on folklore / Róheim, Géza, 1891-1953. GR42 .R6413 1992
Children into swans :fairy tales and the pagan imagination / Beveridge, Jan, 1945- author. GR135 .B49 2014eb
The chivalric folk tradition in Sicily :a history of storytelling, puppetry, painted carts and other arts / Croce, Marcella, 1949- GR177.S5 C75 2014eb
Medieval dress and textiles in Britain[electronic resource] :a multilingual sourcebook / GT732 .M43 2014eb
Japanese fashion cultures :dress and gender in contemporary Japan / Monden, Masafumi, author. GT1560 .M63 2015eb
Women in clothes / Heti, Sheila, 1976- author. GT1720 .H48 2014
Killer heels :the art of the high-heeled shoe / GT2130 .K55 2014
Rice and beans :a unique dish in a hundred places / GT2850 .R54 2012
Graffiti in antiquity / Keegan, Peter (Lecturer in Roman history), author. GT3912 .K44 2014eb
The history of American graffiti / Gastman, Roger. GT3913.A2 G37 2010
Serious leisure[electronic resource] :a perspective for our time / Stebbins, Robert A., 1938- GV14.45 .S843 2007eb
Who's buying entertainment. GV53 .W46 2014eb
International volunteer tourism :integrating travellers and communities / GV156.5.V64 I68 2013eb
A career with meaning :recreation, parks, sport management, hospitality, and tourism / GV160 .S39 2014
Inclusive and special recreation :opportunities for diverse populations to flourish / Austin, David R., 1941- author. GV183.5 .S55 2013
Leisure business strategies :what they don't teach in business school / Kelly, John R. (John Robert), 1930- GV188.3.U6 K45 2013
Outdoor recreation in the Northern United States and projected outlook to 2060 / GV191.4 .O983 2014eb
Pierre Bourdieu and physical culture / GV342.27 .P54 2015eb
Sociocultural issues in physical education :case studies for teachers / GV342.27 .S63 2014eb
The handbook of college athletics and recreation administration / McClellan, George S., author. GV351 .M377 2012eb
Physical education and health :global perspectives and best practice / GV361 .P49 2014
Mentoring in physical education and sports coaching / GV363 .M39 2015eb
Workplace learning in physical education :emerging teachers' stories from the staffroom and beyond / Rossi, Tony, 1955- author. GV363 .R67 2015eb
Facility planning and design for health, physical activity, recreation, and sport / GV401 .F32 2013
Developing physical health and well-being through gymnastic activity (5-7)[electronic resource] :a session-by-session approach / Carroll, M. E. GV464.5 .C34 2011eb
The complete guide to bodyweight training / Patel, Kesh, author. GV546 .P38 2014eb
Jim Stoppani's encyclopedia of muscle & strength / Stoppani, James, 1968- GV546 .S74 2014eb
Over & above :trampoline gymnastics towards world class performance / Kelly, Jack, author. GV555 .K455 2014eb
Computer science in sport :research and practice / GV568 .C64 2015eb
Analytic methods in sports :using mathematics and statistics to understand data from baseball, football, basketball, and other sports / Severini, Thomas A. (Thomas Alan), 1959- GV568 .S48 2015eb
Asian American athletes in sport and society / GV583 .A75 2015eb
The golden rule in sports :investing in the conditions of cooperation for a mutual advantage in sports competitions / Bockel, Alicia, author. GV706.3 .B635 2015eb
The psychology of sub-culture in sport and physical activity :critical perspectives / GV706.4 .P716 2014eb
Sport development in the United States :high performance and mass participation / Smolianov, Peter, author. GV706.4 .S56 2015eb
Sport, racism and social media / Farrington, Neil. GV706.5 .F37 2014eb
She's a knockout! :a history of women in fighting sports / Jennings, L. A. GV709 .J45 2015eb
Sisterhood in sports :how female athletes collaborate and compete / Steidinger, Joan. GV709 .S74 2014eb
Safeguarding, child protection and abuse in sport :international perspectives in research, policy and practice / GV709.2 .S28 2015eb
Foundations of sports coaching / Robinson, Paul E., author. GV711 .R63 2015eb
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Football :great writing about the national sport / GV950.5 .F66 2014eb
Strength and conditioning for triathlon[electronic resource] :the 4th discipline / Jarvis, Mark. GV1060.73 .J37 2013eb
Dance imagery for technique and performance[electronic resource] / Franklin, Eric N. GV1589 .F73 2014eb
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Flamenco[electronic resource] :conflicting histories of the dance / Hayes, Michelle Heffner. GV1796.F55 H39 2009eb
Call Numbers starting with H: Social Sciences
Title/Author Call Number
Approaches to social research :the case of deaf studies / Young, Alys. H62 .Y6668 2014
Behavioural public policy / H97 .B435 2013
Handbook of microsimulation modelling / O'Donoghue, Cathal, author. H97 .O36 2014
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The shame of poverty / Walker, Robert, 1949- author. HC79.P6 W355 2014
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Who's buying executive summary of household spending[electronic resource]. HC110.C6 W48 2014eb
Sustainable supply chains[electronic resource] :models, methods, and public policy implications / HD38.5 .S87 2012eb
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Freedom's frontier :California and the struggle over unfree labor, emancipation, and reconstruction / Smith, Stacey L. HD4875.U5 S525 2013eb
Human capital in history :the American record / HD4904.7 .H858425 2014
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Blood on steel :Chicago steelworkers & the strike of 1937 / Dennis, Michael. HD5325.I32 U625 2014
The impact of European employment strategy in Greece and Portugal :Europeanization in a world of neglect / Zartaloudis, Sotirios, author. HD5764.A6 Z37 2014
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They never come back :a story of undocumented workers from Mexico / Schryer, Frans J., author. HD8081.M6 S36 2014
Sustainable food systems :building a new paradigm / HD9000.5 .S834 2014eb
Who's buying groceries.[electronic resource]. HD9321.4 .W46 2014eb
Who's buying alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages[electronic resource] / HD9348.U5 W46 2014eb
The geography of beer :regions, environment, and societies / HD9397.A2 G46 2014eb
Who's buying transportation[electronic resource]. HD9710.U52 W54 2014eb
Who's buying household furnishings, services, and supplies[electronic resource] / HD9773.A1 W46 2014eb
Who's buying apparel.[electronic resource]. HD9940.U6 W46 2014eb
Bicycling and walking in the United States :2014 benchmarking report. HE5737 .B53 2014
Who's buying information and consumer electronics. HE7601 .W46 2014eb
Advertising to children :new directions, new media / HF5415.32 .A38 2014
Who's Buying By Age[electronic resource] / HF5415.32 .W46 2014eb
Who's buying by race and hispanic origin[electronic resource]. HF5415.33.U6 W46 2014eb
The power of inaction :bank bailouts in comparison / Woll, Cornelia, author. HG1725 .W654 2014eb
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Memory and identity in ancient Judaism and early Christianity :a conversation with Barry Schwartz / HM753 .M466 2014
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Innovative methods and technologies for electronic discourse analysis / HM1169 .I56 2014
Communication rights and social justice :historical accounts of transnational mobilizations / HM1206 .C646725 2014
The handbook of development communication and social change / HM1206 .H363 2014
Media and nostalgia :yearning for the past, present and future / HM1206 .M3874 2014
Media and social life / HM1206 .M3875 2014
Media sociology :a reappraisal / HM1206 .M4323 2014
Mediatized worlds :culture and society in a media age / HM1206 .M435 2014
Mobility and locative media :mobile communication in hybrid spaces / HM1206 .M6266 2015
Teaching communication activism :communication education for social justice / HM1206 .T43 2014
Theories of the information society / Webster, Frank. HM1206 .W43 2014
Multiculturalism and democracy in North Africa :aftermath of the Arab spring / HM1271 .M834 2014
Community organizing :fanning the flame of democracy / Walls, David S. HN90.C6 W35 2015
The American deep state :Wall Street, big oil, and the attack on U.S. democracy / Scott, Peter Dale, author. HN90.E4 S43 2015
Economic elites, crises, and democracy :alternatives beyond neoliberal capitalism / Solimano, Andrés. HN460.E4 S65 2014
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Great events from history[electronic resource] :gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender events, 1848-2006 / HQ73 .G74 2007eb
LGBT families / Mezey, Nancy J., 1965- author. HQ75.28.U6 M49 2015
A view from the bottom :Asian American masculinity and sexual representation / Nguyen, Tan Hoang, author. HQ76.2.U5 N49 2014
Critical articulations of race, gender, and sexual orientation / HQ76.25 .C75 2014
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Queering migrations towards, from, and beyond Asia / HQ76.3.A78 Q44 2014
Desbordes :translating racial, ethnic, sexual, and gender identities across the Americas / Viteri, María Amelia, author. HQ76.3.L29 V57 2014
Intimate domain :desire, trauma, and mimetic theory / Reineke, Martha Jane, author. HQ519 .R45 2014
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A girl's childhood :psychological development, social change, and the Yale Child Study Center / HQ792.U5 G55 2014
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Disconnected :youth, new media, and the ethics gap / James, Carrie, author. HQ799.9.I58 J36 2014
Generation unbound :drifting into sex and parenthood without marriage / Sawhill, Isabel V., author. HQ999.U6 S35 2014
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Aging and health :a systems biology perspective / HQ1060 .I53 v.40 2014
Gendered worlds / Aulette, Judy Root, author. HQ1075 .A95 2015
Gender, nation and state in modern Japan / HQ1075.5.J3 G455 2014
Men :notes from an ongoing investigation / Kipnis, Laura. HQ1090 .K575 2014
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Psychological Practice with Women :Guidelines, Diversity, Empowerment / HQ1206 .P746 2015
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Urban design, space and society / Madanipour, Ali. HT165.5 .M33 2014
Atlas of cities / HT371 .A89 2014
Historical dictionary of slavery and abolition / Klein, Martin A., author, Author. HT861 .K54 2014
Retrieving the human :reading Paul Gilroy / HT1521 .R458 2014
A path appears :transforming lives, creating opportunity / Kristof, Nicholas D., 1959- author. HV48 .K75 2014
Race in transnational and transracial adoption / HV875.5 .R33 2014
The new politics of old age policy / HV1461 .N476 2014
Bilingualism and bilingual deaf education / HV2380 .B55 2014
Deaf interpreters at work :international insights / HV2402 .D424 2014
Reading between the signs :intercultural communication for sign language interpreters / HV2402 .R433 2014eb
Building bridges, crossing borders :one young deaf woman's education / Getty, Ann Darby. HV2430 .G354 2014
Form, meaning, and focus in American Sign Language / Rankin, Miako N. P. HV2474 .R364 2013
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The Ethics of Captivity / HV4708 .E835 2014
From property to family :American dog rescue and the discourse of compassion / Markovits, Andrei S. HV4708 .M356 2014
In the shadow of Saint Death :the Gulf Cartel and the price of America's drug war in Mexico / Deibert, Michael. HV5831.M46 D45 2014eb
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American conspiracy theories / Uscinski, Joseph E., author. HV6275 .U83 2014
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Dirty entanglements :corruption, crime, and terrorism / Shelley, Louise I. HV6431 .S46864 2014
Pay any price :greed, power, and endless war / Risen, James, author. HV6432 .R56 2014
Hate crimes in cyberspace / Citron, Danielle Keats, 1968- author. HV6773.15.C92 C57 2014
Renegade Amish :beard cutting, hate crimes, and the trial of the Bergholz barbers / Kraybill, Donald B. HV6773.53.O3 K73 2014
Policy transfer in criminal justice :crossing cultures, breaking barriers / HV7419 .P63 2014
Enough :our fight to keep America safe from gun violence / Giffords, Gabrielle D. (Gabrielle Dee), 1970- author. HV7436 .G54 2014
Developing and maintaining police-researcher partnerships to facilitate research use :a comparative analysis / Rojek, Jeff, author. HV7921 .R65 2014
Sport in prison :exploring the role of physical activity in correctional settings / Meek, Rosie. HV8860 .M44 2014eb
Children of the prison boom :mass incarceration and the future of American inequality / Wakefield, Sara. HV8886.U5 W35 2014
Juvenile delinquency and the limits of Western influence, 1850-2000 / HV9065 .J88 2014
Captive nation :Black prison organizing in the civil rights era / Berger, Dan, 1981- author. HV9469 .B467 2014
The first civil right :how liberals built prison America / Murakawa, Naomi, author. HV9950 .M86 2014
Call Numbers starting with J: Political Science
Title/Author Call Number
Basic political writings / Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 1712-1778. JC179 .R7 2011
Enabling peace in Guatemala :the story of Minugua / Stanley, William. JC599.G8 S83 2013
Protests as events[electronic resource] :politics, activism and leisure / JF799 .P765 2015eb
Women and the vote :a world history / Adams, Jad. JF851 .A43 2014
The 2012 presidential campaign :a communication perspective / JK526 2012 .A18 2014
The unilateral presidency and the news media :the politics of framing executive power / Major, Mark, 1980- JK554 .M35 2014
The wrongs of the right :language, race, and the Republican Party in the age of Obama / Hughey, Matthew W. (Matthew Windust) JK2356 .H84 2014eb
Democracies and dictatorships in Latin America :emergence, survival, and fall / Mainwaring, Scott, 1954- JL966 .M353 2013
The resilience of the Latin American right / JL966 .R3878 2014
The new Arabs :how the millennial generation is changing the Middle East / Cole, Juan Ricardo, author. JQ1850.A91 C64 2014
Encyclopedia of American immigration[electronic resource] / JV6465 .E53 2010eb
International politics and performance :critical aesthetics and creative practice / JZ1305 .I56425 2013
Call Numbers starting with K: Law
Title/Author Call Number
Leading cases in sports law[electronic resource] / K3702 .L43 2013eb
Dispute resolution in sport :athletes, law and arbitration / McArdle, David, author. K3702 .M37 2015eb
Jewish bioethics :rabbinic law and theology in their social and historical contexts / Barilan, Yechiel Michael, 1966- KBM3098 .B37 2014eb
Advanced recording-contract negotiations for music industry professionals / Avalon, Moses, 1962- KF1893.P46 A96 2010
Copyright for academic librarians and professionals / Butler, Rebecca P., author. KF2995 .B875 2014
Music & copyright in America :toward the celestial jukebox / Parks, Kevin. KF3035 .P37 2012
Legal and ethical issues for health professions / McTeigue, Jeanne, author. KF3821 .L42 2015
Managing legal compliance in the health care industry / Moseley, George B., author. KF3825 .M67 2015
A mere machine :the Supreme Court, Congress, and American democracy / Harvey, Anna L. (Anna Lil), 1966- author. KF8742 .H375 2013
Networks of power in digital copyright law and policy :political salience, expertise and the legislative process / Farrand, Benjamin, author. KJE2665 .F37 2014
Call Numbers starting with L: Education
Title/Author Call Number
American school reform :what works, what fails, and why / McDonald, Joseph P., author. LA217.2 .M394 2014
Essential documents in the history of American higher education / Thelin, John R., 1947- LA226 .T43 2014
American higher education in crisis? :what everyone needs to know / Blumenstyk, Goldie. LA227.4 .B59 2015
Excellent sheep :the miseducation of the American elite and the way to a meaningful life / Deresiewicz, William, 1964- author. LA227.4 .D74 2014
Death of a suburban dream[electronic resource] :race and schools in Compton, California / Straus, Emily E., author. LA245.C66 S77 2014eb
Our school :searching for community in the era of choice / Chaltain, Sam, author. LA255 .C487 2014
Education in East and Central Africa / LA1501 .E3655 2014
Multicampus university systems[electronic resource] :Africa and the Kenyan experience / Munene, Ishmael I., author. LA1503 .M856 2015eb
The future of learning and teaching in next generation learning spaces[electronic resource] / LB14.7 .F88 2014eb
The power of teacher leaders[electronic resource] :their roles, influence, and impact / LB1025.3 .P685 2014eb
Turning teaching inside out[electronic resource] :a pedagogy of transformation for community-based eduction / LB1025.3 .T85 2013eb
Inquiry and the common core[electronic resource] :librarians and teachers designing teaching for learning / LB1027.23 .I55 2014eb
Promoting active learning through the flipped classroom model[electronic resource] / LB1027.23 .P75 2014eb
Observation skills for effective teaching :research-based practice / Borich, Gary D., author. LB1027.28 .B67 2015
Disrupting qualitative inquiry :possibilities and tensions in educational research / LB1028 .D545 2014
Bridging between research and practice[electronic resource] :supporting professional development through collaborative studies of classroom teaching with technology / Hennessy, Sara, author. LB1028.3 .H46 2014eb
Literacy enrichment and technology integration in pre-service teacher education / LB1028.3 .L575 2014
The new development of technology enhanced learning[electronic resource] :concept, research and best practices / LB1028.3 .N49 2014eb
Teachers talking tech :creating exceptional classrooms with technology / Saltman, Dave, author. LB1028.3 .S25 2014
The Cambridge handbook of multimedia learning / LB1028.5 .C283 2014
Tablets in K-12 education[electronic resource] :integrated experiences and implications / LB1028.5 .T319 2015eb
Getting started with team-based learning / Sibley, Jim. LB1032 .S485 2014
Digital paper :a manual for research and writing with library and internet materials / Abbott, Andrew Delano, author. LB1047.3 .A22 2014
Understanding and teaching reading comprehension[electronic resource] :a handbook / Oakhill, Jane. LB1050 .O215 2014eb
Attachment-based teaching :creating a tribal classroom / Cozolino, Louis J. LB1060 .C695 2014
Child and adolescent development in your classroom / Bergin, David Allen, author. LB1115 .B47 2015
Assessing young children / Mindes, Gayle, author. LB1131 .M6146 2015
The Sage handbook of play and learning in early childhood[electronic resource] / LB1137 .S24 2014eb
Writing development in children with hearing loss, dyslexia, or oral language problems[electronic resource] :implications for assessment and instruction / LB1139.W7 W75 2014eb
Getting it RIGHT for young children from diverse backgrounds :applying research to improve practice with a focus on dual language learners / Espinosa, Linda Marie, 1948- author. LB1139.225 .E86 2015
The intentional teacher :choosing the best strategies for young children's learning / Epstein, Ann S., author. LB1139.23 .E67 2014
Make early learning standards come alive[electronic resource] :connecting your practice and curriculum to state guidelines / Gronlund, Gaye, 1952- author. LB1140.23 .G766 2014eb
The i. t. a. reading experiment;three lectures on the research in infant schools with Sir James Pitman's initial teaching alphabet Downing, John A., 1922-1987. LB1181 .D6
Understanding the school curriculum[electronic resource] :theory, politics and principles / Moore, Alex, 1947- LB1570 .M625 2014eb
Creativity and children's literature[electronic resource] :new ways to encourage divergent thinking / Saccardi, Marianne. LB1575.5.U5 S33 2014eb
Let's write :activities to develop writing skills for 7-11 year olds / Foster, John, 1941 October 12- LB1576 .F657 2014
Action science :relevant teaching and active learning / William H. Robertson. Robertson, William H. LB1585 .R518 2014
Science, technology, & mathematics (STEM) / LB1585 .S393 2014
Jumpstart! Thinking skills and problem solving :games and activities for ages 7-14 / Bowkett, Stephen. LB1590.3 .B6945 2014
Assessment in creative disciplines :quantifying and qualifying the aesthetic / Chase, David, 1971- LB1590.5 .C44 2014
Successful teacher education[electronic resource] :partnerships, reflective practice and the place of technology / LB1727.A7 S833 2014eb
Men who teach young children :an international perspective / Brody, David L. (Teacher educator), author. LB1775.6 .B76 2014
Consider no evil :two faith traditions and the problem of academic freedom in religious higher education. Withrow, Brandon G. LB2324 .W58 2014
Desperate to achieve :understanding the lives, struggles, and motivations of community college students assigned to developmental classes / VanOra, Jason, author. LB2331.2 .V36 2014
Academic mobility / LB2335.3 .A23 2014
Student engagement in higher education :theoretical perspectives and practical approaches for diverse populations / LB2342.92 .S78 2015eb
Specifications grading :restoring rigor, motivating students, and saving faculty time / Nilson, Linda Burzotta. LB2368 .N55 2015
Repairing the attachment bond between immigrant parents and their adolescents who experienced piecemeal immigration :a resource and a guide / Clemente, Therese M., author. LB2369 .Z9533 2014 C54eb
Therapeutic support workshop for the third age / Weiss, Marc, author. LB2369 .Z9533 2014 W45eb
School counselors and parent liasions implementing a Latino parent middle school workshop / Perez, Cindy Lisbeth, author. LB2369 .Z9534 2014 P47eb
Crossing boundaries :tension and transformation in international service-learning / LB2375 .C76 2014
An education in Facebook?[electronic resource] :higher education and the world's largest social network / LB2395.7 .E338 2014eb
Postsecondary play :the role of games and social media in higher education / LB2395.7 .P68 2014eb
The common core, an uncommon opportunity :redesigning classroom instruction / March, Judith K., author. LB2806.15 .M364 2014
I'm in the principal's seat, now what? :the story of a turnaround principal / Bonilla, Allan R. LB2831.9 .B63 2013
Diversifying the teacher workforce[electronic resource] :preparing and retaining highly effective teachers / LB2835.25 .D58 2015eb
Teacher quality 2.0 :toward a new era in education reform / LB2838 .T32 2014
Student bullying[electronic resource] :federal perspectives and reference materials / LB3013.32 .S778 2014eb
Assessment in education / LB3051 .A872 2014
Testing accommodations for students with disabilities :research-based practice / Lovett, Benjamin J., author. LB3060.59 .L68 2014
Common core meets education reform :what it all means for politics, policy, and the future of schooling / LB3060.83 .C64 2014
Fixing truancy now[electronic resource] :inviting students back to class / Shute, Jonathan. LB3081 .S48 2014eb
Gap year :how delaying college changes people in ways the world needs / O'Shea, Joseph, 1986- author. LC45.3 .O75 2014
LGBTQ youth and education :policies and practices / Mayo, Cris. LC192.6 .M39 2014
Linking families, learning, and schooling :parent-researcher perspectives / LC225 .L56 2014
The broken compass :parental involvement with children's education / Robinson, Keith. LC225.3 .R64 2014
Women educators, leaders and activists :educational lives and networks 1900-1960 / LC2042 .W663 2014
Race, empire, and English language teaching :creating responsible and ethical anti-racist practice / Motha, Suhanthie, author. LC3731 .M685 2014
Disability and teaching / Gabel, Susan L. (Susan Lynn), 1956- LC4019 .G33 2014
Call Numbers starting with M: Music and books on Music
Title/Author Call Number
Singing through the ages. M1994.H37 S5 1940
El Sistema :orchestrating Venezuela's youth / Baker, Geoffrey, 1970- ML26 .F864 2014eb
Tetecan, an Aztec tragedy;a Grove play Brown, Hugh (Composer) ML50.B8769 T4 1950
Virgil Thomson :music chronicles, 1940-1954 / Thomson, Virgil, 1896-1989, author. ML60 .T514 2014
Music and Identity in Twentieth-Century Literature From Our America :noteworthy protagonists / Katz Montiel, Marco, 1952- author. ML79 .K38 2014eb
The world of musicals :an encyclopedia of stage, screen, and song / Robinson, Mark A., 1973- ML102.M88 R63 2014eb
The plain & simple guide to music publishing / Wixen, Randall D. ML112 .W58 2014
Hawaiian music in motion :mariners, missionaries, and minstrels / Carr, J. Revell (James Revell), 1939- author. ML200.7.H4 C37 2014eb
Musical Romania and the neighbouring cultures :traditions, influences, identities / ML250 .I68 2013
French music and jazz in conversation :from Debussy to Brubeck / Mawer, Deborah, 1961- author. ML270.5 .M39 2014eb
Senza vestimenta :the literary tradition of trecento song / Jennings, Lauren McGuire, author. ML290.2 .J46 2014eb
Britten's unquiet pasts[electronic resource] :sound and memory in postwar reconstruction / Wiebe, Heather. ML410.B853 W53 2012eb
Starting at zero / Hendrix, Jimi. ML410.H476 A3 2013
Schoenberg's twelve-tone music :symmetry and the musical idea / Boss, Jack Forrest. ML410.S283 B67 2014eb
Schubert's dances :for family, friends, and posterity / Chusid, Martin. ML410.S3 C38 2013
Beyond A love supreme :John Coltrane and the legacy of an album / Whyton, Tony. ML419.C645 W59 2013eb
Everybody's brother / Cee-Lo (Musician), author. ML420.C424 A3 2013
Dead Kennedys :Fresh fruit for rotting vegetables, the early years / Ogg, Alex. ML421.D4 O44 2014eb
Deaf School :the non-stop pop art punk rock party / Du Noyer, Paul, author. ML421.D43 D87 2013
Ralph Peer and the making of popular roots music / Mazor, Barry. ML429.P37 M39 2014eb
Cuban flute style :interpretation and improvisation / Miller, Sue, 1966- ML937 .M55 2014eb
Overtone singing :physics and metaphysics of harmonics in east and west / Tongeren, Mark C. van. ML1460 .T66 2004
Robert Altman's soundtracks :film, music and sound from M*A*S*H to A Prairie home companion / Magee, Gayle Sherwood, 1965- author. ML2075 .M18 2014eb
Music and sound in documentary film[electronic resource] / ML2075 .M8755 2015eb
The voice in the drum :music, language, and emotion in Islamicate South Asia / Wolf, Richard K., 1962- author. ML3197 .W65 2014eb
Crossing traditions :American popular music in local and global contexts / ML3477 .C78 2013eb
Keeping time :readings in jazz history / ML3507 .K4 2014
Cuban women and salsa :to the beat of their own drum / Poey, Delia, author. ML3535.5 .P64 2014eb
Playing with something that runs :technology, improvisation, and composition in DJ and laptop performance / Butler, Mark J. (Mark Jonathan), 1970- author. ML3540.5 .B87 2014
iTake-over :the recording industry in the digital era / Arditi, David, 1982- ML3790 .A76 2015eb
Confessions of a record producer :how to survive the scams and shams of the music business / Avalon, Moses, 1962- ML3790 .A93 2009
Analyzing music in advertising :television commercials and consumer choice / Graakjær, Nicolai, author. ML3790 .G676 2015eb
Web marketing for the music business[electronic resource] / Hutchison, Thomas W. (Thomas William) ML3790 .H986 2013eb
Less noise, more soul :the search for balance in the art, technology, and commerce of music / ML3790 .L49 2013
Cowboys and indies :the epic history of the record industry / Murphy, Gareth. ML3790 .M665 2014
Punk record labels and the struggle for autonomy :the emergence of DIY / O'Connor, Alan. ML3790 .O33 2008
Bobby Oswinski's social media promotions for musicians :the manual for marketing yourself, your band, and your music online. Owsinski, Bobby. ML3790 .O967 2013
What is the future of the music industry? / ML3790 .W49 2013
Patrons, curators, inventors and thieves :the storytelling contest of the cultural industries in the digital age / Wheeldon, Jonathan, author. ML3790 .W493 2014
Muscle Shoals Sound Studios :how the Swampers changed American music / Whitley, Carla Jean. ML3790 .W495 2014
The rise & fall of EMI Records / Southall, Brian. ML3792.E45 S68 2009
Mouse tracks :the story of Walt Disney Records / Hollis, Tim. ML3792 .H63 2006
Liberty Records :a history of the recording company and its stars, 1955-1971 / Kelly, Michael Bryan, author. ML3792.L53 K44 2014
Sonobeat Records :pioneering the Austin sound in the '60s / Stein, Richard Joseph, 1984- author. ML3792.S68 S74 2014
The sonic boom :how sound transforms the way we think, feel, and buy / Beckerman, Joel. ML3830 .B33 2014
Music and propaganda in the short twentieth century / ML3916 .M985 2014
Rethinking difference in music scholarship / ML3916 .R49 2014eb
Composing the canon in the German Democratic Republic :narratives of nineteenth-century music / Kelly, Elaine. ML3917.G3 .K45 2014
Roll over, Tchaikovsky! :Russian popular music and post-Soviet homosexuality / Amico, Stephen, author. ML3917.R8 A45 2014eb
Mismatched women :the siren's song through the machine / Fleeger, Jennifer, author. ML3918.P67 F54 2014
Chicago hustle and flow :gangs, gangsta rap, and social class / Harkness, Geoffrey Victor, author. ML3918.R37 H27 2014
Group music therapy :a group analytic approach / Davies, Alison, 1943- author. ML3920 .D27 2015
The crisis of classical music in America :lessons from a life in the education of musicians / Freeman, Robert, author. MT3.U5 F74 2014
String quartet / Buresch, Natalie Barbara, composer, author. MT9 .Z95 2014 B87eb
The development of the Boehm system on the virtuosic flute and its impact on modern flute music / Davis, Nathan, author. MT9 .Z95 2014 D38eb
Irish musical analysis / MT90 .I75 2014
Directing in musical theatre :an essential guide / Deer, Joe. MT955 .D34 2014eb
Call Numbers starting with N: Fine Arts
Title/Author Call Number
Brunelleschi's egg :nature, art, and gender in Renaissance Italy / Garrard, Mary D. N72.F45 G38 2010
From republic to empire :rhetoric, religion, and power in the visual culture of ancient Rome / Pollini, John. N72.P6 P655 2012
From child art to visual language of youth :new models and tools for assessment of learning and creation in art education / N85 .F76 2013
The flâneuse / Gawalis, Nichole, author. N340 .Z95 2014 G39eb
Institutional time :a critique of studio art education / Chicago, Judy, 1939- author, artist. N346.A1 C48 2014
History of art :a students' handbook / Pointon, Marcia R. N380 .P56 2014eb
Teaching in the art museum :interpretation as experience / Burnham, Rika. N430 .B86 2011
Intimate collaborations :Kandinsky & Münter, Arp &Taeuber / Obler, Bibiana K. N6490.6 .O23 2014
Rewind :British artists' video in the 1970s & 1980s / N6494.V53 R49 2012
Screen/space :the projected image in contemporary art / N6494.V53 S37 2011
Technology and desire :the transgressive art of moving images / N6494.V53 T43 2014
The paradoxical object :video film sculpture / Truckenbrod, Joan, 1945- N6494.V53 T78 2012
Art in America, 1945-1970 :writings from the age of abstract expressionism, pop art, and minimalism / N6512 .A6889 2014
Youth and beauty :art of the American twenties / N6512 .Y688 2011
State of mind :new California art circa 1970 / Lewallen, Constance. N6512.5.C64 L49 2011
Robert Motherwell :early collages / Davidson, Susan, 1958- N6537.M67 D38 2013
Claes Oldenburg :writing on the side, 1956-1969 / Oldenburg, Claes, 1929- artist. N6537.O4 A35 2013
John Sloan :drawing on illustration / Lobel, Michael. N6537.S57 L63 2014
New Native art criticism :manifestations / N6538.A4 M87 2011
War baby/love child :mixed race Asian American art / N6538.A83 W37 2013
Our America :the Latino presence in American art / N6538.H58 S65 2014
Women artists of the Harlem Renaissance / N6538.N5 W66 2014 eb
Emil Nolde :retrospective / Nolde, Emil, 1867-1956. N6888.N6 A4 2014
Meret Oppenheim :retrospective / Oppenheim, Meret, 1913-1985. N6888.O6 A4 2013
The traveling artist in the Italian Renaissance[electronic resource] :geography, mobility, and style / Kim, David Young, author. N6915 .K54 2014eb
Art in Renaissance Italy / Paoletti, John T. N6915 .P26 2012
The art and architecture of Ottoman Istanbul / Yeomans, Richard. N7170 .Y46 2012
Ancestors of the Lake :art of Lake Sentani and Humboldt Bay, New Guinea / N7326.6.S46 M46 2011
The art of modern China / Andrews, Julia Frances. N7345 .A527 2012
Ink art :past as present in contemporary China / N7345 .I55 2013
See/Saw :connections between Japanese art then and now / Vartanian, Ivan. N7350 .V37 2011
Designing nature :the Rinpa aesthetic in Japanese art / Carpenter, John T. N7353.6.S64 C37 2012
Environment and object :recent African art / N7380.5 .E58 2012
Central Nigeria unmasked :arts of the Benue River valley / N7399.N52 B4758 2011
How to read Oceanic art / N7410 .M45 2014
Melanesia :art and encounter / N7411.M4 M45 2013
The book as instrument :Stéphane Mallarmé, the artist's book, and the transformation of print culture / Arnar, Anna Sigrídur. N7433.3 .A72 2011
The art of writing about art / Hudson, Suzanne, author. N7475 .H83 2015
Creative writing and art history / N7480 .C74 2012
The figure :painting, drawing, and sculpture : contemporary perspectives / N7570 .F553 2014
21st century portraits / N7575 .T84 2013
Women building history :public art at the 1893 Columbian Exposition / Corn, Wanda M. N7630 .C83 2011
Playing it straight :art and humor in the Gilded Age / Greenhill, Jennifer A., 1974- N8212 .G74 2012
Sex on show :seeing the erotic in Greece and Rome / Vout, Caroline, author. N8217.E6 V68 2013
The newspaper clipping :a modern paper object / Heesen, Anke te, author. N8233.N48 H44 2014
The reckoning :women artists of the new millennium / Heartney, Eleanor, 1954- author. N8354 .H43 2013
Iconoclasm from antiquity to modernity / N8557 .I27 2014
The market / N8600 .M373 2013
Creative rebellion for the twenty-first century[electronic resource] :the importance of public and interactive art to political life in America / Boros, Diana, 1980- N8835 .B67 2012eb
Origins of classical architecture :temples, orders and gifts to the gods in ancient Greece / Wilson Jones, Mark, 1956- NA275 .W55 2014
Renaissance Gothic :architecture and the arts in Northern Europe, 1470-1540 / Kavaler, Ethan Matt, author. NA480 .K38 2012
Oblique drawing :a history of anti-perspective / Scolari, Massimo, 1943- NA2711 .S3613 2012
Charles Ray :sculpture 1997-2014 / Ray, Charles, 1953- artist, author. NB237.R35 A4 2014
The human factor :the figure in contemporary sculpture / NB1930 .H86 2014
Line let loose :scribbling, doodling and automatic drawing / Maclagan, David, 1940- NC50 .M33 2014
The primacy of drawing :histories and theories of practice / Petherbridge, Deanna, 1939- NC53 .P48 2010
Line of light and shadow :the drawings of Federico García Lorca / García Lorca, Federico, 1898-1936. NC287.G389 A4 1991
How to render :the fundamentals of light, shadow and reflectivity / Robertson, Scott, 1966- author. NC730 .R554 2014
Managing the design process--concept development[electronic resource] :an essential manual for the working designer / Stone, Terry Lee. NC1001 .S76 2010eb
Best practices for graphic designers[electronic resource] :packaging : an essential guide for implementing effective package design solutions / NC1002.P33 G75 2013eb
Unpack me! :new packaging design = le nouveau design de packaging = nuevo diseño de packaging = novo packaging design / NC1002.P33 U57 2013
The Complete Zap Comix / NC1428.Z35 G7 2014
Can't we talk about something more pleasant? :a memoir / Chast, Roz, author, artist. NC1429.C525 A2 2014
The art of Rube Goldberg :(A) inventive (B) cartoon (C) genius / NC1429.G46 A4 2013
The art of the Simon and Kirby studio / Simon, Joe, artist. NC1764.5.U62 S562 2014
Shadow of a mouse :performance, belief, and world-making in animation / Crafton, Donald. NC1765 .C73 2013
The animator's eye[electronic resource] :adding life to animation with timing, layout, design, color and sound / Glebas, Francis. NC1765 .G59 2013eb
Career opportunities in animation[electronic resource] / Lenburg, Jeff. NC1765 .L355 2012eb
Pervasive animation[electronic resource] / NC1765 .P47 2013eb
Robert Bevan, 1865-1925;a memoir by his son [R. A. Bevan] Bevan, R. A. (Robert Alexander), 1901-1974. ND497.B48 B48
Resisting abstraction[electronic resource] :Robert Delaunay and vision in the face of modernism / Hughes, Gordon, 1965- author. ND553.D357 H84 2014eb
Frans Hals :eye to eye with Rembrandt, Rubens and Titian / Tummers, Anna. ND653.H2 A4 2013
Vasily Kandinsky :from Blaue Reiter to the Bauhaus, 1910-1925 / Kandinsky, Wassily, 1866-1944, artist. ND699.K36 A4 2013
El Greco, life and work, a new history / Marías, Fernando, 1949- author. ND813.T4 M14813 2013
The sacred image in the age of art :Titian, Tintoretto, Barocci, El Greco, Caravaggio / Hall, Marcia B. ND1432.E85 H35 2011
On telling images of China :essays in narrative painting and visual culture / ND1452.C6 O528 2014
Impressionist children :childhood, family, and modern identity in French art / Thomas, Greg M., 1962- ND1460.C48 T48 2010
Watercolour / ND1928 .W37 2011
Mostly miniatures :an introduction to Persian painting / Grabar, Oleg. ND3241 .G6713 2000
God is beautiful and loves beauty :the object in Islamic art and culture / NK720 .B54 2011
Arts and crafts objects / Hart, Imogen. NK1142 .H375 2010
User experience design :creating designs users really love / Allanwood, Gavin. NK1520 .A45 2014
Heart and home :rooms that tell stories / O'Keeffe, Linda, 1951- NK2110 .O54 2014
Inside/outside office design. NK2195 .O4 I57
Art & textiles :fabric as material and concept in modern art from Klimt to the present / NK8806 .A78 2013
Wisdom of the mountain :art of the Ömie / NK8896.P37 W57 2009
Art and the Internet / Lambert, Nicholas, 1976- author. NX180.I57 L36 2013
Net works[electronic resource] :case studies in Web art and design / NX180.I57 N47 2012eb
Art for art's sake? :the impact of arts education / Ellen Winner, Thalia R. Goldstein and Stéphan Vincent-Lancrin. Winner, Ellen, author. NX280 .W56 2013eb
Perform, repeat, record[electronic resource] :live art in history / NX456.5.P38 P466 2012eb
Female beauty in art[electronic resource] :history, feminism, women artists / NX650.F45 F46 2014eb
Vanishing paradise :art and exoticism in colonial Tahiti / Childs, Elizabeth C. NX653.T35 C49 2013
Call Numbers starting with P: Language and Literature
Title/Author Call Number
Language, borders and identity / P40 .L36 2014
The sociolinguistics of writing / Lillis, Theresa M., 1956- P40 .L516 2013
Applying linguistics in the classroom :a sociocultural approach / Razfar, Aria. P53.8 .R39 2014
Media studies 2.0 / Merrin, William. P90 .M455 2014eb
Mediating the message in the 21st century :a media Sociology perspective / Shoemaker, Pamela J., author. P91 .S46 2014
Graphesis :visual forms of knowledge production / Drucker, Johanna, 1952- P93.5 .D78 2014
Visual communication theory and research :a mass communication perspective / Fahmy, Shahira, 1970- P93.5 .F35 2014
Infographic designers' sketchbooks / Heller, Steven, author. P93.5 .H454 2014
Multiactivity in social interaction :beyond multitasking / P93.55 .M85 2014
Contemporary Latina/o media :production, circulation, politics / P94.5.H58 C66 2014
Media and ethnic minorities in the Holy Land / P94.5.M552 I7547 2014
Media messages :what film, television, and popular music teach us about race, class, gender, and sexual orientation / Holtzman, Linda, 1949- P94.5.M552 U646 2014
Reading bridal magazines from a critical discursive perspective / Glapka, Ewa, 1982- author. P94.5.W65 G57 2014
Celebrity culture / Cashmore, Ernest, author. P94.6 .C376 2014
American representations of post-communism[electronic resource] :television, travel sites, and post-Cold War narratives / Borcila, Andaluna, 1967- author. P96.E862 B68 2015eb
Media framing of the Muslim world :conflicts, crises and contexts / Rane, Halim, 1976- author. P96.I84 R36 2014
Media and the inner world :psycho-cultural approaches to emotion, media and popular culture / P96.P75 M336 2014
Digital literacies / Gillen, Julia. P96.T42 G55 2014
Text and image :a critical introduction to the visual-verbal divide / Bateman, John A., author. P99.4.M6 B27 2014
Intercultural pragmatics / Kecskés, István P99.4.P72 K46 2014
Why we talk :the evolutionary origins of language / Dessalles, Jean-Louis. P116 .D4713 2007
Exploring the interactional instinct / P118 .E96 2013
How languages are learned / Lightbown, Patsy. P118.2 .L54 2013
Queer excursions :retheorizing binaries in language, gender, and sexuality / P120.S48 Q43 2014
Projects in linguistics and language studies[electronic resource] :a practical guide to researching language / Wray, Alison. P126 .W72 2012eb
The origins of language :a slim guide / Hurford, James R., author. P140 .H87 2014
Approaches to language, culture, and cognition :the intersection of cognitive linguistics and linguistic anthropology / P165 .A68 2014
An annotated syntax reader :lasting insights and questions / P291 .A55 2014
Unified discourse analysis :language, reality, virtual worlds, and video games / Gee, James Paul. P302.8 .G44 2015
Voices at work :women, performance, and labor in ancient Greece / Karanika, Andromache, 1971- PA3015.W65 K36 2014
On exile / Filelfo, Francesco, 1398-1481. PA8520.F5 C6613 2013
Spanish in bilingual and multilingual settings around the world / Thompson, Gregory L. PC4074 .T48 2012
We do language :English language variation in the secondary English classroom / Charity Hudley, Anne H. PE1074.7 .C53 2014
Teaching L2 composition :purpose, process, and practice / Ferris, Dana. PE1128.A2 F47 2014
Flip it! :strategies for the ESL classroom / Lockwood, Robyn Brinks, author. PE1128.A2 L63 2014
Spell it out :the curious, enthralling, and extraordinary story of English spelling / Crystal, David, 1941- PE1141 .C79 2013
Rhyme's challenge :hip hop, poetry, and contemporary rhyming culture / Caplan, David, 1969- PE1517 .C36 2014eb
The woman in the window :commerce, consensual fantasy, and the quest for masculine virtue in the Russian novel / Valentino, Russell Scott, 1962- author. PG3098.3 .V354 2014
Fairy tales and true stories :the history of Russian literature for children and young people (1574-2010) / Hellman, Ben, 1949- author. PG3190 .H453 2013
Dostoevsky and the Catholic underground / Blake, Elizabeth Ann, 1971- author. PG3328.Z7 R42236 2014
Degeneration, decadence and disease in the Russian fin de siècle :Neurasthenia in the life and work of Leonid Andreev / White, Frederick H., 1970- PG3452.Z8 W55 2014
Nabokov's eros and the poetics of desire / Couturier, Maurice, 1939- author. PG3476.N3 Z624 2014
The Zhivago affair :the Kremlin, the CIA, and the battle over a forbidden book / Finn, Peter, 1962- PG3476.P27 D6837 2014
Leaving Russia :a Jewish story / Shrayer, Maxim, 1967- author. PG3487.R34 Z46 2013
Alexander Dovzhenko :a life in Soviet film / Liber, George. PG3948.D6 Z77 2002
Modern Hebrew :the past and future of a revitalized language / Berdichevsky, Norman, 1943- author. PJ4551 .B48 2014
The creation of Israeli Arabic :political and security considerations in the making of Arabic language studies in Israel / Mendel, Yonatan, author. PJ6068.I8 M46 2014
The Oxford handbook of Arabic linguistics / Owens, Jonathan. PJ6106 .O96 2013
Jurji Zaidan and the foundations of Arab nationalism :a study / Philipp, Thomas, 1941- author. PJ7876.A9 Z833 2014
Armenian philology in the modern era :from manuscript to digital text / PK8002 .A75 2014
Infected Korean language, purity versus hybridity :from the sinographic cosmopolis to Japanese colonialism to global English / Ko, Chong-sŏk, 1959- PL908.8 .K6413 2014
Āntāl and her path of love :poems of a woman saint from South India / Āntāl. PL4758.9.A58 A25 1990
Literature in the ashes of history / Caruth, Cathy, 1955- PN50 .C38 2013
Colonial Girlhood in Literature, Culture and History, 1840-1950 / PN56.C63 C656 2014eb
Magical realism and cosmopolitanism :strategizing belonging / Sasser, Kim, 1977- author. PN56.M24 S27 2014eb
Performance, madness and psychiatry :isolated acts / PN56.M45 P47 2014
Essential papers on literature and psychoanalysis / PN56.P92 E87 1993
Representations of war, migration, and refugeehood :interdisciplinary perspectives / PN56.W3 R49 2014eb
Imaginary form / Fekaris, George Dino, author. PN72 .Z95 2014 F45eb
Stories :clone love and other stories as a culminating experience / Palilla, Geno, author. PN72 .Z95 2014 P34eb
Literary criticism in the 21st century :theory renaissance / Leitch, Vincent B., 1944- PN94.2 .L45 2014
Ecocriticism :the essential reader / PN98.E36 E39 2015
Material ecocriticism / PN98.E36 M38 2014
From little houses to little women :revisiting a literary childhood / McCabe, Nancy, 1962- author. PN164 .M33 2014eb
By the book :writers on literature and the literary life from the New York Times Book Review / PN452 .B9 2014
Children's picturebooks :the art of visual storytelling / Salisbury, Martin. PN1009.A1 S255 2012
Immersive theatres :intimacy and immediacy in contemporary performance / Machon, Josephine, 1979- PN1590.A9 M33 2013
Defying the post-racial in contemporary American commercial theatre / Neel, Erin, author. PN1657 .Z95 2014 N44eb
Dark matter :invisibility in drama, theater, and performance / Sofer, Andrew, 1964- PN1696 .S65 2013
Studying plays / Wallis, Mick. PN1707 .W32 2010
Gilmore girls and the politics of identity[electronic resource] :essays on family and feminism in the television series / PN1992.77.G54 G55 2008eb
Sherlock and transmedia fandom[electronic resource] :essays on the BBC series / PN1992.77.S475 S54 2012eb
The voiceover book :don't eat toast / Hodge, David. PN1992.8.A6 H64 2014
Avant-garde to new wave[electronic resource] :Czechoslovak cinema, surrealism and the sixties / Owen, Jonathan L. PN1993.5.C9 O84 2011eb
Showbiz politics :Hollywood in American political life / Brownell, Kathryn Cramer. PN1993.5.U6 B758 2014eb
Latino image makers in Hollywood :performers, filmmakers and films since the 1960s / Berumen, Frank Javier Garcia. PN1995.9.H47 B475 2014
Sports heroines on film :a critical study of cinematic women athletes, coaches and owners / Lieberman, Viridiana, 1982- PN1995.9.S67 L53 2014eb
Dracula's daughters :the female vampire on film / PN1995.9.V3 D73 2014
Screenwriters and screenwriting :putting practice into context / PN1996 .S37235 2014
Screenwriting for neurotics :a beginner's guide to writing a feature-length screenplay from start to finish / Sublett, Scott Winfield, author. PN1996 .S83 2014
Sculpting in time :reflections on the cinema / Tarkovskiĭ, Andreĭ Arsenʹevich, 1932-1986. PN1998.A3 T37 1986
Kubrick's total cinema[electronic resource] :philosophical themes and formal qualities / Kuberski, Philip. PN1998.3.K83 K83 2012eb
With a crooked stick :the films of Oscar Micheaux / Green, J. Ronald, 1944- PN1998.3.M494 G76 2004
Ozu's anti-cinema / Yoshida, Yoshishige, 1933- PN1998.3.O98 Y6713 2003
A companion to Martin Scorsese / PN1998.3.S39 C64 2015eb
Diversity in Disney films :critical essays on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality and disability / PN1999.W27 D58 2013eb
The rise of performance studies :rethinking Richard Schechner's broad spectrum / PN2041.A57 R57 2011
Stage directing :the first experiences / Patterson, Jim (Jim Aris) PN2053 .P38 2015
Directing plays, directing people :a collaborative art / Robinson, Mary B. PN2053 .R56 2012
Creating solo performance / Bruno, Sean, author. PN2061 .B84 2015
Not magic but work :an ethnographic account of a rehearsal process / McAuley, Gay. PN2071.R45 M38 2012
Blue-collar Broadway[electronic resource] :the craft and industry of American theater / White, Timothy R. PN2277.N7 W48 2015eb
Black British theatre pioneers :Yvonne Brewster and the first generation of actors, playwrights and other practitioners / King-Dorset, Rodreguez. PN2598.B686 K56 2014eb
Apophthegmata / Erasmus, Desiderius, -1536, author. PN6269 .E713 2014
Applied drama/theatre as social intervention in conflict and post-conflict contexts[electronic resource] / PN2969 .D73 2014eb
Why theatre matters :urban youth, engagement, and a pedagogy of the real / Gallagher, Kathleen, 1965- author. PN3171 .G34 2014
Mass theatre in interwar Europe :Flanders and the Netherlands in an international perspective / PN3220 .M37 2014
Historical dictionary of science fiction in literature / Booker, M. Keith, author. PN3433.4 .B66 2015eb
The Oxford Handbook of Science Fiction / PN3433.5 .O94 2014
Science fiction :a guide for the perplexed / Vint, Sherryl, 1969- PN3433.7 .V56 2014eb
The postcolonial historical novel[electronic resource] :realism, allegory, and the representation of contested pasts / Dalley, Hamish, 1984- author. PN3441 .D35 2014eb
Trust ownership and the future of news :media moguls and white knights / Ellis, Gavin., author. PN4734 .E55 2014
The elements of journalism :what newspeople should know and the public should expect / Kovach, Bill. PN4756 .K67 2014
Global muckraking :100 years of investigative journalism from around the world / PN4781 .G57 2014
Citizen journalism :global perspectives / PN4784.C615 C58 2009
Journalism in context[electronic resource] :practice and theory for the digital age / Phillips, Angela, author. PN4815.2 .P47 2015eb
Beyond news :the future of journalism / Stephens, Mitchell. PN4815.2 .S48 2014
Hell before breakfast :America's first war correspondents making history and headlines from the battlefields of the Civil War to the far reaches of the Ottoman Empire / Patton, Robert H. (Robert Holbrook), 1957- PN4823 .P38 2014
Newspapers in transition :American dailies confront the digital age / Cox, Jim, 1939- PN4867.2 .C69 2014
Intertextuality and the 24-hour news cycle :a day in the rhetorical life of Colin Powell's U.N. address / Oddo, John, 1981- PN4867.2 .O33 2014
Fire shut up in my bones :a memoir / Blow, Charles M., 1970- author. PN4874.B575 A3 2014
Around the world in seventy-two days and other writings / Bly, Nellie, 1864-1922, author. PN4874.C59 A25 2014
Daring :my passages / Sheehy, Gail. PN4874.S464 A3 2014
The printer's kiss :the life and letters of a Civil War newspaperman and his family / PN4874.T5955 P75 2014
The Washington, DC media corps in the 21st century :the source-correspondent relationship / Hellmueller, Lea, author. PN4899.W29 H46 2014
Hack attack :the inside story of how the truth caught up with Rupert Murdoch / Davies, Nick, 1953- PN5130.N48 D38 2014
Death, disability, and the superhero :the Silver Age and beyond / Alaniz, José, author. PN6710 .A53 2014
Comics through time :a history of icons, idols, and ideas / PN6710 .C6675 2014
Superman on the couch :what superheroes really tell us about ourselves and our society / Fingeroth, Danny. PN6714 .F54 2013
A history of underground comics / Estren, Mark James. PN6725 .E8 1974
The Weirdo years :1981-'93 / Crumb, R., author, artist. PN6727.C7 W45 2013
The ages of The Avengers :essays on the earth's mightiest heroes in changing times / PN6728.A9 A38 2014
Batman :a visual history / Manning, Matthew K., author. PN6728.B36 M258 2014
How the world was :a California childhood / Guibert, Emmanuel, artist, author. PN6747.G85 E5413 2014
Questions of Influence in Modern French Literature / PQ143.A2 Q47 2013
Work and leisure in late nineteenth-century French literature and visual culture :time, politics and class / White, Claire, 1985- PQ281 .W49 2014
Exile and nomadism in French and Hispanic women's writing / Averis, Kate. PQ673 .A94 2014
Antonin Artaud :the scum of the soul / Murray, Ros, 1982- author. PQ2601.R677 Z7426 2014eb
Proust's Latin Americans / Gallo, Rubén, author. PQ2631.R63 Z6113 2014
Missing person / Modiano, Patrick, 1945- PQ2673.O3 R813 2005
Postcolonial criticism and representations of African dictatorship :the aesthetics of tyranny / Bishop, Cécile, author. PQ3980.5 .B55 2014
Postcolonial fiction and sacred scripture :rewriting the divine? / Qadiri, Sura, author. PQ3988.5.N6 Q34 2014
Forging Shoah memories :Italian women writers, Jewish identity, and the Holocaust / Lucamante, Stefania, author. PQ4055.W6 L827 2014
Italian women writers :gender and everyday life in fiction and journalism, 1870-1910 / Mitchell, Katharine, author. PQ4063 .M583 2014
Courtesy lost :Dante, Boccaccio, and the literature of history / Olson, Kristina. PQ4293.H5 O47 2014
Befriending the commedia dell'arte of Flaminio Scala :the comic scenarios / Schmitt, Natalie Crohn, author. PQ4634.S224 Z735 2014eb
Primo Levi :the matter of a life / Lang, Berel. PQ4872.E8 Z724 2013
Modernism and its merchandise :the Spanish avant-garde and material culture, 1920-1930 / Highfill, Juli, author. PQ6073.M6 H54 2014
Gender and modernity in Spanish literature :1789-1920 / Smith Rousselle, Elizabeth, author. PQ6073.M6 S65 2014
Lector ludens :the representation of games and play in Cervantes / Scham, Michael, 1969- author. PQ6351 .S34 2014
Don Quixote :interdisciplinary connections / PQ6353 .D69 2013
Cartas / Vega, Lope de, 1562-1635, author. PQ6470 .A2 2013
Thresholds of Illiteracy :theory, Latin America, and the crisis of resistance / Acosta, Abraham. PQ7081.A1 A25 2014
Viral voyages :tracing AIDS in Latin America / Meruane, Lina, 1970- author. PQ7081 .M4413 2014
The contemporary Spanish-American novel :Bolaño and after / PQ7082.N7 C672 2013
New trends in contemporary Latin American narrative :post-national literatures and the canon / PQ7082.N7 P67 2014
Colonial itineraries of contemporary Mexico :literary and cultural inquiries / PQ7157 .C66 2014
Community and Culture in Post-Soviet Cuba / De Ferrari, Guillermina, 1966- author. PQ7378 .D43 2014
Cuentos hondureños / PQ7508 .C84 2013
Science fiction and digital technologies in Argentine and Brazilian culture / King, Edward, 1981- PQ7618 .K56 2013
Jorge Luis Borges :the last interview and other conversations. Borges, Jorge Luis, 1899-1986. PQ7797.B635 Z4799 2013
The Cambridge Companion to Jorge Luis Borges / PQ7797.B635 Z63546 2013
Ilusionismo verbal en Elogio de la madrastra y Los cuadernos de don Rigoberto de Mario Vargas Llosa / Martí-Peña, Guadalupe. PQ8498.32.A65 E436 2014
Transfiguring the arts and sciences :knowledge and cultural institutions in the Romantic age / Klancher, Jon P. PR468.K56 K48 2013eb
Oxford handbook of Victorian poetry / PR591 .O94 2013
Making make-believe real :politics as theater in Shakespeare's time / Wills, Garry, 1934- author PR658.P65 W55 2014eb
Gay Novels of Britain, Ireland and the Commonwealth, 1881-1981 :a reader's guide / Gunn, Drewey Wayne, 1939- author. PR830.G34 G86 2014eb
The Gothic ideology[electronic resource] :religious hysteria and anti-Catholicism in British popular fiction, 1780-1880 / Hoeveler, Diane Long. PR858.T3 H64 2014eb
Spellbound :the fairy tale and the Victorians / Hillard, Molly Clark, 1971- PR878.F27 H55 2014
Modernism and naturalism in British and Irish fiction, 1880-1930[electronic resource] / Joyce, Simon, 1963- author. PR888.M63 J69 2015eb
The practice of satire in England, 1658-1770 / Marshall, Ashley, author. PR935 .M37 2013eb
Fantasy and the real world in British children's literature :the power of story / Webb, Caroline, 1961- author. PR990 .W43 2015eb
Le morte Darthur / Malory, Thomas, Sir, active 15th century, author. PR2041 .F54 2013
Acting companies and their plays in Shakespeare's London / Keenan, Siobhan, 1973- PR2589 .K44 2014eb
Milton's inward liberty[electronic resource] :a reading of Christian liberty from the prose to Paradise lost / Falcone, Filippo, author. PR3592.L48 F35 2014eb
Kipling's art of fiction 1884-1901 / Sergeant, David, 1979- author. PR4857 .S39 2013
Broken hierarchies :poems, 1952-2012 / Hill, Geoffrey, author. PR6015.I4735 A6 2013
Eco-Joyce[electronic resource] :The Environmental Imagination of James Joyce. PR6019.O9 E26 2014eb
The Hobbit party :the vision of freedom that Tolkien got, and the West forgot / Witt, Jonathan, 1966- author. PR6039.O32 W588 2014
The Hobbit and Tolkien's mythology[electronic resource] :essays on revisions and influences / PR6039.O32 Z66125 2014eb
The Riddles of the Hobbit / Roberts, Adam (Adam Charles) PR6039.O32 Z8139 2013
Longbourn :a novel / Baker, Jo, author. PR6102.A57 L66 2013
Representing the National Landscape in Irish Romanticism[electronic resource] / Wright, Julia M. PR8752 .W76 2014eb
Welsh Gothic[electronic resource] / Aaron, Jane, 1951- PR8952 .A37 2013eb
Extravagant postcolonialism :modernism and modernity in Anglophone fiction, 1958-1988 / May, Brian, 1959- author. PR9084 .M39 2014
Half of a yellow sun / Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi, 1977- PR9387.9.A34354 H35 2006
As the world falls down :original screenplay / Smith, Burleigh, 1979- author. PR9619.4.S65 A8 2014
The Routledge companion to Asian American and Pacific Islander literature / PS153.A84 R68 2014
1960s Gay Pulp Fiction :the Misplaced Heritage / PS153.G38 A25 2013
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The American novel, 1870-1940 / PS377 .A38 2014
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5 x 4 presenting four modern poets: Allen Ginsberg, Tram Combs, Douglas R. Empringham, J. Howard Simpson. PS583 .F5 1959
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Call Numbers starting with Q: Science
Title/Author Call Number
Teaching science in elementary and middle school :a project-based approach / Krajcik, Joseph S. Q181 .K73 2014eb
Virtually human :the promise---and the peril---of digital immortality / Rothblatt, Martine Aliana, 1954- Q335 .R688 2014
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Realizing rigor in the mathematics classroom / Hull, Ted H., author. QA11.2 .H85 2014
Integrated CME project. QA11.2 .I57 2013 grade 9
Uncovering student thinking about mathematics in the common core, high school :25 formative assessment probes / Tobey, Cheryl Rose, author. QA11.2 .T63 2014
Mathematical understanding of nature :essays on amazing physical phenomena and their understanding by mathematicians / Arnolʹd, V. I. (Vladimir Igorevich), 1937-2010. QA39 .A7413 2014
Field-coupled nanocomputing :paradigms, progress, and perspectives / QA76 .F54 2014
Improving computer science education[electronic resource] / QA76.27 .I46 2013eb
Getting started with cloud computing :a LITA guide / QA76.585 .G48 2011
Python Algorithms :mastering basic algorithms in the python language / Hetland, Magnus Lie, author. QA76.73.P98 H489 2014
Building JavaScript games :for phones, tablets, and desktop / Egges, Arjan, author. QA76.76.C672 E55 2014
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Do I count? :stories from mathematics / Ziegler, Günter M. QA99 .Z5413 2014
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Mathematics explained for primary teachers / Haylock, Derek. QA135.6 .H39 2014
Looking at numbers / Johnson, Tom, 1939-, author. QA141 .J64 2014eb
CME project Algebra 1 :common core / QA152.3 .C543 2013 grade 9
CME project Algebra 2 :common core / QA152.3 .C544 2013 grade 11
CME project precalculus :common core / QA152.3 .C547 2013 grade 12
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Symplectic, Poisson, and noncommutative geometry / QA665 .S96 2014
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Ultimate horizons :probing the limits of the universe / Satz, H., author. QB461 .S28 2013eb
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New eyes on the sun[electronic resource] :a guide to satellite images and amateur observation / Wilkinson, John. QB521.4 .W55 2012eb
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Quantum optics for beginners / Ficek, Zbigniew. QC446.2 .F53 2014
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Fundamental physics in particle traps / QC718.5.C65 F865 2014
Higgs discovery :the power of empty space / Randall, Lisa, author. QC793.5.B62 R36 2013
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Polyarenes II / Jay S. Siegel, Yao-Ting Wu, editors ; with contributions by I. Agranat [and fifteen others]. QD3 .F58 Bd.350 2014
Electronic effects in organic chemistry / QD3 .F58 Bd.351 2014
Selective catalysis for renewable feedstocks and chemicals / QD3 .F58 Bd.353 2014
Photoinduced phenomena in nucleic acids II :DNA fragments and phenomenological aspects / QD3 .F58 Bd.356 2015
Investigation of mixed-valent ruthenium dimers as inner-sphere ketone transfer hydrogenation catalysts / Tran, Don Luong, author. QD40 .Z952 2013 T73eb
The elements :a visual exploration of every known atom in the universe / Gray, Theodore W. QD466 .G73 2009
Colloid and interface science in pharmaceutical research and development / QD549 .C65 2014
Deposits, architecture, and controls of carbonate margin, slope, and basinal settings / QE471.15 .C3 D47 2013
Earthquakes :risk factors, seismic effects and economic consequences / QE534.3 .E37 2014
Earthquake hazard, risk, and disasters / QE539.2.S34 E2867 2014
Interrelationships between corals and fisheries / QE565 .I58 2014eb
Debris flow :mechanics, prediction, and countermeasures / Takahashi, Tamotsu, 1939- QE599.A1 T3513 2014
Geodynamics of a cordilleran orogenic system :the central Andes of Argentina and northern Chile / QE606.5 .A7 G46 2015
Facies models revisited / QE651 .F34 2006
Dodging extinction :power, food, money and the future of life on Earth / Barnosky, Anthony D., author. QE721.2.E97 B37 2014eb
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Dinosaurs by the decades :a chronology of the dinosaur in science and popular culture / Moore, Randy, author. QE861.95 .M66 2014eb
Flying dinosaurs :how fearsome reptiles became birds / Pickrell, John, author. QE862.P7 P53 2014eb
Intergenerational lizard lounges do not explain variation in the gut microbiomes of green iguanas / Wehrle, Beck A., author. QH51 .Z95 2013 W447eb
Chondrodysplasia Punctata II :a case with clinical characteristics and no mutation on the EBP gene / Larios, Osvaldo, author. QH51 .Z95 2014 L37eb
GcrA proteolysis in Caulobacter crescentus swarmer cells is ClpP-dependent / Moshava, Arbella, author. QH51 .Z95 2014 M67eb
The lagoon :how Aristotle invented science / Leroi, Armand Marie. QH331 .L5285 2014
Lucky planet :why Earth is exceptional-- and what that means for life in the universe / Waltham, David, author. QH543 .W35 2014eb
Vertebrate myogenesis :stem cells and precursors / QH607 .R4 v.56 2015
Tracking the chupacabra :the vampire beast in fact, fiction, and folklore / Radford, Benjamin, 1970- QL89.2.C57 R34 2011
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Physical change & aging :a guide for the helping professions / Saxon, Sue V., author. QP86 .S29 2015eb
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Biomechanical basis of human movement / Hamill, Joseph, 1946- author. QP303 .H354 2015
Manual of structural kinesiology / Floyd, R. T., author. QP303 .T58 2015
Umami :unlocking the secrets of the fifth taste / Mouritsen, Ole G., author. QP456 .M68 2014eb
The use of CRISPR/Cas9, ZFNs, and TALENs in generating site-specific genome alterations / QP601 .M49 v.546 2014
Protein kinase inhibitors in research and medicine / QP601 .M49 v.548 2014
Riboswitch discovery, structure and function / QP601 .M49 v.549 2014
Call Numbers starting with R: Medicine
Title/Author Call Number
The black doctors of colonial Lima :science, race, and writing in colonial and early republican Peru / Jouve Martín, José Ramón, author. R482.P4 J69 2014
Effective patient education[electronic resource] :a guide to increased adherence / Falvo, Donna R. R727.4 .F35 2011eb
How the NIH can help you get funded :an insider's guide to grant strategy / Kienholz, Michelle L., author. R853.C55 K54 2014eb
Healthcare finance and financial management :essentials for advanced practice nurses and interdisciplinary care teams / Paterson, Mary. RA410.53 .P38 2014
Who's buying health care[electronic resource] / RA410.53 .W48 2014eb
Guide to culturally competent health care[electronic resource] / Purnell, Larry D., author. RA418.5.T73 P87 2014eb
Economics for healthcare managers / Lee, Robert H., 1948- author. RA427 .L44 2015
Medicating race[electronic resource] :heart disease and durable preoccupations with difference / Pollock, Anne, 1975- RA448.5.N4 P65 2012eb
The role of sport in health-related promotion of physical activity :the perspective of the health system / Michelini, Enrico, author. RA781 .M53 2015eb
Sports nutrition for health professionals / Muth, Natalie Digate, author. RA781 .M78 2015
Fevered :why a hotter planet will hurt our health and how we can save ourselves / Marsa, Linda. RA793 .M36 2013
Understanding health care management :a case study approach / Goldsmith, Seth B. RA971 .G65 2014
Health information management[electronic resource] :concepts, principles, and practice / RA976 .H395 2013eb
More than hot :a short history of fever / Hamlin, Christopher, 1951- author. RB129 .H36 2014
The active points test :a clinical test for identifying and selecting effective points for acupuncture and related therapies / Marcelli, Stefano, 1958- author. RC73.2 .M3713 2015eb
The cancer chronicles :unlocking medicine's deepest mystery / Johnson, George, 1952 January 20- RC268.48 .J64 2013
Introduction to epilepsy[electronic resource] / RC372 .I58 2012eb
Stroke recovery and rehabilitation / RC388.5 .S87 2015eb
Language disorders in bilingual children and adults / Kohnert, Kathryn, 1960- author. RC423 .K64 2013eb
Fluency disorders / Logan, Kenneth J., author. RC423 .L64 2015
Stuttering :foundations and clinical applications / Yairi, Ehud. RC424 .Y35 2015
Here's how to do therapy :hands-on core skills in speech-language pathology / Dwight, Debra M., author. RC428 .D95 2015
Behind the gates of Gomorrah :a year with the criminally insane / Seager, Stephen B., author. RC438.6.S43 A3 2014
Psychosocial strategies for athletic training / Granquist, Megan D, author. RC451.4.A83 G73 2015eb
Mental health and deafness / Du Feu, Margaret, author. RC451.4.D4 D83 2014
Prevention psychology :enhancing personal and social well-being / Romano, John L. RC455.4.S87 R66 2015
DSM-5® Made Easy[electronic resource] :the Clinician's Guide to Diagnosis. Morrison, James R., 1940- RC469 .M676 2014eb
On becoming a better therapist :evidence-based practice one client at a time / Duncan, Barry L. RC480 .D857 2014
Multiculturalism and diversity in clinical supervision :a competency-based approach / RC480 .M85 2014
Emotional incest in group psychotherapy :a conspiracy of silence / Pepper, Robert S., 1947- , author. RC480.5 .P47 2014
Premature termination in psychotherapy :strategies for engaging clients and improving outcomes / Swift, Joshua K., author. RC480.5 .S95 2015
Helping kids in crisis :managing psychiatric emergencies in children and adolescents / RC480.6 .H45 2015
Cognitive behaviour therapy :100 key points and techniques / Neenan, Michael. RC489.C63 N45 2015
Cognitive-behavioral treatment of perfectionism / Egan, Sarah, author. RC533 .E38 2014
Helping people with eating disorders :a clinical guide to assessment and treatment / Palmer, Robert L., author. RC552.E18 P35 2014
Treatment of complex trauma[electronic resource] :a sequenced, relationship-based approach / Courtois, Christine A. RC552.P67 C69 2013eb
The body keeps the score :brain, mind, and body in the healing of trauma / Van der Kolk, Bessel A., 1943- author. RC552.P67 V355 2014
The reason I jump :the inner voice of a thirteen-year-old boy with autism / Higashida, Naoki, 1992- RC553.A88 H5313 2013
Neuropsychological neurology[electronic resource] :the neurocognitive impairments of neurological disorders / Larner, A. J. RC553.C64 L37 2013eb
Aberrant beliefs and reasoning / RC553.D35 A24 2015
Alcoholism[electronic resource] / Gifford, Maria. RC565 .G53 2010eb
Naturally healthy Mexican cooking :authentic recipes for dieters, diabetics, and all food lovers / Peyton, James W. RC662 .P49 2014eb
Diet and exercise in cystic fibrosis[electronic resource] / RC858.C95 D54 2015eb
Concepts of athletic training / Pfeiffer, Ronald P., author. RC1210 .P45 2015
Health and elite sport :is high performance sport a healthy pursuit? / RC1235 .H43 2015eb
Enhancing performance and reducing stress in sports :technological advances / Ivancevic, Tijana T., author. RC1235 .I93 2015eb
The female athlete / RD97 .F46 2015eb
Complete cleft care :cleft and velopharyngeal insufficiency treatment in children / RD524 .C66 2015eb
Acute and chronic finger injuries in ball sports[electronic resource] / RD559 .C384 2013eb
Clinical otology / RF120 .C55 2015eb
Regenerative medicine for the inner ear / RF260 .R44 2014eb
Strategic practice management[electronic resource] :business and procedural considerations / Glaser, Robert (Robert G.) RF291 .G53 2014eb
Diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders / RF510 .D53 2014eb
Voice therapy :clinical case studies / RF510 .V68 2014eb
Family-making :contemporary ethical challenges / RG133.5 .F365 2014
The birth of the pill :how four crusaders reinvented sex and launched a revolution / Eig, Jonathan. RG137.5 .E37 2014
Breastfeeding and human lactation[electronic resource] / RJ216 .B775 2010eb
Breastfeeding challenges made easy for late preterm infants[electronic resource] :the go-to guide for nurses and lactation consultants / Cole, Sandra, 1967- author. RJ216 .C65 2014eb
Late-talking children :a symptom or a stage? / Camarata, Stephen M., 1957- author. RJ496.L35 C34 2014
Children's speech sound disorders / Bowen, Caroline, author. RJ496.S7 B69 2015eb
Communication in Autism[electronic resource] / RJ506.A9 C66 2014eb
Tackling Selective Mutism[electronic resource] :A Guide for Professionals and Parents / RJ506.M87 T33 2014eb
The concise book of acupoints / Cross, John R., Dr. RM184.5 .C76 2014eb
Nutrition-infection interactions and impacts on human health / RM216 .N88 2015
The supplement handbook :a trusted expert's guide to what works & what's worthless for more than 100 conditions / Moyad, Mark A., 1965- RM258.5 .M69 2014
PNF in practice :an illustrated guide / Adler, Susan S., 1931-, author. RM700 .A664 2014eb
Essentials of physical medicine and rehabilitation :musculoskeletal disorders, pain, and rehabilitation / RM700 .E87 2015eb
Recognizing & reporting red flags for the physical therapist assistant / Goodman, Catherine Cavallaro, author. RM700 .G66 2015
Physical medicine and rehabilitation :patient-centered care : mastering the competencies / RM700 .P49 2015eb
Introduction to physical therapy and patient skills / Dutton, Mark, author. RM701 .D888 2014
Lessons learned :an open letter to recreational therapy students and practitioners / Austin, David R., 1941- RM736.7 .A9585 2011
Natural products in medicinal chemistry / RS160 .N38 2014eb
Pathophysiology of nursing demystified / Ballestas, Helen Christina, author. RT49 .B35 2014
Curriculum development and evaluation in nursing[electronic resource] / RT71 .K43 2011eb
You Can Teach Advanced Med-Surg Nursing![electronic resource] :The Authoritative Guide and Toolkit for the Advanced Medical- Surgical Nursing Clinical Instructor / Miller, Mary A. (Mary Alice) author. RT75 .M55 2015eb
Nurse practitioner's business practice and legal guide / Buppert, Carolyn, author. RT86.73 .B87 2015
Call Numbers starting with S: Agriculture
Title/Author Call Number
A history of the garden in fifty tools / Laws, Bill, author. SB454.8 .L395 2014eb
Food systems in an unequal world :pesticides, vegetables, and agrarian capitalism in Costa Rica / Galt, Ryan E., 1977- author. SB950.3.C8 G35 2014eb
Who's buying for pets.[electronic resource]. SF414.7 .W46 2014eb
American catch :the fight for our local seafood / Greenberg, Paul, 1967- SH221 .G74 2014
Call Numbers starting with T: Technology
Title/Author Call Number
Performing information governance :a step-by-step guide to making information governance work / Giordano, Anthony, 1959- author. T58.64 .G56 2015
Constructive ergonomics / T59.7 .C6645 2014
Introduction to computer graphics :a practical learning approach / Ganovelli, Fabio. T385 .G354 2015
James Watt :making the world anew / Russell, Ben, author. TA140.W3 R87 2014eb
Impact of renewable source generation with energy storage on stability and voltage regulation / Kaur, Gurveen, author. TA153 .Z953 2014 K38eb
Tomasulo architecture based MIPS processor / Pandit, Sameer S., author. TA153 .Z953 2014 P36eb
32 x 32 array photo detector image data acquisition system / Venkatayogi, Sahitya, author. TA153 .Z953 2014 V46eb
Guide through the nanocarbon jungle :buckyballs, nanotubes, graphene, and beyond / Tomanek, David, author. TA418.9.N35 T66 2014
Seismic design of reinforced concrete buildings / Moehle, Jack P., author. TA658.44 .M54 2015
Earthquake-soil interaction / TA710 .E27 2015eb
Mathematical tools for shape analysis and description / Biasotti, Silvia, author. TA1637.5 .B53 2014
The World We Create :a message of hope for a planet in Peril / Beinecke, Frances, author. TD170 .B45 2014
Water management and water loss / Hamilton, Stuart (Writer on water), author. TD495 .H36 2014
Urban mining systems / Nakamura, Takashi. TD794.5 .N335 2015
Engineering for sustainable human development :a guide to successful small-scale community projects / Amadei, Bernard, 1954- author. TH880 .A44 2014eb
Skyscrapers :form & function / Bennett, David, 1948- TH1611 .B46 1995
An introduction to low carbon domestic refurbishment / Rickaby, Peter, author. TH3411 .R53 2014
Mechanical and electrical equipment for buildings / Grondzik, Walter T., author. TH6010 .S74 2015eb
Mechanics of machines / Cleghorn, W. L. (William L.), author. TJ170 .C58 2015
Turbomachinery / Kadambi, Vedanth. TJ267 .K33 2015
Robust control for grid voltage stability :high penetration of renewable energy : interfacing conventional and renewable power generation resources / Hossain, Jahangir. TK1007 .H67 2014
Energy storage for smart grids :planning and operation for renewable and variable energy resources (VERs) / Du, Pengwei, 1975- TK3105 .D83 2015eb
Dewalt electrical code reference / Sandefur, Daniel. TK3285 .S23 2015
Flickering light[electronic resource] :a history of neon / Ribbat, Christoph, author. TK4383 .R5313 2013eb
Signals and systems / Nahvi, Mahmood. TK5102.9 .N34 2014
Going mobile :how wireless technology is reshaping our lives / West, Darrell M., 1954- TK5103.2 .W474 2015eb
Programming Google Glass :the mirror API / Redmond, Eric. TK5105.885.G66 R43 2014
Securing VoIP :keeping your VoIP network safe / Bates, Regis J, author. TK5105.8865 .B38 2015eb
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