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Call Numbers starting with A: General Works
Title/Author Call Number
Obras completas de D. Francisco Giner de los Ríos ... AC75 .G5
The Keepsake. AY13 .K5
Almanach des Parisiennes. AY838.C7 A4
Call Numbers starting with B: Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
Title/Author Call Number
A history of habit from Aristotle to Bourdieu / B105.H32 H57 2013
A user's guide to thought and meaning / B105.M4 J33 2012
The Egyptian philosophers :ancient African voices from Imhotep to Akhenaten / B141 .A63 2000
Reality, reason, and rights :essays in honor of Tibor R. Machan / B945.M264 R43 2011
La vie de Pascal, par Gilberte Périer :étude critique et lettéraire / B1903 .P64 1964
Paul Ricoeur :honoring and continuing the work / B2430.R554 P379 2011
Mastermind :how to think like Sherlock Holmes / BC108 .K58 2013
The state of nature in comparative political thought :western and non-western perspectives / BD581 .S7138 2014
Correspondence :1904-1938 / BF109.F74 A4 2014
Jung and the question of science[electronic resource] :academic and clinical perspectives / BF109.J8 J85 2014eb
Solution-focused interviewing[electronic resource] :applying positive psychology : a manual for practitioners / BF204.6 .W37 2013eb
Improving visual memory skills / BF375 .I47 1976
Understanding theology and homosexuality in African American communities[electronic resource] / BF636.4 .L68 2014eb
The Routledge guide to interviewing :oral history, social enquiry and investigation / BF637.I5 B79 2014
An essay on moral culture :addressed to parents and teachers / BJ1631 .C37 1833
The young professional's survival guide[electronic resource] :from cab fares to moral snares / BJ1725 .G86 2012eb
Asian perspectives on the world's religions after September 11 / BL80.3 .A85 2013
Sacred stories, spiritual tribes :finding religion in everyday life / BL2525 .A5635 2014
The Oxford handbook of Islam and politics / BP173.7 .O945 2013
Natural psychology and human transformation / BP223.Z6 A43 1995
Da yan ta =Tayen pagoda / BQ6345.S53 D3 1978
The five megillos :a new translation with overviews and annotations anthologized from the classical commentators / BS1309.A2 Z5 1990
Faith, family, and Filipino American community life / BX1407.F55 C44 2014
Call Numbers starting with C: Auxiliary Sciences of History
Title/Author Call Number
Art, politics, and will :essays in honor of Lionel Trilling / CB358 .A74
The power of knowledge :how information and technology made the modern world / CB478 .B54 2014
Dr. Mason Fitch Cogswell / CT105 .C37 1985
Call Numbers starting with D: History (General)
Title/Author Call Number
Performances / D16.8 .D367 1996
The Atlantic experience :peoples, places, ideas / D210 .A767 2013
Dark invasion :1915 : Germany's secret war and the hunt for the first terrorist cell in America / D619.3 .B58 2014
Japan 1941 :countdown to infamy / D767.2 .H67 2013
The boxer's story :fighting for my life in the Nazi camps / D805.A2 S52 2012
Chinese comfort women :testimonies from imperial Japan's sex slaves / D810.C698 Q59 2013
Convoy :merchant sailors at war, 1939-1945 / D810.T8 K37 1998
The king's grave :the discovery of Richard III's lost burial place and the clues it holds / DA260 .L34 2013
The secret rooms :a true Gothic mystery / DA574.A45 R88533 2012
Churchill and the king :the wartime alliance of Winston Churchill and George VI / DA587 .W45 2013
David Hume :historical thinker, historical writer / DA759.7.H86 D38 2013
Annales de Saint-Bertin, DC70.A2 A7 1964
Revising Dreyfus / DC354 .R48 2013
General de Gaulle's Cold War :challenging American hegemony, 1963-1968 / DC420 .M3753 2013
Black Germany :the making and unmaking of a diaspora community, 1884-1960 / DD78.B55 A48 2013
The Venetians :a new history : from Marco Polo to Casanova / DG676 .S77 2013
Brezhnev and the decline of the Soviet Union / DK275.B7 C78 2014
Letters from the Spanish Civil War :a U.S. volunteer writes home / DP269.47.A46 G462 2013
1808 :the flight of the emperor : how a weak prince, a mad queen, and the British navy tricked Napoleon and changed the new world / DP644 .G6613 2013
The Elisha-Hazael paradigm and the kingdom of Israel :the politics of God in ancient Syria-Palestine / DS62.23 .G49 2013
Armenians of Lebanon :from past princesses and refugees to present-day community / DS80.55.A75 A7 2009
The Liberty incident revealed :the definitive account of the 1967 Israeli attack on the U.S. Navy spy ship / DS127.6.N3 C74 2013
The Armenian genocide :Evidence from the German Foreign Office Archives, 1915-1916 / DS195.5 .V6513 2013
State, religion, and revolution in Iran, 1796 to the present / DS299 .M63 2013
Days of God :the revolution in Iran and its consequences / DS318.8 .B82 2013
Not all heroes :an unapologetic memoir of the Vietnam war, 1971-1972 / DS559.5 .S46 2013
White Lotus rebels and south China pirates :crisis and reform in the Qing empire / DS756 .W36 2014
The world of a tiny insect :a memoir of the Taiping rebellion and its aftermath / DS759.35 .Z53613 2013
Tales of modern China / DS775.7 .R383 1936
All roads led to Shanghai :a family story / DS796.S24 C35 2012
Egyptomania :our three thousand year obsession with the land of the pharaohs / DT60 .B749 2013
Soulful creatures :animal mummies in ancient Egypt / DT62.M7 B55 2013
Women and the Amistad connection :Sierra Leone Krio society / DT516.45.C73 S74 2001
Call Numbers starting with E: History (America)
Title/Author Call Number
Pre-Columbian art and archaeology :essays in honor of Frederick R. Mayer ; papers from the 2002 & 2007 Mayer Center Symposia at the Denver Art Museum / E59.A7 P64 2013
The box of daylight :northwest coast Indian art / E78.N78 H587 1983
A narrative of the Indian wars in New-England :from the first planting thereof in the year 1607, to the year 1677 : containing a relation of the occasion, rise and progress of the war with the Indians, in the Southern, Western, Eastern and Northern parts of said country / E82 .H88 1803
Custer and the 1873 Yellowstone survey :a documentary history / E83.866 .C959 2013
Indigenous bodies :reviewing, relocating, reclaiming / E98.A7 I48 2013
Indigenous Adolescent Development[electronic resource] :Psychological, Social and Historical Contexts / E98.S67 W48 2013eb
The Chemehuevis / E99.C493 L3
Voices of Cherokee women / E99.C5 V65 2013
Scrape the willow until it sings / E99.M69 P378 2013
Washington brotherhood :politics, social life, and the coming of the Civil War / E166 .S55 2013
Kennedy and Reagan :why their legacies endure / E176.1 .F24 2013
The press and the presidency :from George Washington to Ronald Reagan / E176.1 .T37 1985
The color of success :Asian Americans and the origins of the model minority / E184.A75 W8 2014
Chicano :Mexican-American heritage series / E184.M5 C445 1972
How race is made in America :immigration, citizenship, and the historical power of racial scripts / E184.M5 M587 2013
Negotiating tradition, becoming American :family, gender, and autonomy for second generation South Asians / E184.S69 S25 2014
Our America :a Hispanic history of the United States / E184.S75 F46 2014
Reform without justice :Latino migrant politics and the homeland security state / E184.S75 G644 2014
2002 national survey of Latinos :chartpack / E184.S75 T96 2002
Towards an understanding of Africology / E184.7 .O39 2013
From storefront to monument :tracing the public history of the Black museum movement / E185.53.A1 B87 2013
African/Black psychology in the American context :an African-centered approach / E185.625 .K36 2012
DPN, a dream deferred :underutilization of the talents of deaf African Americans, E185.8 .D76 1993
The liberatory thought of Martin Luther King Jr. :critical essays on the philosopher King / E185.97.K5 L47 2012
Paul Robeson :a watched man / E185.97.R63 G66 2013
Zephaniah Kingsley Jr. and the Atlantic world :slave trader, plantation owner, emancipator / E445.F6 S33 2013
Lincoln's boys :John Hay, John Nicolay, and the war for Lincoln's image / E457.2 .Z45 2014
Backstage at the Lincoln assassination :the untold story of the actors and stagehands at Ford's Theatre / E457.5 .B664 2013
The Fort Pillow massacre :north, south, and the status of African-Americans in the Civil War era / E476.17 .T37 2014
Georgia boys with "Stonewall" Jackson;James Thomas Thompson and the Walton Infantry. E559.5 11th 1967
My dear parents :the Civil War seen by an English Union soldier / E601 .H79 1982
The wars of Reconstruction :the brief, violent history of America's most progressive era / E668 .E35 2014
Ida McKinley :the turn-of-the-century first lady through war, assassination, and secret disability / E711.95 .A57 2013
Heir to the Empire City :New York and the making of Theodore Roosevelt / E757 .K64 2014
The crusade years, 1933-1955 :Herbert Hoover's lost memoir of the New Deal Era and its aftermath / E802 .A3 2013
The political life of Bella Abzug, 1920-1976 :political passions, women's rights, and congressional battles / E840.8.A2 L487 2013
November 22, 1963 :ordinary and extraordinary people recall their reactions when they heard the news / E842.9 .H273 2013
The faces of Lee Harvey Oswald :the evolution of an alleged assassin / E842.9 .J6427 2013
The 1980 Presidential Election :Ronald Reagan and the Shaping of the American Conservative Movement / E877 .H69 2014
Duty :memoirs of a Secretary at war / E897.4.G37 A3 2014
Call Numbers starting with F: History (America)
Title/Author Call Number
Who's your Paddy? :racial expectations and the struggle for Irish American identity / F128.9.I6 D84 2014
Confederate visions :nationalism, symbolism, and the imagined South in the Civil War / F214 .B56 2013
Virginia, more especially the south part thereof, richly and truly valued[electronic resource] :viz. the fertile Carolana, and no lesse excellent Isle of Roanoak, of latitude from 31 to 37 degr. relating the meanes of raysing infinite profits to the adventurers and planters. F272 .W54 1650eb
Free Black communities and the Underground Railroad :the geography of resistance / F450 .L37 2014
Standing on common ground :the making of a Sunbelt borderland / F815 .C34 2013
The later days of the California missions / F864 .D55 1985
San Diego and Arizona Railway edition. F868.I2 E4 1919
California's Channel Islands :the archaeology of human-environment interactions / F868.S232 C35 2013
Black and Brown in Los Angeles :Beyond Conflict and Coalition / F869.L89 A245 2014
Connections :a guide to the Jewish community of the San Fernando and adjacent valleys. F869.L89 J5337 1995
Indigeneity in the mexican cultural imagination :thresholds of belonging / F1219.3.P87 T395 2013
A COHA occasional paper. F1415 .C54
Authoritarian El Salvador :politics and the origins of the military regimes, 1880-1940 / F1487.5 .C54 2013
Genocide and persecution. F1488.3 .E344 2013
La guerra que no quisimos :El Salvador, 1980-1992 / F1488.3 .G655 2012
Etnografía, política y poder a finales del siglo XIX :José Martí y la cuestión indígena / F1783.M38 C175 2013
Aymara Indian perspectives on development in the Andes / F2230.A9 E57 2013
Call Numbers starting with G: Geography, Anthropology, Recreation
Title/Author Call Number
Mémoires du capitaine Péron. G460 .P45 1971
Principles of sustainable living :a new vision for health, happiness, and prosperity / GE196 .J87 2012
Ancient ethnography :new approaches / GN308 .A54 2013
The anatomy of fashion :why we dress the way we do / GT511 .M436 2013
Fetishism in fashion / GT523 .E34 2013
Dubious gastronomy :the cultural politics of eating Asian in the USA / GT2853.U5 K8 2014
Physical education, exercise, and sport science in a changing society / GV211 .F73 2015
ABLE bodies balance training[electronic resource] / GV482.6 .S36 2008eb
Routledge handbook of sports technology and engineering[electronic resource] / GV745 .R69 2013eb
California Angels media guide. GV862 .C34
Dodgers media guide. GV862 .D63
When Mexicans could play ball :basketball, race, and identity in San Antonio, 1928-1945 / GV885.73.S34 G37 2013
Call Numbers starting with H: Social Sciences
Title/Author Call Number
The art and practice of economics research :lessons from leading minds / HB131 .A78 2012
The map and the territory :risk, human nature, and the future of forecasting / HC106.84 .G74 2013
New age capitalism :making money east of Eden / HC110.C6 L38 2000
Learning to think strategically / HD30.28 .S53 2014
Handbook of longitudinal research methods in organisation and business studies / HD30.4 .H36 2013
Successful business intelligence :unlock the value of BI & big data / HD38.7 .H696 2014
Encyclopedia of public relations / HD59 .E48 2013
Grabbing power :the new struggles for land, food and democracy in northern Honduras / HD1531.H6 K47 2013
Economics of worker cooperatives / HD3132 .E33 2013
The Symposium on International Economic and Technical Cooperation in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region :a brief introduction to the projects. HD3616.C634 S96 1900z
Combined convention proceedings. HD6515.T55 I61
Preliminary roll of delegates :9th Convention, December 8, 1958, Civic Auditorium (Polk Hall) / HD6517.C2 C342 1958
Proceedings of the ... Spring Meeting / HD6971 .I554
Proceedings of the ... Constitutional Convention of the Congress of Industrial Organizations. HD8055.A5 A36
Kosher :private regulation in the age of industrial food / HD9005 .L98 2013
Financial transactions concerning transportation planning agencies of California :annual report / HE4487.C23 C34b
Transportation planning agencies annual report / HE4487.C23 C34b
The race underground :Boston, New York, and the incredible rivalry that built America's first subway / HE4491.B782 M67 2014
Railtown[electronic resource] :the fight for the Los Angeles metro rail and the future of the city / HE4491.L75 E45 2014eb
United States postage stamps, 1902-1935 :regular issues, parcel post, airmails / HE6185.U5 J63
Real time visual interpretation of televised network news for the deaf :a feasibility study / HE8700.7 .F46 1971
Culture, aesthetics and affect in ubiquitous media :the prosaic image / HE9713 .G69 2014
International marketing in rapidly changing environments / HF1416.6.D44 I58 2013
Your future in your own business HF5381 .W77 1971
Job reconnaissance[electronic resource] :using hacking skills to win the job hunt game / HF5382.7 .M67 2014eb
Successful telemarketing :opportunities and techniques for increasing sales and profits / HF5415.126 .S76 1986
The handbook of market design / HF5470 .H36 2013
Performance coaching[electronic resource] :a complete guide to best practice approaches / HF5549.5.C53 W55 2014eb
Dynamics of diversity :strategic programs for your organization / HF5549.5.M5 P65 1994
Handbook of research methods and applications in empirical finance / HG101 .H36 2013
Lessons of the Mexican peso crisis :report of an independent task force / HG665 .L47 1996
Credit repair / HG3756.U54 L46 2013
Social media :a critical introduction / HM742 .F83 2014
Institutions and organizations :ideas, interests and identities / HM786 .S3845 2014
The economics of digitization / HM851 .E263 2013
The politics of the Internet[electronic resource] :political claims-making in cyberspace and its effect on modern political activism / HM851 .M367 2014eb
Media, society, world :social theory and digital media practice / HM1206 .C68 2012
Shanghai lalas[electronic resource] :female Tongzhi communities and politics in urban China / HN49.C6 Y57 2013eb
Street level[electronic resource] :Los Angeles in the twenty-first century / HN80.L7 S85 2014eb
Materializing poverty :how the poor transform their lives / HN219.S2 T39 2013
Men in Eden[electronic resource] :William Drummond Stewart and same-sex desire in the Rocky Mountain fur trade / HQ75.8.S74 B46 2012eb
Oye loca[electronic resource] :from the Mariel boatlift to gay Cuban Miami / HQ76.2.U52 M5257 2013eb
After queer theory[electronic resource] :the limits of sexual politics / HQ76.25 .P46 2014eb
I could not call her mother :the stepmother in American popular culture, 1750-1970 / HQ759.92 .L56 2014
We do![electronic resource] :American leaders who believe in marriage equality / HQ1034.U5 W42 2013eb
Gender and sexual identity[electronic resource] :transcending feminist and queer theory. HQ1075 .N34 2014eb
Sovereign masculinity[electronic resource] :gender lessons from the war on terror / HQ1090 .M3295 2014eb
Daughters and granddaughters of farmworkers :emerging from the long shadow of farm labor / HQ1166 .W45 2013
Muslim American women on campus :undergraduate social life and identity / HQ1170 .M567 2014
Flappers :six women of a dangerous generation / HQ1412 .M1633 2014
Feminist identity development and activism in revolutionary movements / HQ1599.N67 O37 2013
Preliminary citywide plan, Los Angeles :staff report. HT168.L6 L6923 1970
Condensed Santa Clarita Valley areawide general plan :September 1976 / HT393.C22 S243 1976
The empire of necessity :slavery, freedom, and deception in the New World / HT1121 .G73 2014
Report of a conference conducted Airlie House, Airlie, Virginia, June 27-29, 1972 / HV40 .S73 1972
What's wrong with the poor?[electronic resource] :psychiatry, race, and the war on poverty / HV95 .R39 2013eb
Faith-based policy[electronic resource] :a litmus test for understanding contemporary America / HV530 .C43 2014eb
The role of public institution of higher education in providing continuing education for students :including those who have one or more handicaps / HV1568 .J66 1970z
Behavior modification programs for deaf-blind children :proceedings of a workshop held July 13 & 14, 1970, Pinecrest State School, Pineville, Louisiana / HV1597 .B44 1970
National center for deaf-blind youths and adults :1973 annual report / HV1597 .S25 1973
National center for deaf-blind youths and adults :1975 annual report / HV1597 .S25 1975
Guidelines for the preparation of doctoral-level personnel in the area of the deaf :report of a conference / HV2348 .G85 1968
Experimental concept formation test for preschool deaf / HV2353 .J68 1961
Deaf related biographies. HV2380 .D434
Utah deaf people in business and industry in the space age. HV2380 .U83 1968
Teaching the hearing impaired child to follow verbal and written directions / HV2391 .T43 1976
Sign language in communication :a study examining the semantic functions and communicative intentions used by a young deaf child with deaf parents / HV2392.2 .R44 1978a
Hearing loss and older adults. HV2393 .H43 2001
Interpreter's faire! :[workshop program] / HV2402 .C35 1982
The proceedings :conference on preparation of personnel in the field of interpreting HV2402 .C664 1972
Some thoughts on the training of interpreters / HV2402 .F36 1900z
National Certification of Interpreters :a manual for evaluators / HV2402 .R443 1972
The life and influence of Dr. Daniel Tuttle Cloud / HV2426.C56 S74 1967
Secondary education for the deaf :what's ahead / HV2430 .H53
The development of the education of the deaf in the United States :term papers / HV2430 .S63 1960z
Proposal for a learner-centered automated self-instructional system for employment-preparedness training of the deaf in electronic assembly skills. HV2452 .T79 1967
Educating deaf children :the total approach / HV2471 .S26 1971z
Sign language use and evaluation :report to the collegiate faculty of Gallaudet College / HV2474 .G35 1983
Deafnet Dissemination Project final report / HV2502.5 .M52 1985
Diversity in schools for the deaf in the U.S. :a report to the membership from the research committee of CEASD / HV2545 .D58 1992
Hispanic community of the County of Los Angeles, study and directory =Comunidad hispanica en el condado de Los Angeles, estudio y directorio / HV3187.C3 H57 1982
Poverty and welfare recipiency among immigrants in California / HV4011.C2 B436 1994
The treatment of animals. HV4930 .T64
When I wear my alligator boots :narco-culture in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands / HV5825 .M77 2014
Lies, damned lies, and drug war statistics[electronic resource] :a critical analysis of claims made by the Office of National Drug Control Policy / HV5825 .R63 2014eb
God's gangs :barrio ministry, masculinity, and gang recovery / HV6439.U7 L725 2014
Report of the National Advisory Commission on Civil Disorders. HV6477 .A56 1968b
The ax murders of Saxtown :the unsolved crime that terrorized a town and shocked the nation / HV6533.I4 P57 2014
Suicide from a public health perspective[electronic resource] / HV6545 .S53 2014eb
The burglary :the discovery of J. Edgar Hoover's secret FBI / HV8144.F43 M43 2014
Implementing a gender-based arts program for juvenile offenders[electronic resource] / HV9104 .R67 2014eb
Wrongful convictions and miscarriages of justice :causes and remedies in North American and European criminal justice systems / HV9960.N7 W76 2013
Call Numbers starting with J: Political Science
Title/Author Call Number
Research methods and statistics for public and nonprofit administrators :a practical guide / JF1338.A2 N57 2014
Mastering public administration :from Max Weber to Dwight Waldo / JF1341 .F78 2014
Foundations of digital government :leading and managing in the digital era / JF1525.A8 V45 2014
Timing and turnout :how off-cycle elections favor organized groups / JK1965 .A69 2014
Problems of local government in England and Wales. JS3111 .J4
Queer migration politics[electronic resou rce]:activist rhetoric and coalitional possibilities / JV6483 .C456 2013eb
Immigration policies :legacy from the 1980s and issues for the 1990s / JV6493 .R65 1992
The beast :riding the rails and dodging narcos on the migrant trail / JV7402 .M3713 2013
The silver men[electronic resource] :West Indian labour migration to Panama, 1850-1914. JV7429 .N49 2004eb
Call Numbers starting with K: Law
Title/Author Call Number
The Ashgate research companion to feminist legal theory / K349 .A74 2013
Redefining the market-state relationship :responses to the financial crisis and the future of regulation / K487.E3 G586 2014
Public law 93-112, 93rd Congress, H.R. 8070, September 26, 1973 :an act to replace the Vocational Rehabilitation Act, to extend and revise the authorization of grants to States for vocational rehabilitation services, with special emphasis on services to those with the most severe handicaps, to expand special Federal responsibilities and research and training programs with respect to handicapped individuals, to establish special responsibilites in the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare for coordination of all programs with respect to the handicapped individuals within the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, and for other purposes. K637 .P83 1974
Human rights and public finance :budgets and the promotion of economic and social rights / K3240 .H8543 2013
Indigenous peoples' cultural property claims :repatriation and beyond / K3248.C85 K86 2014
International review of energy efficiency standards and labeling programs / K3981 .I5815 2013
Information for the Earl of Roxburgh, and Mr. William Ker his brother,[electronic resource] :against John Lord Ballenden. KDC402.Z9 I5 1700eb
The writer's legal guide :an Authors Guild desk reference / KF390.A96 M87 2013
Same-sex legal kit for dummies[electronic resource] / KF539 .S766 2013eb
Labor arbitration awards / KF3421.A2 C6
Constitutional law in a nutshell / KF4550.Z9 B35 2013
The religion clauses of the First Amendment :guarantees of states' rights? / KF4783 .W37 2011
Law and election politics :the rules of the game / KF4886 .L39 2013
Presidential war power / KF5060 .F57 2013
Hollow justice :a history of Indigenous claims in the United States / KF8205 .W528 2013
Summary of federal income tax changes / KFC870 .A84
Same-sex marriage in Latin America[electronic resource] :promise and resistance / KG147 .S26 2013eb
Call Numbers starting with L: Education
Title/Author Call Number
How college works / LA229 .C43 2014
Comparison of the majors of deaf and hearing students at California State University, Northridge / LA243.5 .M87 1976
Sight words :techniques for teaching : diagnosis and remediation of sight word difficultities / LB1027 .I53 1976
Handbook of positive psychology in schools[electronic resource] / LB1027.55 .H363 2014eb
Google Apps meets Common Core / LB1028.3 .G73 2013
Using network and mobile technology to bridge formal and informal learning / LB1028.5 .U85 2013
Too much, too soon? :early learning and the erosion of childhood / LB1139.3.G7 T66 2011
Daily paragraph editing. LB1576 .D155 2004
Tools students need to be skillful writers :building better sentences / LB1576 .H673 2013
Learning from the boys :looking inside the reading lives of three adolescent boys / LB1632 .L45 2012
An introduction to coaching skills :a practical guide / LB1731.4 .N548 2014
Science teacher qualifications and resources in schools and classes for the hearing impaired :data from a survey of science teachers of the hearing impaired / LB1762 .S45 1975
Seeking the common dreams between the worlds :stories of Chinese immigrant faculty in North American higher education / LB1778.2 .S44 2013
College counseling for admissions professionals :improving access and retention / LB2351 .D38 2014
Leading educational change :global issues, challenges, and lessons on whole-system reform / LB2806 .M2234 2013
Regional Program for 18-36 Month Old Hearing Impaired Infants :1974-75 evaluation / LB2822.75 .S268 1975
Educating Latino boys :an asset-based approach / LC2670 .C36 2013
Mexican Americans and educational change / LC2681 .M485 1971
Regarding educacion :Mexican-American schooling, immigration, and bi-national improvement / LC2683 .R45 2013
Chicana/o struggles for education[electronic resource] :activism in the community / LC2683 .S35 2013eb
Educating immigrant children :Chapter 1 in the changing city / LC3746 .F59 1993b
California special education intern monograph, 2004 / LC3982.C2 C256 2004
The UCLA campus climate for diversity :findings from a campuswide survey conducted for the Chancellor's Council on Diversity / LD781.L692 A88 1991
Call Numbers starting with M: Music and books on Music
Title/Author Call Number
Gluck & Monteverdi opera libretti :international phonetic alphabet transcriptions, word for word translations, notes on the French and Italian transcriptions / ML48 .G57 2008
Die lustige Witwe =The merry widow / ML50.L518 L83 2006
Masters of the Italian art song :word-by-word and poetic translations of the complete songs for voice and piano / ML54.6 .M34 1990
Music, culture, & experience :selected papers of John Blacking / ML60 .B63 1995
The encyclopaedia of music in Ireland / ML101.I73 E53 2013
150 years of music for saxophone :bibliographical index of music and educational literature for the saxophone, 1844-1994 = 150 ans de musique pour saxophone : répertoire général des oeuvres et des ouvrages d'enseignement pour le saxophone, 1844-1994 / ML128.S247 L62 1994
Listening in detail[electronic resource] :performances of Cuban music / ML207.C8 V39 2013eb
Musorgsky and his circle :a Russian musical adventure / ML390 .W175 2013
Franz Liszt / ML410.L7 W27 1983
Lady Gaga and popular music[electronic resource] :performing gender, fashion, and culture / ML420.L185 L33 2014eb
I put a spell on you :the autobiography of Nina Simone / ML420.S5635 A3 1993
Inside the whimsy works[electronic resource] :my life with Walt Disney Productions / ML429.J64 A3 2014eb
The third gender :between adoration and contempt / ML1460 .T44 2004
Music, culture and identity in the Muslim world[electronic resource] :performance, politics and piety / ML3197 .M87 2014eb
Bringing it all back home :25 years of American music at Folk City / ML3477 .W68 1986
Hidden in the mix :the African American presence in country music / ML3479 .H53 2013
The roots of the blues :an African search / ML3521 .C5 1991
The singer's guide to complete health / MT821 .S57 2013
Call Numbers starting with N: Fine Arts
Title/Author Call Number
VIVA Records, 1970-2000 :Lesbian and Gay Latino Artists of Los Angeles / N11 .V58 2013
After art[electronic resource] / N71 .J68 2012eb
Your everyday art world[electronic resource] / N72.S6 R45 2013eb
Capital culture[electronic resource] :J. Carter Brown, the National Gallery of Art, and the reinvention of the museum experience / N856 .H37 2013eb
The origins of monsters[electronic resource] :image and cognition in the first age of mechanical reproduction / N5310 .W46 2014eb
Living and sustaining a creative life[electronic resource] :essays by 40 working artists / N6496.8 .L58 2013eb
Morris Broderson. N6537.B73 M67 1983
Morris Broderson. N6537.B73 M87 1986
Constructing an Avant-Garde[electronic resource] :art in Brazil, 1949-1979 / N6655 .M378 2013eb
German baroque art / N6866 .S5 1928
Sobraníe risunkov po istoríi russkago iskussiva / N6981 .S28 1913
Beyond the text[electronic resource] :Franciscan art and the construction of religion / N7854 .B49 2013eb
Later letters of Edward Lear,author of "The book of nonsense," to Chichester Fortescue (lord Carlingford),Frances, countess Waldegrave, and others; NC242.L4 A32
The graphic designer's guide to portfolio design[electronic resource] / NC1001 .M94 2014eb
Louis Sloss, Jr., collection of California paintings.[Exhibition at] San Francisco, California Historical Society, April and May, 1958. ND230.C2 M3
Graduation guide for design students. NK1172 .P38 2012
Gute Gestaltung 13 / NK1450.A1 G87 v.13 2013eb
Pleading in the blood[electronic resource] :the art and performances of Ron Athey / NX512.A85 P53 2013eb
Beauty, violence, representation / NX650.V5 B43 2014
Call Numbers starting with P: Language and Literature
Title/Author Call Number
The acquisition of specific reference in the linguistic system of a deaf child of deaf parents / P51 .H64 1973
Life without media / P90 .L44 2013
Analyzing media messages[electronic resource] :using quantitative content analysis in research / P93 .R54 2014eb
Ethical issues in communication professions :new agendas in communication / P94 .E755 2014
Serial Fu Manchu :the Chinese supervillain and the spread of Yellow Peril ideology / P94.5.C57 M39 2014
(Dis)orienting media and narrative mazes / P94.6 .D58 2013
Business and service telephone conversations :an investigation of British English, German and Italian encounters / P95.45 .V37 2013
Relationship thinking :agency, enchrony, and human sociality / P95.54 .E56 2013
The democratic surround :multimedia and American liberalism from World War II to the psychedelic sixties / P95.82.U6 T87 2013
Discovering media literacy :teaching digital media and popular culture in elementary school / P96.M4 H63 2013
I wear the black hat :grappling with villains (real and imagined) / P96.V48 K58 2013
Language and computers / P98 .D495 2013
Agent, person, subject, self :a theory of ontology, interaction, and infrastructure / P99.4.P78 K63 2013
More than nature needs :language, mind, and evolution / P106 .B468 2014
The psycholinguistics of bilingualism / P115.4 .G77 2013
The evolution of human language :biolinguistic perspectives / P116 .E86 2010
The phonological mind / P217.3 .B47 2013
Sluicing :cross-linguistic perspective / P291.3 .S58 2012
A dictionary of stylistics / P301 .W35 2011
The Iliad of Homer / PA4025.A2 P6 1839
The Oxford handbook of modern Irish poetry / PB1333 .O97 2012
The tranquil isle / PC3941.R8 A2 1930z
How to not write bad :the most common writing problems and the best ways to avoid them / PE1408 .Y34 2013
The Routledge handbook of stylistics / PE1421 .R68 2014
A social history of Hebrew :its origins through the Rabbinic period / PJ4545 .S434 2013
Mirabai versions / PK2095.M5 A233
Priyadarśikā :a Sanskrit drama / PK3794.H3 P6 1965
The sounds of Korean[electronic resource] / PL915 .S56 2013eb
African pasts, presents, and futures :generational shifts in African women's literature, film, and internet discourse / PL8010 .K47 2013
Indigenous youth and multilingualism :language identity, ideology, and practice in dynamic cultural worlds / PM206 .I54 2014
Novel approaches to anthropology :contributions to literary anthropology / PN51 .N66 2013
Hurt and pain :literature and the suffering body / PN56.B62 M56 2013
The Ashgate encyclopedia of literary and cinematic monsters[electronic resource] / PN56.M55 W45 2014eb
Open graves, open minds :representations of vampires and the undead from the Enlightenment to the present day / PN56.V3 O64 2013
The Cambridge Companion to Literature and the Environment / PN98.E36 C36 2014
Adaptation studies and learning :new frontiers / PN171.A33 R39 2013
The multimediated rhetoric of the Internet[electronic resource] :digital fusion / PN171.O55 H36 2014eb
Re-imagining nature :environmental humanities and ecosemiotics / PN1065 .R4 2014
Who's who in entertainment. PN1583 .W48 1989/90
Performing religion in public / PN1647 .P48 2013
Ethereal queer[electronic resource] :television, historicity, desire / PN1992.8.H64 V55 2014eb
Viewing America :twenty-first century television drama / PN1992.8.S4 B54 2013
Hollywood exiles in Europe :the blacklist and Cold War film culture / PN1993.5.E8 P65 2014
The invention of the western film :a cultural history of the genre's first half-century / PN1995.9.W4 S53 2003
Harmony Korine :collected screenplays / PN1997.A1 K64 2002
Disney's most notorious film[electronic resource] :race, convergence, and the hidden histories of Song of the South / PN1997.S63337 S64 2012eb
Napoleon Dynamite :final shooting script : final shooting script for the hit film from Fox Searchlight Pictures / PN1997.2 .N37 2006
Songs of innocence and experience :romance in the cinema of Frank Capra / PN1998.3.C36 G73 2013
So you want to work in theatre? / PN2055 .E55 2013
Stephen Joseph :theatre pioneer and provocateur / PN2081.A7 E47 2013
Ceremony, spirituality, and ritual in Native American performance :a creative notebook / PN2270.I53 G45 2011
Wizards, aliens, and starships[electronic resource] :physics and math in fantasy and science fiction / PN3433.8 .A35 2014eb
Crime and detective fiction / PN3448.D4 C73 2013
Forensics in America :a history / PN4181 .B338 2014
Gender, citizenship and newspapers :historical and transnational perspectives / PN4731 .C455 2013
A global standard for reporting conflict / PN4784.V56 L96 2014
Women and journalism / PN4784.W7 F73 2013
Informing the news :the need for knowledge-based journalism / PN4788 .P38 2013
Reporting at the southern borders :journalism and public debates on immigration in the US and the EU / PN4888.I518 R46 2014
Jews and Judaism in the New York Times / PN4899.N42 N384 2013
God's doodle :the life and times of the penis / PN6231.P344 H53 2013
From comic strips to graphic novels :contributions to the theory and history of graphic narrative / PN6710 .F75 2013
Ages of heroes, eras of men :superheroes and the American experience / PN6714 .A34 2013
Drawing from life :memory and subjectivity in comic art / PN6714 .D73 2013
The secret history of Marvel Comics :Jack Kirby and the moonlighting artists at Martin Goodman's empire / PN6725 .B378 2013
The best of Comix Book / PN6726 .C669 2013
Felch cumics. PN6728 .F44 1975
Blue is the warmest color / PN6747.M36 B5413 2013
Tintin :the art of Hergé, from the archives of the Hergé Museum / PN6790.B43 R433 2013
Female gothic histories :gender, history and the gothic / PR408.G68 W355 2013
Reading postwar British and Irish poetry[electronic resource] / PR603 .T48 2014eb
The Oxford handbook of contemporary British and Irish poetry / PR612 .O94 2013
The Oxford handbook of the Victorian novel / PR871 .O94 2013
Chaucer, Langland, and fourteenth-century literary history / PR1924 .M54 2013
The Marlowe-Shakespeare continuum[electronic resource] :Christopher Marlowe, Thomas Nashe, and the authorship of early Shakespeare and anonymous plays. PR2678 .M87 2013eb
The works of Shakespear.In six volumes. PR2752 .H3 1771
Shakespeare's restless world / PR2910 .M343 2012
Emulation on the Shakespearean stage / PR2997.I46 D53 2013
Douglas :a tragedy. As it is acted at the Theatre-Royal in Covent-Garden. PR3516 .D6 1764
Milton, toleration, and nationhood[electronic resource] / PR3592.P64 S28 2014eb
Jane Austen and the arts :elegance, propriety, and harmony / PR4038.A35 J36 2014
Lewis Carroll's Alice's adventures in wonderland and Through the looking glass[electronic resource]:a publishing history / PR4611.A73 J37 2013eb
The poetical works of Sir Walter Scott, Bart / PR5305 .E61 1863
The Oxford handbook of Percy Bysshe Shelley / PR5438 .O94 2013
Mara and Dann :an adventure / PR6023.E833 M357 1999
Paddy, the next best thing :a play in four acts, PR6025.A2525 P3 1927b
Life after life :a novel / PR6051.T56 L54 2013
The epic adventure of Nhamo the Manyika warrior and his sexy wife Chipo / PR6053.A6887 C384 2013
I didn't always live here :a play in three acts / PR6053.O46 I3 2013
Hysteria :fragments of an analysis of an obsessional neurosis / PR6060.O38 H9 2013
The postcolonial country in contemporary literature / PR9080 .L64 2013
American literature[electronic resource] :a history / PS121 .B517 2014eb
Asian American women's popular literature :feminizing genres and neoliberal belonging / PS153.A84 T48 2014
Thinking its presence :form, race, and subjectivity in contemporary Asian American poetry / PS153.A84 W36 2014
Muy pop! :conversations on Latino popular culture / PS153.H56 S74 2013
The Native American renaissance :literary imagination and achievement / PS153.I52 N378 2013
Rethinking Chicana/o literature through food :postnational appetites / PS153.M4 R48 2013
Toward a literary ecology :places and spaces in American literature / PS163 .T69 2013
Living oil[electronic resource] :petroleum culture in the American century / PS169.E25 L36 2014eb
American sports fiction / PS374.S76 A46 2013
Becoming Americans :four centuries of immigrant writing / PS508.I45 B43 2009
That dream shall have a name :Native Americans rewriting America / PS508.I5 M64 2013
The works of the late Benjamin Franklin, :consisting of essays, humorous, moral, and literary: with his life, written by himself. PS745 .A2 1825
The cottage minstrel :or, Verses on various subjects / PS991.A6 F45 1827
Melville as poet[electronic resource] :the art of pulsed life / PS2387 .M39 2013eb
Don't stop now / PS3500.A1 D66 1900z
The fucking hippies. PS3500.A1 F83 1900z
Good old fucken Uncle Jim. PS3500.A1 G66 1900z
Let's do it again / PS3500.A1 L48 1900z
My favorite piece of ass / PS3500.A1 M84 1900z
A prick has no conscience / PS3500.A1 P75 1900z
Tales of Flossie fucking and sucking :in five parts. PS3500.A1 T3233 1900z
The tale's of the fucking professor. PS3500.A1 T3234 1900z
Watching all the cunt's go by. PS3500.A1 W37 1900z
The plays of J. P. Donleavy / PS3507.O686 A19 1972b
Here and there in the Yosemite / PS3515.A853 H4 1923
A farewell to arms / PS3515.E37 F3 1929
Zora Neale Hurston / PS3515.U789 Z9626 2013
Mind of an outlaw :selected essays / PS3525.A4152 A6 2013
Booth Tarkington's Seventeen :a play of youth and love and summertime, in four acts / PS3537.T184 S4 1924
Body geographic[electronic resource] / PS3552.O7529 Z46 2013eb
Charles Bukowski, king of the underground :from obscurity to literary icon / PS3552.U4 Z626 2013
Red-inked retablos / PS3557.O4695 A6 2013
Against the meanwhile :3 elegies / PS3559.R95 A7 1988
The beauty of men never dies[electronic resource] :an autobiographical novel / PS3562.E28444 B43 2013eb
On such a full sea / PS3562.E3347 O5 2014
Chuck Palahniuk :Fight club, Invisible monsters, Choke / PS3566.A4554 Z64 2013
States of shock ;Far north ; Silent tongue / PS3569.H394 A6 1993
Plays / PS3569.H433 A19 2004
The Interestings / PS3573.O564 I58 2013
At night we walk in circles / PS3601.L333 A93 2013
Lawfully wedded husband[electronic resource] :how my gay marriage will save the American family / PS3604.E754 Z46 2013eb
The invention of wings / PS3611.I44 I58 2014
The son / PS3613.E976 S66 2013
Reworking the German past :adaptations in film, the arts, and popular culture / PT405 .R49 2013
Deutsches Leben im Volkslied um 1530 / PT1101 .D4 v.13 1884a
Goethe, PT2053 .B73 1922a
Allegiant / PZ7.R7375 Al 2013
al-Dubaib al-jilf / PZ66.3 B37 1988
Call Numbers starting with Q: Science
Title/Author Call Number
The Accidental Universe[electronic resource] / Q175 .L53 2014eb
Basic laws of arithmetic, derived using concept-script :volumes I & II / QA9 .F7213 2013
Effective mathematics of the uncountable[electronic resource] / QA9.59 .E44 2013eb
Fuzzy knowledge management for the Semantic Web / QA9.64 .M3 2014
Handbook of graph theory[electronic resource] /Edited by Jonathan L. Gross, Columbia University New York, USA ; Jay Yellen, Rollins College Winter Park, Florida, USA ; Ping Zhang, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, USA. QA166 .H36 2014eb
Distributed graph coloring[electronic resource] :fundamentals and recent developments / QA166.247 .B273 2013eb
Random matrices and the six-vertex model / QA188 .B54 2014
Galois theory, coverings, and Riemann surfaces / QA211 .K46 2013
The universe in zero words[electronic resource] :the story of mathematics as told through equations / QA211 .M16 2012eb
Two-person zero-sum games[electronic resource] / QA269 .W36 2014eb
Fundamentals of matrix-analytic methods / QA274.2 .H4 2014
Stochastic integrals / QA274.22 .M35 2005
Dancing on the tails of the bell curve :readings on the joy and power of statistics / QA276.16 .D36 2013
Matrix algebra for linear models / QA279 .G78 2014
Decision and game theory in management with intuitionistic fuzzy sets / QA279.6 .L5 2014
Ricci flow for shape analysis and surface registration[electronic resource] :theories, algorithms and applications / QA377.3 .Z46 2013eb
Fuzzy Information & Engineering and Operations Research & Management[electronic resource] / QA402 .I58 2012eb
Constructive nonsmooth analysis and related topics[electronic resource]/ QA402.5 .C66 2014eb
Women in Numbers 2 :research directions in number theory : BIRS Workshop, WIN2 - Women in Numbers 2, November 6-11, 2011, Banff International Research Station, Banff, Alberta, Canada / QA567.2.E44 W56 2011
Advanced mechanics[electronic resource] :from Euler's determinism to Arnold's chaos / QA805 .R35 2013eb
Turbulence in rotating, stratified and electrically conducting fluids[electronic resource] / QA913 .D38 2013eb
Beyond the solar system[electronic resource] :exploring galaxies, black holes, alien planets, and more : a history with 21 activities / QB15 .C37 2013eb
Discoveries and opinions of Galileo / QB36.G2 G313 1957
Comparative climatology of terrestrial planets / QB603.A85 C65 2013
The perfect theory[electronic resource] :a century of geniuses and the battle over general relativity / QC173.6 .F47 2014eb
Modern quantum mechanics / QC174.12 .S25 2011
Solid state physics / QC176 .G76 2014
Convergence zones and shear lines :four case studies of conditions in Southern California / QC880.4.A8 S53 1964za
Organic nanomaterials[electronic resource] :synthesis, characterization, and device applications / QD262 .O64 2013eb
New and future developments in catalysis[electronic resource] :hybrid materials, composites, and organocatalysts / QD505 .H93 2013eb
Carbonate reservoirs[electronic resource] :porosity and diagenesis in a sequence stratigraphic framework / QE471.15.C3 M66 2013eb
Stratigraphic paleobiology[electronic resource] :understanding the distribution of fossil taxa in time and space / QE711.3 .P38 2012eb
Tidal wetlands primer[electronic resource] :an introduction to their ecology, natural history, status, and conservation / QH87.3 .T57 2013eb
Ecological biomarkers[electronic resource] :indicators of ecotoxicological effects / QH438.4.B55 E26 2013eb
Frankenstein's cat :cuddling up to biotech's brave new beasts / QH442.6 .A58 2013
Seaweeds :edible, available, & sustainable / QK570.2 .M6813 2013
Fundamentals of biomechanics / QP301 .H87 2013
Biomechanics of the human body / QP303 .O38 2014
Research methods in biomechanics / QP303 .R585 2014
Neuropsychology of Asians and Asian Americans :practical and theoretical considerations / QP360 .N48 2014
Neuroanatomy of language regions of the human brain[electronic resource] / QP399 .P48 2014eb
Laser technology in biomimetics[electronic resource] :basics and applications / QP517.B56 L37 2013eb
Chitin and chitosan derivatives[electronic resource] :advances in drug discovery and developments / QP702.C5 C473 2014eb
Cannabis use and dependence :public health and public policy / QP801.C27 H34 2003
To catch a virus / QR360 .B66 2013
Call Numbers starting with R: Medicine
Title/Author Call Number
[Hyppokratous Peri aiōnos tou anthrōpou ek tou peri sarkōn: peri heptamenou, kai peri oktamenou]. =Hippocratis De hominis aetate, ex extremo fine libri De carnibus: De septimestri: item & de octimestri partu. Accessere problemata aliquot ab hac tractatione non ita aliena / R126.H59 L35 1571eb
The ethos of medicine in postmodern America :philosophical, cultural, and social considerations / RA418.3.U6 E37 2014
The AIDS generation :stories of survival and resilience / RA643.83 .H35 2014
Noise and the brain[electronic resource] :experience dependent developmental and adult plasticity / RA772.N7 E34 2014eb
Boomercise :exercising as you age / RA781 .P286 2012
The industrial diet :the degradation of food and the struggle for healthy eating / RA784 .W656 2013
Acute care handbook for physical therapists / RC55 .P375 2014
Quantitative and qualitative methods in psychotherapy research[electronic resource] / RC337 .Q358 2014eb
The fat lady sang / RC388.5 .E973 2013
Handbook of central auditory processing disorder / RC394.W63 H362 2014
The late eight / RC424.7 .B55 2014
Hearing impaired patients in public psychiatric hospitals throughout the United States / RC439 .T79 1983
Chicana and Chicano mental health :alma, mente, y corazón / RC451.5.M48 F56 2013
Cognitive-behavioral therapy with couples and families[electronic resource] :a comprehensive guide for clinicians / RC488.5 .D34 2010eb
Here's how to treat dementia / RC521 .L64 2014
Mindfulness-based sobriety[electronic resource] :a clinician's treatment guide for addiction recovery using relapse prevention therapy, acceptance & commitment therapy & motivational interviewing / RC564 .T87 2013eb
International handbook of threat assessment[electronic resource] / RC569.5.V55 I57 2014eb
Guidelines for cardiac rehabilitation and secondary prevention programs / RC682 .G76 2013
Routledge handbook of ergonomics in sport and exercise[electronic resource] / RC1235 .H66 2014eb
Hereditary hearing loss and its syndromes / RF292 .H474 2013
Research utilization of R&D Project results with severely handicapped deaf clients / RF297 .B65 1974
Introduction to aural rehabilitation / RF297 .I58 2014
Vaccines :are they really safe and effective? : a parent's guide to childhood shots / RJ240 .M55 1994
The origins of attachment[electronic resource] :infant research and adult treatment / RJ507.A77 B433 2014eb
Sibling abuse trauma[electronic resource] :assessment and intervention strategies for children, families, and adults / RJ507.S53 C34 2014eb
Physical therapy documentation :from examination to outcome / RM705 .E75 2014
Advances in physical therapy research[electronic resource] / RM708 .A38 2014eb
A discourse[electronic resource] :wherein the interest of the patient in reference to physick and physicians is soberly debated, many abuses of the apothecaries in the preparing their medicines are detected, and their unfitness for practice discovered : together with the reasons and advantages of physicians preparing their own medicine. RS100.5 .C68eb
Essentials of nursing research :appraising evidence for nursing practice / RT81.5 .P63 2014
Applied kinesiology :a training manual and reference book of basic principles and practices / RZ999 .F76 2013
Call Numbers starting with T: Technology
Title/Author Call Number
Mindless[electronic resource] :why smarter machines are making dumber humans / T14.5 .H445 2014eb
Handbook of industrial and systems engineering[electronic resource] / T56.23 .H35 2013eb
Project management, planning, and control[electronic resource] :managing engineering, construction and manufacturing projects to PMI, APM, and BSI standards / T56.8 .L37 2014eb
Mathematical formulas for industrial and mechanical engineering[electronic resource] / T57 .K33 2014eb
Fast sequential Monte Carlo methods for counting and optimization[electronic resource] / T57.64 .R83 2014eb
The basics of IT audit[electronic resource] :purposes, processes, and practical information / T58.5 .G37 2014eb
S-BPM illustrated[electronic resource] :a storybook about business process modeling and execution / T58.6 .A43 2013eb
Enterprise content management in information systems research[electronic resource] :foundations, methods and cases / T58.6 .E58 2014eb
Applied nanotechnology[electronic resource] :the conversion of research results to products / T174.7 .R36 2014eb
Tomorrow-land :the 1964-65 World's Fair and the transformation of America / T786 1964.B1 T57 2014
By design[electronic resource] :ethics, theology, and the practice of engineering / TA157 .K35 2013eb
Design for an empathic world[electronic resource] :reconnecting people, nature, and self / TA166 .V35 2013eb
Advances in systems engineering research[electronic resource] / TA168 .A295 2013eb
Analysis of engineering drawings and raster map images[electronic resource] / TA175 .H46 2014eb
Final environmental impact statement for proposed demolition and environmental cleanup activities at Santa Susana Field Laboratory, Ventura County, California. TD194.56.C2 S36 2014
The end of night :searching for natural darkness in an age of artificial light / TD195.L52 B64 2013
The zero waste solution :untrashing the planet one community at a time / TD793.95 .C66 2013
The solar house :pioneering sustainable design / TH7414 .D48 2013
Mechanical design engineering handbook[electronic resource] / TJ230 .C45 2014eb
Renewable :the world-changing power of alternative energy / TJ807.9.U6 S54 2013
New and future developments in catalysis. TK2931 .N47 2013eb
A systems approach to lithium-ion battery management / TK2945.L58 W45 2014
User's guide appendix :interaction between TDDs and Deafnet / TK5103 .S73 1970
Deafnet users guide :preliminary version 2 / TK5541 .S736 1979
Sputtering materials for VLSI and thin film devices / TK7874 .S275 2014
The aviators :Eddie Rickenbacker, Jimmy Doolittle, Charles Lindbergh, and the epic age of flight / TL539 .G73 2013
Wildlife in airport environments[electronic resource] :preventing animal-aircraft collisions through science-based management / TL725.3.B5 W55 2013eb
Manganese and chromium in California, TN24.C2 A1 no.76-77
Transition metal-catalyzed couplings in process chemistry[electronic resource] :case studies from the pharmaceutical industry / TP156.C35 T73 2013eb
Saltpeter :the mother of gunpowder / TP238 .C74 2013
New and future developments in catalysis[electronic resource] :catalytic biomass conversion / TP248.B55 C38 2013eb
Molecular motors in bionanotechnology / TP248.25.N35 Y68 2013
Engineering aspects of food biotechnology / TP248.65.F66 E54 2014
Photographer's market.[electronic resource] / TR12 .P515 2013eb
Penthouse loving couples. TR676 .P45 1975
Bending the frame :photojournalism, documentary, and the citizen / TR820 .R558 2013
Simple crochet motifs :20 patterns for stylish accessories / TT825 .C53 2013
Call Numbers starting with U: Military Science
Title/Author Call Number
Like dreamers :the story of the Israeli paratroopers who reunited Jerusalem and divided a nation / UD485.I8 K54 2013
Loyalty betrayed :Jewish chaplains in the Germany Army during the First World War / UH25.G3 A67 2014
Call Numbers starting with V: Naval Science
Title/Author Call Number
The safegarde of saylers, or Great rutter.[electronic resource] :Contayning the courses, distances, deapths, soundings, flouds and ebbes, with the markes for the entring of sundry harboroughs both of England, Fraunce, Spaine, Ireland, Flaunders, and the sounds of Denmarke, with other necessary rules, of common nauigation. / VK801 .A4813 1590beb
Call Numbers starting with Z: Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources (General)
Title/Author Call Number
The teaching librarian :Web 2.0, technology, and legal aspects / Z668 .H45 2013
Emergency planning and response for libraries, archives and museums / Z679.7 .D33 2012
Cataloging materials on the deaf in the Edward Miner Gallaudet Memorial Library :a manual, with a list of subject headings relating to deafness and the deaf. / Z695.1.D35 T8 1969
Catalogue 2.0 :the future of the library catalogue / Z699.35.C38 C38 2013
Radical geography :an annotated bibliography / Z6001 .R32 1984
Going beyond Google again :strategies for using and teaching the Invisible Web / ZA4237 .D43 2014