ART 404: History of African and Oceania Art: Find Books and Articles


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Anthropology Resources Short list

Art Writing

Writing Guides

A short guide to writing about art / Sylvan Barnet.

Writing about art / Henry M. Sayre.

Writing for the visual arts / Mashey Maurice Bernstein.

Art Resources: Short list


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Developing a Search Strategy

  1. Once you have chosen a topic, write it down in the form of a question or brief statement:
    What was the influence of the Ottoman Empire on the art & architecture in Venice?
  2. Underline the key words and phrases that are most specific to your topic.
    What is the relationship between Ottoman and Venice?
  3. Write down each key word or phrase, and underneath it, list synonyms or related terms.
    Use a dictionary or thesaurus to find additional keywords.  For example:
Ottoman Venice Arts
Turkish Turk  Northern Italy painting architecture sculpture 
  1. Think about the singular, plural, and other endings of words and write down the root of the word.
    Art Architecture  
    arts artists church churches basilica  
  2. Write down your key words and phrases along with their synonyms in the form of a Boolean search statement. Use the root word, and truncate it with an asterisk (*). Note: Different databases use different truncation or wildcard symbols. Check the database's help page. For example:

    (Art or painting or sculpture) and (turk* or ottoman) and (church* basilica)