Grants and Foundations for the Arts: Overview

Grant Proposal Flow Chart

The CSU Northridge Campus Office of Research and Grants has extensive guidelines for writing grant proposals Although some of the information is relevant only to this campus, overall it provides a good introduction of the steps involved in developing and writing grant proposals. Some of their resources have been added to this page, but review their web site for the general principles.

Grants are available from government agencies at all levels (federal, state, and local) and from private corporations or individals.

See also the College of Humanities' guidelines


Types of Grants


  • Government (Federal, State, Local)
  • Private (Foundations, Corporations, non-profits, Individuals)

Who they support

  • Individuals
  • Organizations
  • Matching Grants or In-Kind

What they Support

  • Projects (installation, curricular module, public art)
  • Awards and Fellowships (career development, travel and development)
  • Residences


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