Grants and Foundations for the Arts: CSUN Campus Databases


SPIN Database

SPIN (Sponsored Programs Information Network) currently contains information from more than 1,200 different sponsoring agencies, which together fund over 11,000 separate funding opportunities. From any on-campus computer connected to the internet, faculty, student and staff can access the SPIN Database, requesting a highly specialized search. All of the information on SPIN is obtained directly from the sponsoring agencies to ensure the integrity of the information. It is a computer database with detailed and up-to-the-minute information about thousands of federal, non-federal, and international funding opportunities. You can also access the Federal Register and Commerce Business Daily. For each agency or program, SPIN provides the sponsor, program name, deadline date, phone number, address, and a narrative description of the program. You can save the information to a file or print it.


In addition, through the SMARTS database, you can set up a profile so that you may receive automatic emails from the InfoEd national database, informing you of funding announcements related to your particular area of interest. You can select keywords which will generate an email to you whenever there is a match to a deadline announcement in the InfoEd database of nearly 7,000 programs. The SPIN and SMARTS database service is provided to California State University, Northridge through an annual subscription.

If you require any assistance in using the above database services, please contact ORSP at x2901.