Child and Adolescent Development (CADV) Research Guide: Journals

The Oviatt Library subscribes to 25,000 academic journals, either in print or online, or both. There are various ways to access them:

  • Start at the Library Catalog and do a Keyword search. After typing in a word or phrase, open the Limit to: pull-down menu and switch from Entire Collection to Periodicals/Serials. This retrieves journals whose content is closely related to your keywords, in addition to those with those keywords in the title.
  • Start at the Library Catalog and do a Periodicals title search. For example, typing "child development" will retrieve a list of journals with those words in the title.
  • For online journals only, please check the Library Catalog Periodical Title Search. To search for electronic periodicals only, check the "Search electronic periodicals only" checkbox.

Online journals will be indicated by "online" or "electronic resource" (same thing).  Click on the title for the call number of a print journal, or to access the full-text of an online journal.

Keyword Searching

  1. Use keyword when your term may be very new, very distinctive, or jargon, e.g. "instant messaging", "XML".
  2. Use a variety of keywords. There may be additional items on your topic that use different terms.
  3. Be aware that you may retrieve items not related to your topic (called false drops)
  4. When you cannot remember the exact title of an item, do a keyword search using the title words you remember.

Searching for Periodical Titles in the Library Catalog

You can search by Periodical title by selecting the Periodicals tab on the homepage.

  • The Oviatt Library subscribes to over 1,700 print and over 25,000 online periodicals, which include research journals, magazines, and newspapers.
  • For online periodicals only, select the Search electronic periodicals only check box.

NOTE: The Library catalog offers title searching for periodicals, but not for specific articles. For access to periodical articles, search the databases listed on the Library's Databases by Subject page.