CAS 155


Finding Critical Articles About a Novel

Search the information about the (author and title)

Title : One Day of Life
Author : Manlio Argueta

Search for topics and themes found in the novel

Guadalupe Guardado
Women and family 
Salvadoran Civil War 
Human rights 
Organizacion Democratica Nacionalista

Reference Resources 

To look up an event or term for quick general information


Full text Article Databases 

Article by Subject Area

Using Google Books and Scholar

  • Scholar (Use "Scholar Preferences" - Library Links - type "CSUN" - Check off all the boxes - Save Preferences - Then use the FIND IT AT CSUN link.
  • Books  (Use "Find in a library" to search holdings at CSUN).



Search Tips

KEYWORDS ONLY – no sentences
KEYWORDS that are NOUNS (people, place, things) are very helpful.

AND (less results and NARROWS our search)
OR (more results and Broadens our search)

chican* = results will be chicano or chicana , chicanas ,  chicanos
immigra* = immigration , immigrant

mexico revolution = glue search terms together