COMS 151: Public Speaking: Introduction

nervous public  speaker peeking out from behind curtain

Welcome to the COMS 151 Library Website!

The purpose of this site is to help you find credible information resources to complete your speech assignments. BTW, you can use these resources and strategies for your other classes, too! We will use many of the strategies of Information Competence to:


  • Understand how to identify and access credible sources:
  • Determine the credibility of sources:
    • We all use Google and other internet search engines to find resources. How do you know they are credible? Watch this video: Evaluating Websites
    • What about library resources? It's important to critically evaluate what you find in the library, too.
  • Cite your sources to avoid plagiarism:
  • Let's get started by clicking the tabs above, which will provide information on finding the specific sources or strategies that you need.