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COMS 309: Advanced Public Speaking: Overview

fearful speaker in front of large audience

The following library and Internet resources are geared toward the research needs of CSUN students taking Communication Studies 309: Advanced Public Speaking.

Select your Topic

  • How to select the best topic for your research:
    • Use library resources to browse a broad topic and narrow it down to sub-topics, such as sources of pro/con arguments.
    • Ask yourself: What are the 5 Ws (who, what, why, when, where) and how of this topic?
    • Ask yourself: How much time (or pages) do I have to present my topic?

Select Resources

  • Deciding which type of resource to use for research involves several factors, including assignment requirements, currency of the research topic, and the depth of coverage needed.
    • Periodical articles (magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and scholarly journals) are excellent sources of current and/or specific information.
    • Often, your professors required scholarly (peer reviewed or refereed) journal articles as sources. What is a Scholarly Article? (Video)

Search Effectively