COMS 356: Intercultural Communication Research: Reference Resources

In addition to the brief list of titles provided below, to find reference books on a specific topic, search the  Library Catalog using  keywords along with the words (encyclopedia* or dictionar* or handbook*).  For example:

  • mexican american* and (encyclopedia* or dictionar* or handbook*)
  • intercultural and (encyclopedia* or dictionar* or handbook*)

Note: Any title with "Location: Ref Rm" is shelved in the Reference Room, main floor, Oviatt Library. Titles with links are ebooks and available online.


American Indian Studies Research Guide (By M. Woodley, CSUN Librarian)

Armenian Studies Research Guide (By L. Lampert, CSUN Librarian)

Asian American Studies Research Guide (By S. Eng, CSUN Librarian)

A companion to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer studies. (2007). George E. Haggerty and Molly McGarry, eds. Malden, MA: Blackwell. Location: Ref Rm HQ75.15 .C66 2007

Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim world. (2004). Richard C. Martin, ed. New York: Macmillan Reference USA.

Encyclopedia of religious and spiritual development. (2006). Elizabeth M. Dowling, W. George Scarlett, eds. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.

Gale encyclopedia of multicultural America. (2000). Robertvon Dassanowsky, ed. Detroit : Gale Group.

Jewish Studies Research Guide (By L. Lampert, CSUN Librarian)

The Latino encyclopedia. (1996). Richard Chabrán and Rafael Chabrán, eds. New York: Marshall Cavendish. Location: Ref Rm E184.S75 L357 1996

Levinson, David. (1991-). Encyclopedia of world cultures. Boston, Mass.: G.K. Hall. A supplement is also available.

Levinson, David. (1994). Ethnic relations : a cross-cultural encyclopedia . Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO. Location: Ref Rm GN496 .L48 1994

Levinson, David and Melvin Ember (Eds.). (1996). Encyclopedia of cultural anthropology. New York: Henry Holt and Co. Location: Ref Rm GN307 .E52 1996

National Center on Deafness Resource Center

Pan African Studies Research Guide (By L. Lampert, CSUN Librarian)

Intercultural Communication

Bratt Paulston, Christina. (2012). The Handbook of Intercultural Discourse and Communication. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons.

Nakayama, Thomas K. (2011). The Handbook of Critical Intercultural Communication. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons.

Jackson, Jane. (2011). The Routledge Handbook of Language and Intercultural Communication. Hoboken : Taylor & Francis.