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COMS 442: Rhetoric of Peace and Conflict: Books & Media

Library Catalog Basic Search

Home page Search Box

Starting from the Library Catalog Basic Search screen you can search by Keyword, Title, Author, or Subject by selecting the radio buttons and typing search words in the text box.

The default Limits setting will search the entire collection. You may also limit your search to smaller sub-collections: Ejournals (electronic periodicals--not specific articles), Ebooks, NCOD (National Center on Deafness), TCC (Teacher Curriculum Center), Periodicals/Serials (not specific articles), Videos, Reference Room, Special Collections, or Sound Recordings by selecting a collection from the drop-down menu.

Searching for a specific Item

Select an Author or Title search if you know the author (last name, first name) or at least the first few words of the title.

Searching for Items by Topic

There are two ways to search the online catalog for resources on a topic: by Keyword or by Subject.

  • A Basic Keyword search will simultaneously look for words in titles of materials, in subject headings, and in notes fields.
  • A Subject search will locate materials by Library of Congress Subject Headings, which is a controlled vocabulary or standard list of subject terms. The Oviatt Library assigns Library of Congress Subject Headings to all items listed in the online catalog.
  • Another way to find the Library of Congress Subject Heading for your topic is to search the catalog by Keyword, display the record for a relevant title, and select one or more of the Subjects listed for that record.

Library Catalog Advanced Search

For an Advanced search, select the Advanced Catalog Search link on the homepage. The Advanced search allows you to search by keyword in up to four separate fields, and optionally limit your search by language, material type, location, collection, publisher, or publication date.

To start your search:

  1. Select the field you want to search (Author, Title, Subject, Note, or "any field") from the first drop-down menu.
  2. Type keyword(s) in the adjacent text box. Two or more words entered together in one search box will retrieve records containing that exact phrase, unless there is no exact match. If there is no exact match for the phrase entered, the system will retrieve records contain all search terms entered, wherever they are in the record.
  3. (OPTIONAL) For a combined search, enter additional keywords into separate search boxes and choose the appropriate Boolean operators (and, or, and not) from the pull-down menu.

Viewing Books & Media Results

The Books & Media tab from your OneSearch results shows resources found in the Library catalog, and includes a variety of media including print books & journals, e-books, DVDS, CDS, music scores, and archival resources.  Results can be sorted based on format, date, and subject area.

Searching for Videos, CDs, DVDs and Other Media in the Library Catalog

  • Many videos, DVDs, CDs and other media formats held by the Oviatt Library are listed in the Library Catalog and located in Music & Media.
  • Instructional media for K-12 are located in the Teacher Curriculum Center.
  • Search for media by Author (director, screenwriter, producer, artist, composer, etc.) and/or Title. Media can also be searched by topic (see Library Catalog Basic Search).
  • Limit search results to media as follows:
    • For videos/DVDs: In the Basic search screen, change View Entire Collection to Videos/DVD in the pull-down menu.
    • For all media types: In the Advanced screen under "Optional Limits" set the "Material Type" pull-down menu to specify the type of media you want.

Requesting Stored Items from the Library Catalog

  • Materials with a Stored location code are held in the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) and may be retrieved by clicking the "Request" button.
  • When prompted, enter your CSUN User ID and Password. If you are not a CSUN student, faculty or staff member, enter your name and 14-digit bar code from your valid CSUN photo ID in the area provided
  • ASRS retrievals may also be requested at the Circulation desk.
  • Allow about 10 minutes for items to be retrieved from storage and delivered to a service desk.

Placing Holds in the Library Catalog

  • You may place a hold on material that is currently checked out. Click the "Place a Hold" button.
  • When prompted, type in your CSUN User ID and Password. If you are not a CSUN student, faculty or staff member, type your name and 14-digit bar code from your valid CSUN photo ID in the area provided.
  • The library will hold the book at the Circulation Desk for 10 days following notification.
  • You may contact the Circulation staff at 818-677-2274 if you need additional support or information.

Can't Find the Book You Need Here?

  • Ask the Library to get the book you need via Interlibrary loan.
  • Check worldcat.org to see if any libraries nearby have the book if you need it immediately.
  • Remember, as a CSUN student you have borrowing privileges from any of the other CSU libraries.