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Career Counseling: Videos


Counseling and Therapy in Video

Online collection of video for the study of social work, psychotherapy, psychology, and psychiatric counseling. Features counseling sessions, consultations, interviews, demonstrations, and lectures.


Therapeutic Themes and Relevant Movies*

"Movies affect many of us powerfully because the combined impact of images, music, dialogue, lighting, sound and special effects can elicit deep feelings and help us reflect on our lives. They can help us to better understand our own lives, the lives of those around us and even how our society and culture operate. They can shed light on political and spiritual matters too and can provide catharsis and perspective and may open our eyes to new ways of thinking, feeling and pursuing our lives. There are many ways to harness the power of movies to heal, grow and change. Movies have been used as an adjunct to psychotherapy and counseling as well as by themselves."

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