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Using Census Information for Business Industry Research

Finding Statistics Data Using the Census

Economic Census

The Economic Census is taken every five years. The website allows you to search for information in various ways.  Below are more pages within the Economic Census section of Census.gov that are helpful for industry research.

Annual Economic Surveys In addition to conducting the Economic Censuses every five years, the U.S. Census Bureau conducts more than 100 economic surveys covering annual, quarterly, and monthly time periods for various sectors of the economy. These surveys measure a wide variety of economic activities, from capital expenditures for food manufacturing companies to annual auto dealership sales.

Overview of Economic Statistical Programs

This page allows you to access information by the type of program. Programs such as construction, retail, governments and foreign trade are included here.

American FactFinder

American FactFinder information is updated annually. However, the Economic Census information is still only updated every five years. The Census Bureau created a guide entitled "Using the New American Factfinder: Finding Economic Data on AFF" to help researchers look for information. Use the Full list of Econonmic Topics in AmericanFactFinder to access your topic.

County Business Patterns

This page will give you access to local economic information such as number of establishments, annual payroll and employment levels. You can also search by using the table on this page to find information by ZIP code, city, county and state.

Economic Indicators

This website lets you search for data by indicator. You can view information as a PDF or EXCEL document, and you can also search the database for information. Use the handy calendar on the page to see when the data was released.

California Economic Information

Economic Forecasts

Find current forecasts for the U.S. and California.

Brief History of the California Economy

Find a general historical overview here.

Chronology of Significant Events

Find significant events that have influenced the economy from 1956 to present.

California Economic Indicators

Find both historical and current economic trends for California here. The information is available in PDF or EXCEL format.

California Statistical Abstract

Find a compilation of economic information for California here. Some of the information included -- hourly wages, number of employees, and workplace injuries.