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ECE 101 - Electrical and Computer Engineering: Finding Sources


Using the engineering literature (Ebook - T10.7 .U85 2012eb) - Chapter 9: Computer Engineering and Chapter 10: Electrical and Electronics Engineering


Electrical and computer engineering titles are located in the call number section for electrical engineering that begins with TK located on the 4th floor of the library.

TK301-399 Electric meters
TK452-454.4 Electric apparatus and materials. Electric circuits. Electric networks
TK1001-1841 Production of electric energy or power. Powerplants. Central stations
TK2000-2891 Dynamoelectric machinery and auxiliaries
TK2896-2985 Production of electricity by direct energy conversion
TK3001-3521 Distribution or transmission of electric power
TK4001-4102 Applications of electric power
TK4125-4399 Electric lighting
TK4601-4661 Electric heating
TK5101-6720 Telecommunication
TK7800-8360 Electronics
TK7885-7895 Computer engineering. Computer hardware
TK8300-8360 Photoelectronic devices (General)
TK9001-9401 Nuclear engineering. Atomic power
TK9900-9971 Electricity for amateurs. Amateur constructors' manuals


Identify keywords and terms and develop a search strategy:

IEEE Xplore - Provides full-text access to IEEE/IET Electronic Library (IEL) for journals, magazines, conference proceedings and standards plus All Societies Periodicals Package, 1988-. Includes backfile of Proceedings of the IEEE, 1913-, and journals and conference proceedings of IEEE societies, 1912-

Information Sources: Engineering

Google Scholar --Searches for scholarly materials such as peer-reviewed articles, theses, books, preprints, abstracts and reports across many disciplines and sources. On your first visit, set Google Scholar preferences: select "Settings," click “Library Links” on left menu, type "CSUN" in the box “Show library access links…” and select the magnifying glass button to the right; check the box next to "CSU, Northridge - SFX Find It at CSUN;" and click the Save button.