English 205/Love: 12.18 Searching for the best philanthropic project

12.18 Searching for the best philanthropic project


Finding the most charitable companies/people

Try a financial publication like ForbesWall Street or Business Week. Here's a short video on searching for publications by title on the library's website (ignore the part about verifying that they are peer-reviewed):

Searching for journals by title and verifying they're peer-reviewed



Books on philanthropy can be found here.


Researching philanthropic projects for a particular company

Start with the company's website, but make sure it's the corporate site, not the retail site (corporate.target.com). Use the search box on that site to search for charities or philanthropy. Also try an advanced Google search. Ex: charities site:.corporate.target.com.

Usually the corporation will have a report on its corporate giving. Look for that, too. Use some of the other search terms in your assignment to find more information.