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Educational Psychology & Counseling 430: Books

Library Catalog - for books, videos, and archival materials that will help you identify informative and persuasive topics. Use the KEYWORD search if you aren't sure of the official Subject Headings for your topic.

Keywords examples:

  • Infants and cognitive science and early development
  • Retention and Studying
  • Cognitive Psychology and Mass Communication
  • Student and Quality and Intellectual Environment
  • Related words to cognitive:
    • awareness
    • perception
    • reasoning
    • judgment
    • memory
    • thinking
    • learning
    • mental process
    • remembering
    • intellectual function

Subject Headings examples:

  • Active Learning
  • Autistic Children
  • Child Development
  • Child Health
  • Child Psychology
  • Children with mental disabilities
  • Children with visual disabilities
  • Children's accidents - Prevention
  • Cognition in Children

Book Titles

The library has a number of books that discusses in the area of early childhood education. Listed are a few examples:

Encyclopedia of early childhood education by Leslie R. Williams, and Doris Pronin Fromberg.

Handbook of research on teaching by Virginia Richardson, ed.

Cognition : theory and applications by Stephen K. Reed.

Experimental cognitive psychology and its applications by Alice F. Healy, ed.

New directions in human information behavior by Amanda Spink and Charles Cole, ed.