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Educational Psychology & Counseling 607 Library Resources: Books

Library Catalog - for books, videos, and archival materials that will help you identify informative and persuasive topics. Use the KEYWORD search if you aren't sure of the official Subject Headings for your topic.

Keywords examples:

  • Program evaluation early intervention
  • grandparent* and latin* and family
  • depression and interracial and dating
  • alcoholism and development and (autism or mental disorder* or pervasive developmental disorder* or developmental disabilities)
  • relationship* and divorce and insecure attachment
  • Korean American* and Americanized and child* and relationship*
  • (Gay or Lesbian) and (adolescents or child* or young adult* or teen*) and relationships and parent*
  • Suggested: Parental loss and attachment* NOT death
  • Ideal: Parent* and imprisonment and attachment* NOT death
  • Suggested: Elderly or senior* and Mexican and community and San Fernando Valley
  • Ideal: (Elderly or senior*) and (Mexican* or Hispanic* or Latin*) and isolation
  • Suggested: emotional disturbance and asperger’s
  • Ideal: emotional and (disturbances or adjustment or states disorder)