English 306: Information Resources


Library Resources


Academic Search Premier - search by keyword. Example search: Food additives AND United States. Narrow results using the refine your search facets on the margin.

Opposing Viewpoints in Context - search specific issues to get statistics, websites, academic resources, and news. Example  keyword searches: Nutrition, Hunger and Poverty, Food Insecurity, Food Safetey. 

OneSearch - try a search with keywords to access articles, books and media. Example search: "gestational diabetes in Latinas". Narrow results by refining your search results on the left margin. Be sure to click on the "more options" button.

Government Information

Government Information: Business, Economics, and Labor - Click on tabs for topics such as "Demoraphics" or "Key Statistical Agencies" as related to business, economics and labor.

Government Publications List of resources printed and published by the U.S Government.


Campus Resources

Office of Research and Sponsored Projects offers ways to find funding opportunities and provides researchers with how to perpare proposals and adhere to compliance regulations. Once a research gets the grant, this office provides instruction on how to obtain and manage the award.


Government Resources Online

American FactFinder - Census informaton for population, housing, economic and geographic data.

Bureau of Labor Statistics - has information on occupations and laborers in any industry. Search: Food.

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has Data and Statistics for diabetes, foodborn illness, growth charts, heart disease, life expectancy, overwieight & obesity, and physical inactivity and more.

Health Services Research - has Health Statistics, Data Repositories, and useful tools from Global agencies and U.S. Government entities.

USA.gov -Data and Statistics site has statistics from Environment, Energy, and Agirculture to  Family, Home, and Community, to Health and Nutrition data.

Tip: Try a Google search using your keywords and limiting results to only government sites. You'll find everything from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to the Department of Food and Agriculture, and from Nutrition.gov to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration when you try the search: "Food and site: .gov"


Research Organizations

Gates Foundation - researches global health and development topics including nutrition and agricultural development.

Milken Institute - publishes studies on U.S. and global public health and economics/finance. Has open-access publications under Research tab.

RAND Corporation - publishes policy reports on such areas as children and families, energy and environment, and health and health care, and more.

Tip: Using Google, try a search for other organizations who do research on your topic. Example search: "health and site: .org".


Grant Writing: Federal and Research Funding Proposals

Grant Writing Tips from NIH

Grant Tutorials from NIH and National Library of Medicine - Includes grant writing tips and details on the review process.

Grant Tutorials and Samples from NIH - Includes strategies and tools for investigators.

Grants.gov applicant resources

Proposal Writer's Guide Provides a useful outline maintained by University of Michigan for faculty and staff with little experience in writing proposals.

Introduction to Grant Writing from Purdue OWL covers general requirements and writing tips.

Grant writing for Businesses is a resource which provides guidelines for entrepreneurs.