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Family Consumer Sciences Library Guide and Resources: Books

Selected FCS Nutrition Books in the Oviatt Library

Food; The chemistry of its components, by Coultate, Tom P.(TX551. C757 2009 - Floor 3)

Fennema's Food Chemistry , edited by Srinivasan Damodaran, Kirk L. Parkin, and Owen R. Fennema (TX 541 . F65 2008 - Floor 3)

Bender's Dictionary of Nutrition and Food Technology, 8th ed. by A. Bender. (Ref TX 349 .B4 2006 - Reference Room).

Complete Eater's Digest and Nutrition Scoreboard, M.F. Jacobson. (TX 553 .A3 J22 1985 - Floor 3).

McCance and Widdowson's The Composition of Foods, by McCance, R.A. (TX 531 .M2 2002 - Reference Room)

Composition of Foods : Raw, Processed, Prepared. (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Handbook no.8). (Ref S 21 .A81 1976-1989 - Reference Room) . (21 volumes plus 3 supplements) . Also available online at: http://www.ars.usda.gov/main/site_main.htm?modecode=12-35-45-00

Dictionary of food science and technology, Compitled and edited by the International Food Information Service. (RefTP 368.2 .D535 2005 - Reference Room)

Encyclopedia of Food Engineering, 2nd ed., by C.W. Hall, A.W. Farrall, and A.L. Rippen. (Ref TP 369 H36 1986 - Reference Room)

Encyclopedia of food science and technology, 2nd ed., edited by F. J. Francis. (Ref TP 368.2 E62 2000 - Reference Room)

Encyclopedia of foods : a guide to healthy nutrition, by medical and nutrition experts from Mayo Clinic. University of California, Los Angeles, and Dole Food Company, Inc. (Ref TX 349 .E482 2002 - Reference Room).

The encyclopedia of nutrition & good health, 2nd ed., by R. A. Ronzio. (Ref RA 784 .R646 2003 - Reference Room).

Foods and Nutrition Encyclopedia. 2nd ed. (Ref TX 349 .F575 1994 - Reference Room).

Food Values of Portions Commonly Used (Bowes and Church), 18th ed., by J.T. Pennington and H.N. Church. (Ref TX 551 .64 2005 - Latest edition in Reserve Room)

Nutrition Reviews' Present Knowledge in Nutrition, 5th ed. Ref TX 353 .N88 1984 - (Floor 3).

Recommended Dietary Allowances, 10th ed., by the National Research Council. (TX 551 .N39 1989 - Reference Room and Reserve Book Room)

Selected FCS Textiles and Fashion Books in the Oviatt Library

Encyclopedia of Textiles. by Jerde, Judith (Ref TS1309 .J47 1992 - Reference Room).

Encyclopedia of Textiles. 3d ed. by the Editors of American Fabrics Magazine (Ref TS 1445 .A18 1980 - Reference Room).

Encyclopedia of Textiles, Fibers and Nonwoven Fabrics. (Ref TS 1309 .E53 1984 - Reference Room).

Encyclopedia of World Costume. by D. Yarwood. (GT 507 .Y37 - Floor 2)

Fairchild's dictionary of fashion. by C. M. Calasibetta, P. Tortora. (Ref TT503 .C34 2003 - Reserve Desk)

A dictionary of costume and fashion: historic and modern : with over 950 illustrations. by Picken, Mary Boone (Ref TT 503 P49 1999 - Reference Room)

Fairchild's Dictionary of Textiles, 7th ed. by P. G. Tortora. (Ref TS 1309 .F34 1996 - Reference Room).

The Thames and Hudson dictionary of fashion and fashion designers. by G. O'Hara Callan (Ref GT 507 .O53 1998 - Reference Room)

Selected FCS Interior Design/Equipment Books in the Oviatt Library

How to Buy, Repair, and Maintain Home Systems and Appliances. by J.T. Adams. 1981. (TX 298 .A32 - Floor 3).

Clean Your House and Everything In It. by E. Chapman and J. C. Major.
(TX 324 . C48 1982 - Floor 3). Note there are several similar books in this same call number area.

Color, space, and style : all the details interior designers need to know but can never find. by C. Grimley, M. Love. (NK 2115 .G75 2007- Floor 3)

How It Works : the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Science and Technology. (Ref T 9 .H74 1978 - Reference Room).

The Way Things Work : an Illustrated Encyclopedia of Technology. (Ref T 47 .W3913 - Reference Room and Floor 3).

The Dictionary of Art. (Ref N31 .D5 1996 - Reference Room).

Encyclopedia of World Art. (N 31 .E533. - Reference Room).

Dictionary of the Decorative Arts. by J. Fleming and H. Honour. (NK 30 .F5 1977 - Floor 3)

Concise Encyclopedia of Interior Design. 2nd ed. (Ref NK1165 . D58 1988 - Reference Room).

Contemporary Designers. 3rd ed. (Ref NK 1166 .C655 1997 - Reference Room).
Chiefly biographical.

Grove Dictionary or Art: From renaissance to impressionism : styles and movements in western art 1400-1900 Turner, Jane, ed. (Ref N 6946 .G76 2000 - Reference Room).
Grove Art (electronic resource). Available on the internet at: http://www.groveart.com/index.html?authstatuscode=200

Selected FCS Consumer Science/Business and Marketing Books in the Oviatt Library

Consumer Complaints: Resources and Referral Guide. California Dept. of Consumer Affairs. (Ref HC 110 .C6 C33 1987 - Floor 2).

Consumer Sourcebook. (Ref HC 110 .C63 C638 2003 - Latest ed in Reference Room).

MPA, Market Profile Analysis. (Ref HC 108 .L55 M 6 2001 - Reference Room. Older eds. on Floor 2).
Consumer and business demographic reports for L.A./Long Beach and Oxnard-Simi Valley-Ventura.

The Product Safety Book. by S. Brobeck and A. Averyt. (TS 175 .B76 1983 - Floor 3).

Dangerous Properties of Industrial and Consumer Chemicals. (Ref RA1215 .C48 1994 - Reference Room)

Simmons Study of Media and Markets. (Ref HF5415.3 .S78 - Latest year in Reference Room).
A detailed study of U.S. buying habits arranged by product categories.

Behavior and Family Studies Books

Corsini Encyclopedia of psychology and behavioral science.  (Ref BF 31 .E52 2001 - Reference Room) 

Encyclopedia of Human Behavior. (Ref BF 31 .E5 1994 - Reference Room).

Encyclopedia of psychology. (Ref BF 31 .E526 2000 - Reference Room).

Encyclopedia of psychology & law. edited by B.L. Cutler (Ref K 346 .E53 2008 - Reference Room)  Online available for current CSUN Students and Faculty at: http://www.sage-ereference.com/view/psychologylaw/SAGE.xml  Requires current CSUN login and password in order to access this source.

Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology. Electronic Resource connect to via the CSUN Library Catalog or the Gale Virtual Reference Library if you are a current CSUN student or faculty member by using Gale Virtual Reference Library.

Handbook of Child Psychology. 6th ed. (BF 721 .H242 2006 - 2d Floor).

International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences. Connect to Gale Virtual Reference Library. CSUN users only.

International Encyclopedia of Education. 2d ed. (Ref LB 15 .I569 1994 - Reference Room). 

International Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family  (RefHQ9 .E52 2003eb - Electronic Book) 

Encyclopedia of Marriage and Family .  (Ref HQ 9 .E52 1995 - Reference Room)