Women's Studies 300: Guide to Library Research: Books

Search the Library Catalog - for books, videos, and archival materials that will help you identify informative and persuasive topics. Use the KEYWORD search if you aren't sure of the official Subject Headings for your topic.

Books may be searched in the Library Catalog by author, title, Library of Congress Subject Heading, or keywords.
Keyword searching allows the use of Boolean Logic (AND, OR, NOT) and truncation/wildcards symbols (*, ?, etc.).
For books not held by the Oviatt Library, request an Interlibrary Loan, but allow about 2 weeks.

Some Subject Headings to consider are:

Body Image
Women in the military
Gender Identity
Women's Studies
Femmes Fatales
Gay and Lesbian Studies

Weight loss -- Social aspects -- United States
Women -- Mental health -- United States
Body image
Women -- Health and hygiene -- United States
Women soldiers
Sex discrimination against women
Women's rights

Potential Keywords of interest may include:

Note: You can use * to truncate your search for word variations

Gender stud*
Femin* and social change
Patriarch* and wom*
homosexual* and media
gender rol* and famil*
homosexual* and politics
wom* of color
homophobia and United States

More Tips for Locating Books on Women's Studies

- For information about a person:

* Do a Subject search with the last name first (for example: friedan, betty)

* Do an Author search on the author's name last name first (for example: Walker, Alice)

- For books on a country, event or period:

* Do a combined Keyword search (south africa AND women, for example)

- Do a Keyword search (women's suffrage, for example)

- Do a known Title (Women in the Holocaust for example) and click on the Subject headings.

- Do a Subject search (Women--history--chronology, for example).