Guide to the U.S. Census of Population: Tract & Block Data

Using American FactFinder to Find Data by Census Tract or Block

NOTE: The Census Bureau advises users that pop-up blocker software may affect American Factfinder in unusual ways. So, if you use a pop-up blocker, make sure it is turned off when you use American Factfinder.

Find the census tract, block group, and block numbers

To find data for a specific geographic area, you first need to know the identifying numbers assigned by the Census Bureau for the census tract and/or block group in which the census block of interest is located as well as the identifying number of the census block itself. There are several ways to find these identifying numbers. An easy way to find them online is to use a street address (including the zip code--if you do not know the zip code, use Zip Code Lookup to determine it) of a site within the block of interest and follow the instructions below:

  1. Start on American FactFinder.
  2. Click on Geographies on the left-hand side and choose the Address tab, an advanced geography search option in American FactFinder that allows you to enter a specific street address and zip code to create a map with boundaries from the 2010 Census and/or link to some of the data for geographic areas including that address.
  3. Input the address, including the zip code, in the appropriate boxes and click on Go. A list of geographies including that address will display.
  4. You will see the census tract, census block group, etc., numbers listed. Next to each result, there is a Geography Type, which tells you the type of geography name (census tract, block, county, etc.). Click on a geography to add this to your search criteria. It will appear under Your Selections at the top left.
  5. Click on Map; a pop-up with a map of the block will appear. Make sure the map represents the area you want to use in your search.
  6. You are now ready to enter additional criteria by selecting relevant Topics, Race and Ethnic Groups, or Industry Codes from the menus on the left-hand side to create your data tables.