Guide to the U.S. Census of Population: Zip Code Data

Using American FactFinder to Find Data by Zip Code

NOTE: The Census Bureau advises users that pop-up blocker software may affect American Factfinder in unusual ways. So, if you use a pop-up blocker, make sure it is turned off when you use American Factfinder.

Find the Zip Code: If unknown, an easy way to find the zip code or codes for an area is to look up a street address or city using Zip Code Lookup and then follow the instructions below to use American Factfinder to search for census data by zip code:

  1. Start on American FactFinder.
  2. Click on Geographies on the left-hand side and from the List tab, select 5-digit ZCTA (Zip Code Tabulation Area) from the "select a geographic type" pulldown menu in American FactFinder.
  3. Select the State of interest, select the 5-digit zip code tabulation area(s) of interest from the menu, and then click Add to Selections.
  4. You will see the zip codes under Your Selections at the top left. You can modify your selections at any time by clicking the X next to the criteria. When done selecting zip codes, close the Select Geographies window.
  5. You are now ready to enter additional criteria by selecting relevant Topics, Race and Ethnic Groups, or Industry Codes from the menus on the left-hand side to create your tables.

For more ways of searching for statistics by zip code, see Finding Statistics by Zip Code.