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U.S. Congressional Serial Set: Examples

This guide has been archived and may have outdated information or broken links.

This page lists a few interesting publications from the U.S. Congressional Serial Set as an introduction to the range of titles and subjects published in the thousands of volumes of House and Senate documents and reports that are included in the Serial Set since 1817. In some cases, titles on this list have been shortened or slightly altered from the original lengthy titles. The titles listed below have bookmark-type links that take you directly to the full-text of each document listed.

Civil War and Reconstruction

  • Fort Pillow Massacre. (Serial Set Vol. No. 1206, Session Vol. No.1 38th Congress, 1st Session H.Rpt. 65). Testimony regarding what happened at the Battle of Fort Pillow (1864) during the Civil War. Prisoner of war exchanges between the Union and the Confederacy effectively ended after this battle. Were African-American troops fighting on the Union side slaughtered after they surrendered to Confederate troops? Should they have been treated as prisoners of war?
  • Condition of Affairs in the Late Insurrectionary States. Mississippi. Volume I. (Serial Set Vol. No. 1539, Session Vol. No. 2 H.Rpt. 22 pt. 11). Transcript of a hearing, one of a series held in the 1870's in different southern states, about conditions in the southern states after the Civil War, including the development of the Ku Klux Klan.

Elections and Who Can Vote

Immigration and Ethnic Minorities in the United States

Native Americans

Labor Issues

Public Health and Safety

  • Adulteration of Food Products. (Serial Set Vol. No. 3888, Session Vol. No. 3 S.Rpt. 516). A hearing held in 1900 to consider regulation of the food industry.

Exploration and Discovery

Disasters and Emergency Response

  • "Titanic" Disaster Hearings. (Serial Set Vol. No. 6167, Session Vol. No. 28 S.Doc. 726). Investigation into the sinking of the Titanic; includes eyewitness testimony.
  • Cruise of the U.S. Revenue Cutter Bear. (Serial Set Vol. No. 4167, Session Vol. No. 93 H.Doc. 511). Report about the cruise and overland expedition (to deliver food and supplies--including reindeer--to crews of 8 whaling ships icebound in the Arctic Ocean) from November 27, 1897 to September 13, 1898.

Relationships / Correspondence with Other Countries

State and Local Issues within the United States