HSCI 312: Introduction Health Administration Library Resources: Overview

Professor Frankie Augustin and Professor Joni Novosel: Librarian Marcia Henry

           The following topics are pointed out in the library session:


  • Research Strategies: A Five-Step Guide -- currently has  tips for how to get started, find sources, write, and cite using the databases interface.  This semester we have a brand new discovery system
  • called OneSearch .  OneSearch will search 150 databases and retrievals can be modified in different ways which will be demonstrated in class. 
  • Databases by Subject to identify useful databases. Most databases offer Find Text find text image link for each record which helps you identify if CSUN owns the item. If CSUN does not own the item, it will offer a link to the ILL loan service.

Register for CSUN's Interlibrary Loan

Citing your sources:

Many of our databases as well as the Find Text find text image menu (click More options, then save citation information) offer help in How to cite.

Library also has extensive help for  Citing Your Sources  - especially recommend

APA Style Quick guide at       http://library.csun.edu/egarcia/documents/apacitation_quickguide.pdf


Registered students also can open a free Endnote web account.  If you want to install the EndNote Web plugin for MicroSoft Word on your personal computer and encounter problems, you can also contact Endnote Web technical support at  800-336-4474(Monday -Friday, 6:00 am -5:00 pm Pacific Time)  




Citing your sources EndNote Web

  • Learn how to sign up and use Endnote Web . You can import bibliographic records from a variety of resources to create your own personal database of articles, books, websites.  Use EndNote Web to collect, manage, and create a bibliography or works cited list from your citations.

Registration is free while you are a student.  First time, to sign up for your EndNoteWeb account, you can connect directly to http://library.csun.edu/restricted/endnote.scr. In addition to asking Marcia Henry and other librarians  for help, Endnote Web will  also answer your questions about installing the Cite While you Write plugin for Microsoft Word on your own computer. If you install Cite While You Write plugin on your own computer in your MicroSoft Word, be sure to set Preferences so it goes to the url:


on your own computer you can put in the working email address you used to sign up with EndNoteWeb, your password, and check Keep me logged in.

Tutorials for Endnote Web are provided at library.csun.edu/FindResources/i-Endnoteweb

Endnote Web technical support's telephone number  is (800)336-4474 


 Call Monday-Friday 6:00am-5:00 pm (Pacific Coast Time) Cite While You Write for Microsoft Word