HSCI 312: Introduction Health Administration Library Resources: Professor Cathy Rusch (Spring 2015)


HSCI 312


This assignment is worth 15 points.

This is a teaching lab and each student will have his/her own workstation.

Health Sciences Librarian, Mrs. Marcia Henry, will provide an overview of the online information resources that are available through the Oviatt Library and how to access them; provide guidance on how to access information regarding health services and management; and answer any questions you have.

To receive full credit for this assignment you must attend the full library session with the class and correctly complete the following exercise.

APA Library Assignment

In recent years several researchers have investigated the importance of cultural competence in effective management of health services.

1. (2 points) Locate FIVE (5) references on cultural competence in the health management and/or health sciences data bases.

a. THREE (3) of the references must come from peer-reviewed articles

b. ONE (1) of the references must come from a book.

c. ONE (1) of the references can come from a source of your own choosing

2. (4 points) Cite your sources on a references page, and use the American Psychological Association (APA) style to cite the reference page. (SEE SAMPLES AND APA RESOURCES POSTED ON MOODLE). If you get stuck, meet with Writing Consultants in the Writing Lab.

3. (4 points) Create an APA cover sheet that includes a running head, title, your name, name of the university, etc. (SEE SAMPLES AND APA RESOURCES POSTED ON MOODLE).

4. (5 points) STAPLE a hardcopy of ONE (1) of the articles TO THE BACK of your APA reference page and turn them in.

Due: September 17, 2014 th at the beginning of class.

Submit your documents stapled in this order: cover sheet, the APA formatted reference list of 5 references, and a copy of one (1) of your articles.

A paper without a stapled article will result in a deduction of 5 points.