HSCI 312: Introduction Health Administration Library Resources: JReagan Assignment



This assignment counts 7% toward your final grade.


Report to LAB C in the Oviatt Library at 12:30.   Be prompt. This is a teaching lab and each student will have a workstation.


The Health Sciences Librarian, Marcia Henry, will provide an overview of the information resources available through Oviatt Library and how to access them; provide guidance on how to access information regarding health services and management; and answer any questions you have.


To receive full credit for this assignment you must attend both library sessions and complete the following exercise.




Chapter 2 of Olden provides an overview of the roles of managers, the traditional and current perspectives of the work of managers, and the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of successful managers.  In recent years the role of emotional intelligence in successful management has been extensively researched and a large body of literature related to emotional intelligence is available.


Complete the following:


1. Using the management and/or health sciences data bases locate four scholarly (refereed) articles and one book on the role of emotional intelligence in management and/or health care. A scholarly and/or refereed article is one published in a periodical that requires blind review and approval of the articles prior to publication. 


2.  Compile a list of the articles and the book with a description of how you located each item.  Note the data base used and the steps to find each item.  Use the APA style of citation for listing the articles and the book.  The American Psychological Association web site provides a tutorial and guidance on using the APA style of citation, and web resources for citation will be covered in the lab session.  Instructions for this part of the assignment are available

at:  http://library.csun.edu/Guides/HSCI312/JReagan   

3. Retrieve and print a copy of one of the articles.


4.  Write a one paragraph summary of the article you retrieved and printed and submit the summary and with the copy of the article.  Be careful to not plagiarize and proof read your work.


5. Due February 11.  Submit the list of articles and book and the one paragraph summary and be prepared to discuss emotional intelligence.