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HSCI313:Health Administration

Cathy Rusch


30 Points ARTICLE  (5 points Draft Review + 25 points Final Draft)
The ability to communicate in writing is a vital skill in healthcare. In the workplace weak written communication skills will make you seem unprofessional and can negatively impact your career.  This article paper and the other writing assignments in this class will give you the opportunity to practice the art of writing. 

Select a SCHOLARLY ARTICLE in the professional healthcare management field i.e., The Journal of Health Administration Education, Journal of Healthcare Management, Healthcare Executive, Modern Healthcare, etc., that is not older than 3 months from the assignment due date (points will be deducted for older articles).  White papers and blogs are not acceptable as articles so make sure that what you have is correct or it will have a negative effect on your grade. Your article should highlight a principle discussed in class. An example of a topic might be based on some aspect of cultural competency in health care; another example might be motivation as it relates to the manager and his team within the work environment. Yet another might focus on the importance of conflict resolution in the healthcare workplace.  If you do not know how to do an article search then meet with our Health Sciences Librarian, Mrs. Marcia Henry, for help (http://library.csun.edu/mhenry).  

Write a 2-2.5 page paper APA formatted (word-processed, 12 pt Times New Roman font style, 1-inch margins all around, double spaced), STAPLED (NOT PAPER CLIPPED!) that includes: (1) a brief summary of the article; (2) 1-2 paragraphs on whether the principle in the article reflects good or bad management practice; (3) 1-2 paragraphs on why you feel this is an important article to healthcare management and include why you selected the article. You must include a maximum of 2 direct quotes from your article in your paper and, of course, these quotes should be correctly cited. Include an APA cover sheet that has a running head, title of the paper, your name, and the name of the university . An abstract is not needed. You are required to use APA format to cite your references within the body of your paper as well as use the APA style for your reference page . The reference page is not a part of the page count. If you write over 2 ½ pages or under 2 pages you will lose points for not following instructions. Finally, staple a copy of the article to the back of your paper. Be certain to staple your article so it is not lost and I can reference your article to your paper.

The goals of the library sessions are:

Learn How to do Library and Internet research: determine information need, choose best resources, develop a search strategy, understand keyword and subject searching, how to use boolean operators and truncation  symbols, how to cite sources, and more.

Learn how to use:

OneSearch  to search over 150  databases simultaneously.

PubMed - includes Medline, MedlinePlus, and several other databases. Learn about MeSH subject headings, and creating a NCBI account

ABI Inform (Proquest) - has several health administrations journals

Health Reference Center Academic (Gale) and General OneFile (Gale)- its subject headings, its citation tools for help with APA6th  style .

Library Catalog and the Library Catalog Periodical Search to find books and journals on your topic.  

Register for CSUN's Interlibrary Loan

Citing your sources:

Many of our databases and the Find Text find text image menu (save citation information) offer help in How to cite.

Library also has extensive help at Citing Your Sources

Registered students also can open a free Endnote web account

Class Exercise: Look up the following 5 periodical titles, and identify (circle Yes or No), for each title and each of these three questions: Does CSUN have a current subscription? Do we get the periodical in print? Do we get it online?

  1. Wall Street Journal
  2. L.A. Times
  3. Modern Healthcare
  4. Journal of Healthcare Management
  5. Healthcare Executive
  1. Yes or No, Yes or No, Yes or No
  2. Yes or No, Yes or No, Yes or No
  3. Yes or No, Yes or No, Yes or No
  4. Yes or No, Yes or No, Yes or No
  5. Yes or No, Yes or No, Yes or No



OneSearch allows you to search, at this time,  150 databases as well as the Oviatt Library catalog.   Although 150 databases, many indexes (e.g. PubMed, PsycInfo, Physical Education Index, LLBA...), full text databases (e.g. ScienceDirect, Sage Journals, JSTOR, Springer, Taylor & Franics...) are a lot of databases, OneSearch does NOT contain the contents of all our databses yet.  OneSearch does offer a consistent way to save the records you want to keep, and if you view your saved records, on the right there is a "Export to EndNoteWeb" command where you can easily send the bibliographic information on the source you are viewing into your personal (editable) citation management database. 

OneSearch is very useful to look up scholarly article citations (use quick keyword search author surname key words in title, or type in the article Doi if your citation offers a Doi), or do a simple keyword search on topic.   You can identify academic articles easily, often be advised article is "peer reviewed" and see lots of hints on other keywords you can use for your search strategy.

Visit the OneSearch FAQ to learn all about how to use the library's new online OneSearch tool to find articles, books and more. Or, watch the How to Use OneSearch video:

Citing your sources EndNote Web

  • Learn how to sign up and use Endnote Web . You can import bibliographic records from a variety of resources to create your own personal database of articles, books, websites.  Use EndNote Web to collect, manage, and create a bibliography or works cited list from your citations.

Registration is free while you are a student.  First time, to sign up for your EndNoteWeb account, you can connect directly to http://library.csun.edu/restricted/endnote.scr. In addition to asking Marcia Henry and other librarians  for help, Endnote Web will  also answer your questions about installing the Cite While you Write plugin for Microsoft Word on your own computer. If you install Cite While You Write plugin on your own computer in your MicroSoft Word, be sure to set Preferences so it goes to the url:


on your own computer you can put in the working email address you used to sign up with EndNoteWeb, your password, and check Keep me logged in.

Tutorials for Endnote Web are provided at library.csun.edu/FindResources/i-Endnoteweb

Endnote Web technical support's telephone number  is (800)336-4474 


 Call Monday-Friday 6:00am-5:00 pm (Pacific Coast Time) Cite While You Write for Microsoft Word