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HEALTH SCIENCES 336 : Professor Edmonds-Yaeger

Please use the following format to guide and write your research paper.  Headings/subheadings (see underlined below) should be included to categorize the information required for completion and accuracy.





  • What is the addiction/problem (in detail)?  This should include detailed information about the substance and your target population
  • What is the prevalence of the problem?  Include demographics.
  • What are the consequences of your specific addition?  Cost, loss..
  • What are precursors to this specific addiction?  Contributors to the problem (ie genetics, environment...)
  • What is currently being done to treat and decrease this problem?  List a minimum of three programs currently found to be successful and health policy (Federal, State, Local) in place to try and mediate the problem (list)


  • Possible solutions to stop the addiction/problem in your target population.  List a minimum of three program proposals you have (this can be your new ideas combined with current programs) and two health policiesm that may decrease the problem.



Your paper should be typed in Times New Roman or Ariel, 12 point font, double spaced, one inch margins.  APA formatting for referencing and title page not to be included in page requirement of eight page minimum. 


Sample Topics


  • Tobacco Use and Health Problems
  • Trends in Heroin Use
  • Drugs and Children
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Effects of Substances in Utero
  • Drinking and College Students
  • Heroin in Teens