History of the American Media: Background Information

Facts and Statistics

The following are from government and private sources of facts and statistics beyond journals and books, for finding information to support research papers and presentations.

Factual Information: Selected Sources

Statistical Data: Selected Sources

Journalist Biographies

The following sources can help you locate biographical information on journalists, past and present.

  • Encyclopedia of American Journalism (print)
  • For books by or about specific people, search the Library Catalog by the name of the person as an author or subject (last name, first name). To search for collections of biographies by type of person or profession, search the Library Catalog using the keyword search, for example: journalists and biography, television news anchors
  • The LexisNexis Academic "Search by Subject or Topic: Biographical Information" search is useful to locate information about people in business, industry, politics, etc. Search the more than one of the listed sources.
  • Biography Index Past and Present Comprehensive biographical resource indexing articles and books, autobiographies, bibliographies, biographies, critical studies, fiction, drama, pictorial works, poetry, juvenile literature, obituaries, journals, collections of letters, book reviews, and interviews. Includes over a million article and book citations.
  • Biography.com Free website searchable by name, profession, etc.