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Web Sites: Overview

Internet Sacred Text Archive
An internet source for texts and scriptures from various religious traditions

Jewish Encyclopedia.com
This website contains the complete contents of the 12-volume Jewish Encyclopedia, which was originally published between 1901-1906.

Jewish Studies Web Resources

Academic/General Directories (includes gateways to Jewish sites)

General (non-academic)

The Ancient Near East

  • Abzu: Guide to  Resources on the  Ancient Near East; from the Oriental Institute of the Univ of Chicago
  • Archaeology in Israel  from the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Argos  (limited area search engine (LASE) ; covers the ancient and medieval worlds)




  • Abzu:  guide to resources on the  Ancient Near East
  • All-in-One Biblical Resources Search a Bible gateway; users can do keyword and advanced searches of over 25 online Bible and religious studies resources organized under four headings: BibleVersions & Translations, Biblical Resources Sites, Email Discussion List Archive, and Ancient World.
  • Bible Browser  "a simple, fast WWW front-end to a full-text biblical search/retrieval system called pBible." versions: Revised Standard Version, King James Version, Jerome's (Latin) Vulgate Corpus.
  • Biblical Archaeology Society
  • Computer-Assisted Theology:  Internet Resources  annotated index relating to theological studies.
  • Links to Bibles and texts for biblical studies from  McGill University  Faculty of Religious Studies
  • Navigating the Bible  provides the Hebrew recitation of the Torah.  Included are: the Pentateuch, Torah Portions, Haftarot, and Blessings. The English  text has a commentary, the Hebrew text has both a transliteration and a scroll image of each portion with a RealAudio chanting of the text.



Libraries & Archives

Literature, Film & Culture


Women Studies Resources