Kin 200: Library research tips: Professor Rohrer's Assignment

 Srping 2014:  Professor E. Shannon Rohrer



Department of Kinesiology

KIN 200 –Foundations of Kinesiology


You will conduct a brief literature search to answer a Kinesiology related research question. The questions are numbered, and you must choose and answer one of the five questions assigned to you by your last name.  You will need to use the library databases to answer your question and cite your references.  The assignment is due on Moodle by the end of class today.


By the end of the library orientation you will be able to:

  • Answer your question and turn in on Moodle
  • Cite references in APA style.
  • Find a reliable scholarly article.
  • Find a book using the library catalog.


A. Find a book

  1. Go to the library catalog and find a book on your topic (ebooks can be used for this assignment). Note: If you discover the library has no books on your topic you may have to broaden your topic. For example, instead of “teaching volleyball in middle school” try “teaching volleyball”.
  2. Write down the call number and retrieve the book or download the ebook (depending on the format of the book you chose).
  3. Read the passage pertaining to your question.

Note: Be sure to record/save the reference information to properly cite the book.


B. Find an article

  1. Use the library catalog to find a peer-reviewed scholarly article with full text available.
  2. Email the article to yourself.
  3. Read the article to answer your question.

Note: Be sure to record/save the reference information to properly cite the article.


C. Answer the question

1.Type your research question followed by a one paragraph answer to your question.

Note: Your response must be in your own words. Do not plagiarize by copying and pasting.


D. Create references and turn in assignment

  1. Create a reference section at the bottom of your page in which you cite your two sources in proper APA format.
  2. Submit your assignment by posting your document on Moodle.















Department of Kinesiology

KIN 200 –Foundations of Kinesiology


If your last name begins with...Your research questions/topics are:



1. Is glucosamine effective for knee pain?

2. What is “constraint-induced” therapy and how is it used?

3. What is sarcopenia?

4. What type of patients might require an orthosis?

5. Does exercise help prevent cancer?



6. Describe an example of the use of plyometrics.

7. What treatment might be used to enhance shoulder range of motion following an injury?

8. Provide an example of a balance test used to diagnose ankle sprains.

9. Are injuries more prevalent in males or females?

10. What is the effect of exercise on cognitive ability?



11. How does aging affect reaction time?

12. What is the Lachman test?

13. How is a “Kin Com” dynamometer used?

14. What type of instrument would be used for measuring joint angle?

15. What changes in muscle potassium occur with fatigue?



16. What is delayed-onset muscle soreness?

17. Provide an example of the use of mental imagery and state how it is used.

18. What is the Wingate test?

19. How is a BAPS board used?

20. What is a common injury in softball?



21. What is the effect of boxing on brain injury?

22. What is anticipation timing and how is it used in research?

23. What is the muscle spindle and how is it measured in humans?

24. What maximal oxygen uptake values have been found in cross-country skiers?

25. What is the effect of long-term exercise on blood pressure in individuals with elevated blood pressure?