Pan African Studies: Books

Use the Library Catalog to find books on a topic within religious studies. If you don't know a specific title, then start with a KEYWORD search.   The following are some selected suggested keywords you may choose to search under:

  • African Americans
  • African diaspora
  • Black Nationalism
  • Pan-Africanism

Reference Handbooks/Dictionaries/Encyclopedias

Here is a sampling of Pan African Studies-related books either in the Reference Room of the Oviatt Library or available online. Electronic books have no call numbers and can be accessed either through the Library Catalog (requires a valid ID number if accessing from off-campus) or by the link on the web page.

African Studies

Encyclopedia of African History
Reference Room DT 20.E53 2005, 3 vols.

Encyclopedia of African history and culture

Refererence Room DT3 .P27 2005 5 vols.

Encyclopedia of Africa south of the Sahara
Reference DT 351.E53 1997, 4 vols.  

The Encyclopedia of Precolonial Africa: archaeology, history, languages, cultures, and environments

Reference DT 2.E53 1996

Africana:The Encyclopedia of the African & African-American Experience
Reference DT 14.A37435 2005, 5 vols.

Pan-African Chronology (1400-)
Reference E185.18 .J46 1996 , 3 vols.

Cambridge History of Africa

2nd Floor DT20 .C28

Reference Guide to Africa: a bibliography of sources
Reference  DT4 .K343 1999 

Black Handbook: the people, history and politics of Africa and the African diaspora
Reference Room  DT20 .B86 1997   

African American Studies/African American Experience

The ABC-CLIO Companion to the Civil Rights Movement Location Reference Room E185.61 G895 1993.
A guide to the Civil Rights struggle from the end of the great Civil War to the present day. It contains concise, encyclopedic entries arranged in alphabetical order.

The African American Almanac Location Reference Room E185 .N385 2000.
Includes significant documents, a list of "Black Firsts," essays on history, art, film, the military, and organizations.

The African American Encyclopedia Location Reference Room E185 A253 1993
A six volume set on the subject of African American life, contains bibliographies and essays on variety of topics.

Black Women in America. Darelene Clark Hine, editor in chief. New York: OUP, 2005
Location Reference Room  E185.86 .B542 2005

Chronology of African-American History: Significant Events and People from 1619 to the Present
Location Reference Room E185. H64 1991.
Entries are arranged chronologically by year and then by month and day and include important births and deaths, thumbnail biographies, rebellions, demonstrations, elections, and awards.

Dictionary of Afro-American Slavery Location Reference Room E441. D53 1997.
This is the most comprehensive work of it's kind, including a chronology and articles on events, people, laws, and subjects related to slavery in the US. References to the best published sources on each subject are appended.

Encyclopedia of African-American Civil Rights : from emancipation to the present.
Location Reference Room E185.61 .E54 1992

Encyclopedia of African-American Culture and History
Location Reference Room E185. E54 1996. This 5 volume set covers all aspects of the African American experience. It contains biographic essays, entries on events, legal cases, areas of cultural achievement (music, architecture, the visual arts), professions, sports, and places.

Encyclopedia of African American Religions. Location Reference Room BR563 .N4E53 1993.
This work covers African American religious leaders and groups, and major issues raised by the development of African American religious life. Contains a chronology and a directory.

Encyclopedia of Black America, 1981. Second Floor Ref E185 .E55.

Encyclopedia of the Harlem Renaissance, 2005 2 vol. Location Reference Room NX512.3.A35 E53 2004.