Pan African Studies 344: The Literature Of Africa and The Caribbean: Books

Books- How to locate a book on your selected topic.

Books may be searched in the Library Catalog by author, title, Library of Congress Subject Heading, or keyword. For books not held by the Oviatt Library, request an Interlibrary Loan, but allow about 2 weeks.

If you are searching for background information about a historical event, person, historiographical arguement or issue etc., you will need to think about how to search for this information.

What words can you use to describe your topic?
Your topic itself may prove to be the words that make up your search term. This will most likely lead you to conduct a keyword search.

Keyword vs. Subject Searching

For example: If my topic was researching the writing by Carribean women-

I should conduct the Subject search Caribbean fiction -- Women authors.

That will take you to several titles including

Library Catalog Search Screen