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Psychological Measurement & Instrument Guide: Sources on Testing

To find books that deal generally with tests and measurements, or to find books that deal specifically with some of the relatively better-known tests, you may search in the Library Catalog in four ways:

Word Search in the Subject Field

  • This type of search is particularly helpful if you are not sure of the exact name of a test, or if you are unsure of the form of the test's name by which it will be cited.
  • EXAMPLE: To find information on the WAIS test, inter the term "WAIS test" as a subject word and select enter.
  • The catalog will require that you search "Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale" as the proper Subject Heading.

Keyword Search

  • By contrast, you will get much of the same information by doing any of a variety of "keywords" searches: "WAIS" or "Wechsler Scale" or "Wechsler test" or "Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale," etc.

Subject Word Search:

  • You may conduct "subject word" or "subject heading" searches to find books on a specific category of testing, and in some instances, on a specific test (NOTE: When doing a "subject word" or "subject heading" search, it is important to enter your terms exactly as they are found in the Library of Congress subject headings.)
  • Examples of subject headings that refer to testing and tests and which can be found in a "Subject Beginning With" search in the Library Catalog:
    • behavioral assessment
    • educational tests and measurements
    • intelligence tests
    • Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
    • personality tests
    • psychological tests
    • psychometrics
    • Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale

Call Number

  • You may merely browse relevant books with call numbers in the library stacks. The call number ranges that deal with this subject are: 
    • BF39 - BF39.2 (psychometrics)
    • BF176 -BF176.5 (psychological tests)
    • LB3051 - LB3060 (educational tests & measurements)