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Psychology Research Guide: Reference Sources

Reference Sources

Encyclopedias, dictionaries, guides, directories, handbooks, bibliographies, etc. are general reference sources. Use reference books to look up terms, people, issues, topics, statistics, citations, etc. for background information.

Encyclopedias and Handbooks

General/Broad Coverage:

Encyclopedia of Social Psychology
Baumeister, R. F. & Vohs, K. D. [editors] | Sage Publications (2007)
Electronic Reference HM1007 .E53 2007

Encyclopedia of Human Development
Salkind, N. J., Margolis, L. W. & et al. [editors] | Sage Publications (2006)
Electronic Reference HM626 .E53 2006

Learning & Memory
Byrne, J. H. [editor] | Thomson/Gale (2003)
Electronic Reference BF318 .E53 2003

Handbook of Psychology
Weiner, I. B. [editor-in-chief] | Wiley (2003)
Reference Room BF121 .H213 2003

v.1 - History of Psychology
v.2 - Research Methods in Psychology
v.3 - Biological Psychology
v.4 - Experimental Psychology
v.5 - Personality and Social Psychology
v.6 - Developmental Psychology
v.7 - Educational Psychology
v.8 - Clinical Psychology
v.9 - Health Psychology
v.10 - Assessment Psychology
v.11 - Forensic Psychology
v.12 - Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Encyclopedia of Human Behavior
Ramachandran, V. S. [editor-in-chief] | Academic Press (1994)
Reference Room BF31 .E5 1994

Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology
Jackson, Y. K., [editor] | Sage (2007)
Reference GN502 .E63 2006

Subject Specific:

Encyclopedia of Memory and Memory Disorders
Turkington, C. | Facts on File (2001)
Reference Room BF371 .N55 2001

Encyclopedia of Psychological Assessment
Fernandez-Ballesteros, R. [editor] | Sage (2003)
Electronic Reference BF39 .E497 2003

Steven's Handbook of Experimental Psychology
Pashler, H. [2003] | Sage (2007)
Reference Room BF181 .H336 2000

v.1 - Sensation and Perception
v.2 - Memory & Cognitive Processes
v.3 - Learning, Motivation, & Emotion
v.4 - Methodology in Experimental Psychology


General/Broad Coverage:

APA Dictionary of Psychology (2007)
Reference Room BF31 .A63 2007 

A Dictionary of Psychology (2009)
Reference Room BF31 .C64 2009

Dictionary of Theories, Laws, and Concepts in Psychology (1998)
Reference Room BF31 .R625 1998

Subject/Area Specific:

Dictionary of Developmental and Educational Psychology (1986)
Floor 2 (Ref) BF712.7 .D53 1986

Dictionary of Personality and Social Psychology (1986)
Floor 2 (Ref) BF698 .D527 1986

These reference sources contain biographical sketches on individuals who have made some contribution to the development of the field of psychology.

Biographical Dictionary of Psychology (2002)
Reference Room [pending call number]

Style Manuals

How to Write in Psychology: A student guide (2009)
Floor 2 BF76.8 .B425 2009

Effective writing in psychology: Papers, posters, and presentations (2008)
Floor 2 BF76.7 B45 2008

How to Write in Psychology: A student guide
Floor 2 BF76.8 .S977 2002

Internet Resources

The range of information on World Wide Web (WWW) is enormous. However, just because something comes packaged in a high tech format, doesn't mean it's well researched or accurate. 

  • American Psychological Association - http://www.apa.org/ The home page of the APA with links to useful resources.
  • Psychology Home Page at CSUN - http://www.csun.edu/csbs/departments/psychology/index.html Course listings, names of professors and their interests.
  • Classics in the History of Psychology - http://psychclassics.yorku.ca/ A full-text collection of "historically significant public domain documents from the scholarly literature of psychology and allied disciplines." Search by keyword or browse by author or topic.
  • Federation of Behavioral, Psychological and Cognitive Sciences - http://www.thefederationonline.org/ An association of scientific societies with interests in basic research on problems of behavior, psychology, language, education, knowledge systems and their psychological, behavioral, and physiological bases.
  • ETS Test Collection - http://www.ets.org "World's Largest Test Collection Database"
  • PsychologyVirtual Library - http://www.dialogical.net/psychology/index.html Find journals, publishers, news groups and online libraries organized by subtopic.
  • Internet Mental Health - http://www.mentalhealth.com The categories include disorders, diagnoses and medications. Learn about some side effects of drugs and symptoms of disorders.
  • Current Topics in Psychology - http://www.fenichel.com/Current.shtml A directory with a quick reference collection of articles, Web sites, and research tools.
  • AllPsych Online: The Virtual Psychology Classroom - http://allpsych.com/ One of the largest and most comprehensive psychology websites on the Internet.