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Research Strategies 4: Writing and Creating: Rough Drafts

Thesis Statement and Outline

  • Clearly state your topic and how you are customizing/limiting (ways to limit: gender, date, age group, place)
  • What are you trying to prove?
  • How will you prove it?
  • Use your opinions and knowledge to develop your question
  • Take a stand using your knowledge, experience, ideas
  • Organize your ideas into an outline

Rough Drafts

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Compose a first draft of your paper. If you use Word, use the spell and grammar checks. Although you will be the final judge of good grammar and structure, the grammar tools in your word processor can offer helpful suggestions. If you are unsure about a particular usage, ask someone!

Images and Copyright

Remember that images that you did not create are subject to copyright rules. Obtain permission from the copyright holder or use resources from the public domain.

CSUN Writing Center

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If you need more help, check out the Writing Center's Writing Lab.

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