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Spanish Language Media: Overview

spanish language newspapers This Web site is geared toward the information needs of CSUN Journalism majors and minors in Spanish Language Journalism. See also News Reporting & Writing Research ResourcesJournalism Research ResourcesPublic Relations Research ResourcesDiversity and the Media, and Mass Communication Research Resources for related information.

Resources Overview

  • Choosing the best resources to use for research involves several factors, including assignment requirements, currency of the research topic, and the depth of coverage needed.
  • Periodicals (magazines, newspapers, trade publications, and scholarly or peer-reviewed journals) are excellent sources of current and/or specific information for research projects. Often, they are considered primary sources for research.

Suggested Keywords and Search Strategies

The terms "Hispanic," "Latino," "Chicana," "Chicano," and "Mexican American" can have many different meanings to many different people. For example, the term "Hispanic" is used by the U.S. Federal government for statistical purposes, and is often used on the East Coast of the U.S.; whereas "Latino" is the preferred term on the West Coast. Also, you may have to broaden your search to include larger geographic areas, for example, "Salvador or Central America." For searching purposes, try one of more of the following search strategies, depending on your particular definitions, with the appropriate Boolean connectors (and, or) and truncation (*) as needed:

For example:

  • hispanic* or latino*
  • mexican american* or chican* or latino* or latina*

Search strategies related to the Latino Vote:

  • "latino vote"
  • (vote* or voting or campaign* or politic* or election* or electoral)
  • latino candidate
  • (vote* or voting or election*) and (latino* or hispanic*)