Theatre and Drama Resources at the Oviatt Library

Reference Works: Indexes and General Guides

  • Play Index. New York: H. W. Wilson, 1952
    Indexes one-act, full-length, and children's plays
    Approximately 4,000 plays covered in each volume (30,000 plays total)
    Indexed by author, title, and subjects, with cast analysis
    Reference Room: Z 5781 .P53
  • Sharp, Harold and Marjorie. Index to Characters in the Performing Arts, 1966-1973.
    Four volume set that covers non-musical plays, opera and musical productions, ballets, and radio/television.
    Reference Room (with second set on the third floor): PN 1579 .S45
  • Banham, Martin. Cambridge Guide to World Theatre. Cambridge University Press, 1988.
    Reference Room: PN 2035 .C27 1988.
  • Salem, James M. Drury’s Guide to Best Plays. Scarecrow Press, 1987.
    1,500 synopses of plays
    Entries include author, title, date of first production, publisher, royalty fees,  number acts, sets, and actors
    Reference Room: PN 1655 .D8 1987
  • Packard, William. Facts on File Dictionary of the Theatre. 1988.
    Over 5,000 definitions and biographical sketches
    Includes playwrights and performers
    Reference Room: PN 2035 .F27 1988
  • Hawkens-Dady, Mark. International Dictionary of Theatre. 1992.
    Three volume set including plays, playwrights, actors, directors and designers
    Reference Room: PN 1625 .I58 1992
  • Hochman, Stanley. McGraw-Hill Encyclopedia of World Drama: an International Reference Work. 1984. (five volumes)
    Reference Room: PN 1625 .M3 1984
  • Hartnoll, Phyllis. The Concise Oxford Companion to the Theatre. 1992
    Reference Room: PN 2035 .C63 1992
  • Kennedy, Dennis. The Oxford Encyclopedia of Theatre and Performance. 2003. (two volumes) 
    Reference Room: PN 2035 .O94 2003

Monologues and Scenes

  • The Playwrights' Center monologues for women. 2005.
    3rd Floor: PN 2080 .P6215 2005
  • The Playwrights' Center monologues for women. 2005
    3rd Floor: PN 2080 .P62 2005
  • Both sides of the story: 100 all-new original audition monologues. 2004.
    3rd Floor: PN 2080 .M454 2004
  • Fifty professional scenes for student actors. 1997.
    3rd Floor: PN 2080 .K58 1997

Guide to Library of Congress call numbers

*Note: when searching by subject heading, use "Theater", not "Theatre."

*Also: some books may be in the Folio/Oversize section, near the East Wing.

Musical Theatre (in the Music & Media section on the 2nd floor): MT 955 - MT 956

Drama, General (all non-musical drama/theatre books are on the 3rd floor): PN 1600 - PN 3307

Drama, General--Collections: PN 6110.5 - PN 6120

French Drama: PQ 500 - PQ 591

French Drama--Collections: PQ 1211 - PQ 1241

Italian Drama: PQ 4133 - PQ 4160

Spanish Drama: PQ 6098.7 - PQ 6129

English Drama: PR 621 - PR 739

English Drama--Collections: PR 1241 - PR 1273

American Drama: PS 330 - PS 352

American Drama--Collections: PS 623 - PS 635

German Drama: PT 605 - PT 709

German Drama--Collections: PT 1251 - PT 1299

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