Finding Statistics by Zip Code : Environment

Sources covering the entire United States

Search Your Community (Environmental Protection Agency) Environmental information searchable by Zip Code. Includes information from various sources, including the Toxics Release Inventory database (which can also be searched by Zip Code from its own site).

Enforcement & Compliance History Online (Environmental Protection Agency)

EnviroMapper (Environmental Protection Agency).

TOXMAP Environmental Health e-Maps (National Library of Medicine)

Air Emission Sources (Environmental Protection Agency). Site offers maps and charts of air pollution information; some information is by Zip Code. Much of the other information is available at the county level.

Yahoo! Real Estate Neighborhood Profiles (Yahoo) Demographics, cost of living, housing characteristics and selected quality of life data (climate, and indexes for air quality, crime, and culture) by Zip Code.

Quality of Life in American Neighborhoods : Levels of Affluence, Toxic Waste, and Cancer Mortality in Residential Zip Code Areas. Print source published in 1986 includes selected population data from the 1980 Census of Population and Housing by Zip Code as well as toxic waste information.

ZIP-Code Insulation Program (U. S. Department of Energy). Recommended insulation level for your new or existing house.

Earth's 911 (Earth 911). Recycling facilities and other community specific environmental resources.

Sources covering California only

What Smog Check Program Area are you in? (California Bureau of Automotive Repair).

Sources covering Los Angeles only 

Los Angeles County Vector Control Districts by Zip Code (PDF)