Finding Statistics by Zip Code : Where to Find More

Finding More Information

  1. Search The U.S. Government's Official Web Portal.
  2. Search the web sites of agencies that collect statistics. Only a core group of organizations, usually government agencies, collect, analyze and publish data at the Zip Code level on a regular basis. Once you know the organization that collects the data in which you are interested, search their web site to see if additional, especially newer, data is available or if the date of future releases is announced. A list of major federal agencies that collect statistics is available via FedStats. State and Local Governments (Library of Congress) provides convenient access to the web pages of state governments.
  3. Internet search engines, i.e., Google allow searches combining Zip Code with other terms. This is particularly useful when you want to find affiliated organizations in a specific community, be they authorized repair dealerships for a company or the local branch of a membership organization. Many companies and other organizations have lists searchable by Zip Code that are available on the internet.
  4. Library catalogs often allow searching by key word to identify what is available at a specific library. Key word searching allows you to find "Zip Code" where it appears in a title or other searchable field. Library catalogs include print materials such as books and other formats, including online sources. Try using the Oviatt Library's Library Catalog or Other Library Catalogs.