CHS 113A

Norma Aceves

Types of newspapers

General-interest newspapers typically publish stories on local and national politica events and personalities, crime, business, entertainment, society and sports.

Daily newspaper

General-news publication that is published on newsprint once a day (typically distriubuted in the morning).

Weekly newspapers

  • General-news publication that is published on newsprint once or twice a week.

Local and regional newspapers

  • A local newspaper serves a region such as a city, or part of a large city. Almost every market has one or two newspapers that dominate the area.  Large papers often have larger distributers lead to their papers being available in the country  (New York Times, San Diego Tribune).

National newspapers

  • Most nations have at least one newspaper that circulates throughout the whole country: a national newspaper (i.e. Financial Times and Wall Street Journal)

International newspapers 

  • Some newspapers are categorized as international newspapers because the stories covered are not limited to a local muncipality or one country.



  • Printed on paper and physically distributed to readers


  • Edition of the print paper distributed onilne via a webpage.  In addition to print newspapers that have online editions, there are also new "web based" newspapers (i.e. Seattle Post-Intelligencer).
  • Databases at our library include the historical collections and extensive backfiles for newspapers that are NOT available online for free. 


OneSearch tool- Check the newspaper box (see How to Use OneSearch).

Newspaper articles via library databases  -  Proquest Newspapers and Ethnic Newswatch.

Google search engine  - 'More' -> 'News'  *Make sure you evaulate the source online and that is a reliable source (see Research Strategies 3 : Evaluating Sources).

M.L.A. (Modern Language Association)

Citing newspaper articles

Newspaper article from a library article database.

Print newspaper's online edition 


MLA Style Quick Guide - by Librarian Eric Garcia