Rosenfeld ENG 113A

Mahta Rosenfeld

Types of Information Sources

Developing a Search Strategy

Finding Articles in Library Databases

For an overview of a topic including various viewpoints use the database Opposing Viewpoints in Context.

Use Academic Search Premier when you want to search scholarly and non-scholarly articles, this database is multi-disciplinary so it covers lots of different topics.

For current news resources check out the database Proquest Newsstand.

Use the library catalog when you want to search for books. 

OneSearch will allow you to search all of our databases and the library catalog at once. Because OneSearch searches all of our resources it's important to narrow your results using the facets on the lefthand side of your search results. Here's a short video showing how to effectively use this tool.

Here is another subject guide specifically for Finding Pro/Con Agruments.

Citing Your Sources

Evaluating Sources with CRAAP

A young girl looking down at a dog with the caption "Is that CRAAP?"

Currency - When was it published?  For websites, when was the last revision? Does your topic require the most current information?

Relevancy - How well does it relate to your topic? Who is the intended audience? Does this satisfy your information need?

Authority - Who is the author? What are the author's credentials or affiliations? Are they qualified to write on this topic?

Accuracy - Where does the information come from? Is the information supported by evidence? Does the author cite their sources?

Purpose - Is the purpose to inform, sell, entertain or persuade the reader? Is the information fact, opinion or propaganda? Can you identify any bias?