PAS 324 : The Black Woman in Contemporary Times

Professor Raquel Kennon

Types of Sources at the Library

  • Books
  • Articles (published in Newspapers, Magazines, Journals)
  • Media (films and sound recordings)
  • Primary Sources (provide first-hand testimony or direct evidence concerning a topic under investigation. Created by witnesses or recorders who experienced the events or conditions being documented


You can use a combination of keywords to find primary sources that are printed in books. You can also use these keywords to search for articles (Newspapers, Magazines, and Journals) in the collection.

Women African American Interviews
Woman African-American Letters
Female Black Correspondence
Gender   Diaries 
Feminism   Manuscripts
Feminist   Early Works
    Personal Narratives


Search the library catalog for books. 

For primary sources you can use keywords such as :

  • interview or diary or letter or speech or narrative (see keywords above)


General Article Search via One Search from the library home page.

Digital Archival Collections

These are archival collections at national institutions suchs as Universities or Museums.  
Browse the different collections using the link to Pinterest OR select a collection from the list.  

PINTEREST - Browse a selection of online archives via Pinterest.

LIST  - Select a collection and follow the instructions below.