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OneSearch FAQ

Search across most of the Library’s article databases and the Library catalog with our OneSearch tool. Watch our video tutorial to learn more, and see below for answers to the most frequently asked questions. Have more questions? Ask a Librarian.

What can I find in OneSearch?

OneSearch lets you search for books, articles, videos, music, and almost everything else the library holds using one search box. OneSearch is connected to most of the Library’s databases & the catalog and you can access content directly from your search results.

What if I want to search the library catalog directly?

Not a problem! There is a link to our library catalog below the OneSearch Box.

What if I want to search individual databases?

You can still get into individual databases from the Library homepage, listed by subject and alphabetically.

How do I limit my search to a subject area?

In the search results, you’ll notice option to limit by Topic and by Subject Area.

Use the Topic option to limit your search to certain topics, and Subject Area to limit your search by discipline.

Currently, there is no option to limit your search to a specific set of databases.

How do I limit my OneSearch results to articles/books/ebooks/other formats?

Your results in OneSearch will automatically put you in the Articles tab.

This is where you will find items that appear in our databases: journal articles, dissertations, images, and more. If you are looking for a particular format, just check the box.

When you click More Options, you can include as well as exclude different formats. Want everything except for dissertations? Just click the exclude buttons.

If you are looking for books & media (CDs, DVDs, etc), jump over to the Books & Media tab. Here, you can limit your search by format as well.

I need a scholarly (peer-reviewed) article from the last 10 years. How do I find one?

OneSearch allows you to limit your results to scholarly articles with the check of a box.

Scroll down to create a customized date range.

I found the article I want. How do I access it?

Click on the Full Text Available Link below the article information.

If you need further directions, see our “Find Text” FAQ page.

I found the book I want. How do I get it?

Below the title of the book, you will see the relevant information to get to the book (where it’s located, the call number, and its availability).

If the book is in the library, it will say “IN LIBRARY”. If it is checked out, you will see the date it is due. If it is otherwise unavailable, it will list the reason why (LOST, MISSING, etc). If you want this information sent to your phone, click on the title and then on “Send location to your phone.”

What does ONLINE/Electronic Book mean?

When you see Electronic Book or ONLINE in your results, that means the item you are looking at is an ebook. To access the ebook, click on either the “Text version”, “PDF version”, or “Connect to this Online Resource” link.

What does it mean when it says Stored?

This simply means we put the book in our library storage & you’ll have to put in a request to get it out. Click on the [Request] link and request the item online.

You can pick up your stored item at the circulation desk usually after about 10 minutes. If you do not have a CSUN user ID, you can request the item in-person from the circulation desk.

How can I save items I want to look at later?

All you have to do is click the “Save this record” link and anything you want to look at later will be saved in a temporary folder. If you want to save the items permanently, just log-in with your CSUN user ID.

To access your saved items, click on the “My Saved Records” folder at the top of the page.

(see also the OneSearch FAQ PDF version)