Video Furnace -- Faculty Guide

Video Furnace Demo

What is Video Furnace?

Video Furnace is a new service provided by the Oviatt Library which allows faculty to stream Library-owned videotapes and DVDs to their classrooms for face-to-face instruction. It’s similar to the current system, the University Video Network (UVN), except videos are transmitted over the web rather than television cables and can be conveniently accessed from the Library catalog.

What are the advantages of using Video Furnace?

  • The new system produces better and consistent video quality throughout the campus.
  • Videos may be accessed from the Library catalog via the Internet for classroom showings.
  • Videos may be accessed at any time without prior bookings. 
  • Multiple trips to the Library to check-out and return videos are not necessary.
  • Reduced physical circulation helps prevent damage to videos.

How can I access videos in my classroom using Video Furnace?

  1. You can use the classroom computer.  If one is not available, ensure you can connect a laptop to classroom data projector, sound equipment and the Internet.
  2. Find the desired video in the Library catalog at The video is ready for streaming if the following link appears under the title: “CSUN Faculty classroom use only.”
  3. Click this link and enter your CSUN user ID & password, then follow the prompts to the video streaming screen.
  4. The Video Furnace control panel will appear and you can:
    • Play, pause, scan forward/back, or move to specific time points using the slider bar.
    • Adjust the screen size and volume. 
    • Display Closed Captions if available.

What if my selected video has not yet been encoded for streaming?

The Oviatt Library’s Music & Media Department is currently encoding the most frequently requested videos for Video Furnace streaming. If your desired video has not yet been encoded and you would like to show it in your class, please submit a Video Furnace Encoding Request Form at or call Music & Media at (818) 677-2211. Please allow a one-week turnaround time for processing.

A Word about Copyright

According to the American Library Association’s interpretation of the U.S. Copyright Code (U.S.C. 17, 110-1), the Library may stream media from its central location to the classroom for “Face to Face” teaching. Therefore, Video Furnace is limited to faculty access for classroom showings. If you would like your teaching assistants to show videos in the classroom, contact Music & Media so their names can be added to the access pool.

Can I link to Video Furnace from my course Moodle page?

In some cases.  Although Library videos can generally be streamed to your classroom over Video Furnace, the Face to Face Teaching Exemption does not cover streaming directly to student’s homes from Moodle.  If you wish to make a link to a copyrighted video on your Moodle page, please contact the Oviatt Library’s Music & Media Department (X 2211) to see if a streaming license is available for purchase.  Also, please remember that you have access to over 6,000 videos on a wide variety of subjects from one of the Library’s video streaming data bases, such as Films on Demand ( These videos can be linked directly to your course Moodle page.   In addition, you may link videos you have filmed yourself, or those in the public domain. Contact Music & Media if you have any questions.

Can I still check-out videos from the Library or use UVN?

Yes. You can still book your videos in advance for checkout or for UVN showings. UVN will remain in operation until we are assured that Video Furnace is convenient for faculty, operates smoothly and the majority of classrooms have computer access.