International industry information

ABI/INFORM Trade and Industry database contains international industry information. From the home page, choose BROWSE at the top. Then choose BUSINESS MONITOR INTERNATIONAL (BMI) INDUSTRY REPORTS. From here you can browse by subject, topic or document title.

Here is a video to help you:

LexisNexis Academic also contains international industry reports. From the homepage, choose COUNTRY INFORMATION and then COUNTRY INFORMATION again. Then choose your categories and do a keyword search.

Business Source Elite allows you to search for journals that cover your industry. Do a keyword search on your industry (ex: automobile). Then limit your search by clicking on TRADE PUBLICATIONS on the left and run your search. Look through your results until you see an article that is published in a journal that talks about your industry. Open the article and then click on the name of the journal to access the entire journal and search within it.

The Office of Trade and Industry Information website gives detailed trade information down to the state level.







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