Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a great resource for research on almost any subject. So what is Google Scholar? It is a collection of scholarly information available over the Internet. 

What’s even greater about Google Scholar is that you can search the library’s full-text articles at the same time. If you log into Google Scholar from the library’s website here, just follow the instructions to set up your browser to search the library’s articles, too.

Let’s use an example of how to use Google Scholar. Once you’ve set up your preferences using the steps on the library’s website, you can start searching. For this example,  let’s say you are researching the gambling industry and want to find information on gambling casinos versus state lotteries and their effects on each other. You could simply enter “casinos versus state lotteries” (without the quotes) in Google Scholar and get thousands of articles that talk about your topic. You can also limit by year on the left-hand side, which is great when you get too many results from your search.

Not sure what scholarly peer-reviewed means? This video explains it for you:

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