Tax-exempt organizations

Discussions about tax-exempt organizations and their tax status come up pretty regularly. If you’re interested in finding out about the tax information for churches, for example, the IRS has created a helpful page here.

This page also includes tax information for political organizations, chartitable organizations, private foundations and other non-profits. Take advantage of the search box on the IRS page and enter key words for more information on a group.

History of the tax-exempt sector

You also may want to read the article published by the IRS entitled “A History of the Tax-Exempt Sector” by Paul Arnsberger, Melissa Ludlum, Margaret Riley, and Mark Stanton to learn about the history of the tax-exempt sector.


For more current statistics on these groups, try the IRS page entitled “SOI Tax Stats – Charities & Other Tax-Exempt Organizations Statistics” here.







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